Dark Cinderella

This story is not from the movie "A Cinderella Story" My story is about Cinderella but I couldn't find that in catagories and this was as close as I could get... If you know if my story should be somewhere else, please let me know and I will post it there as soon as possible. Thank-you.

This is the full story of the character description I posted for my character on Gaiaonline for the avatar areana.

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My name is Cinderella, yes, just like all those fairy tails you've probably heard... But like I just said, there all fairy tails, nobody knew the truth behide those lies. I haven't ever been taken to a ball in a pumpkin and danced with a wonderful prince, although, sometimes I wished I had.

Everytime I came out from my dark castle, I would hear somebody yell "Runway, it's evil cinderella!" Even though I had never ment to hurt or scare them. It really, torn me up inside.

I dont see why people treat me like this, have they not ever heard the saying "Never judge a book by it's cover"? I have tried so many things to try to ensure them that I wasn't evil, I just look a little on the dark side...

I only started looking like 'this' after my mother had died, by this I mean 'Dark' or 'Evil' as the people say, I used to be a cheerful young girl that wore bright colours and nibble on huge lolipops. I hide in my basment and waited for somebody to want an orphaned child, but nobody did. I went into a depression state for a couple weeks but then I had gotten over it, and I started dressing in darker close to express my feelings.

The only way I can leave my castle is if I have my fan to hide my face, my mother gave it to me before she left me in this dark world, alone, she was the only real family I had. By real, I mean, family members or friends that had actually liked me, my father hated me, he wanted to dispose of me as soon as he could, but my mother wouldnt let him, so he left. The only friend I've ever had was my pet rabbit, , I always hear people saying he's weird and other mean stuff like that, but then I tell him "it's okay cuz' people did that to me to."

After a couple months it felt like something was watching me, I still dont know what, but I think it's a sprite watching over me, an evil demon waiting for the arrival of my death, so it can suck the soul out of my lifeless body...

Well didja' like my little story? It's not much, but I like it : 3

I posted it on Fanfiction because I couldn't fit the whole story on the character description thingy...

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