Ed's Pecs

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Edward's Pecs

"Bella, what do you like better-abs, biceps, or pecs?" Edward was curious to know.

Bella thought for a moment, then asked, "Well, do you mean your abs, biceps, ad pecs, or just abs, biceps, and pecs in general?"

Edward smiled, glad that she was taking it so seriously; after all, it was a fairly important matter, and, at first, he thought she might laugh at him for asking-but, then, she rarely did what he expected.

"Whichever you prefer. Would it really make that much difference?" he queried, suddenly unsure.

Again, Bella considered her words carefully before answering; this was a delicate situation in regards to male pride, and could not be taken lightly. "I suppose not, since I would just be thinking of you anyway."

That seemed to please him-he grinned smugly, satisfied that Bella was his woman!

"So," he prompted, "which do you like best?"

Bella pursed her lips, then beamed innocently at her vampire-lover.

"Umm...you know...it would be easier to decide if I had a visual reference for comparison," she hinted slyly.

Edward smirked, and took off his shirt, suppressing a chuckle when he heard Bella's sharp intake of breath.

"Well?" he asked.

Bella's eyes roamed greedily over the manly expanse of Edward's smooth, well-muscled stomach, chest and shoulders, making a valiant-yet fruitless-attempt to continue breathing properly.

Finally, she spluttered, "U-um, p-pecs."

Then, she passed out from Edward-loveliness over-load.

A/N: Yeah, I know, it was kinda silly-reeeaally silly, actually, and totally absurd-but you have to admit that it put a rather lovely picture in your head!

This is almost exactly like the original draft, which was written in about ten minutes-in a car. It was actually for Savina's entertainment, so you may thank her for this estrogen-induced insanity.

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