Bella's Throat (hee-hee, I'm so corny...)


Edward then swept Bella away to his room in a putrescently sappy and romantic fashion so that they could participate in various private activities, which will remain respectfully unmentioned at this time.

Okay, I told you I might be convinced to reveal their 'activities' to you if I was properly persuaded…and I did get a few requests, so…

They kissed! Duh!

Heh-heh, J/K, I shall go into a little more detail…

Upon entering the room, the couple felt an undeniable surge of excitement; only rarely were they this truly alone.

Bella experienced a thrill as they appeared comfortably on the couch, Edward grinning in that previously infuriating and crooked manner.

He held her close, whispering, "Now, next time I tell you I have a surprise, perhaps you will react more positively, love."

She only nodded and pulled him into a grateful kiss. To her surprise, Edward took it further, pressing his hand on her lower back and allowing Bella to knot her fingers in his impossibly unruly hair. He leaned back a little and turned them on their sides, then, before Bella could endanger herself by forgetting that she needed air, began gifting her neck with sweet, lingering kisses.

The room was surprisingly warm; Edward must have heated it beforehand..., which meant...

Bella leaned back slightly so that she could better concentrate on breathing properly.

"Edward, how long do we have before they come back?"

He glanced up through thick lashes and smiled.

"Three days."

Her eyes widened, and she smiled back at him.


Ah, the things they could do in their free time...

Edward went back to worshipping her throat.

"Mm-hmm. Now be quiet; I'm concentrating."

Bella's smile widened once more. Concentrating, eh?

Ever so slowly, Bella's hands detangled themselves from his hair to slide smoothly down his neck to his shoulders. Edward suppressed a shudder.

Several minutes later, the couple settled comfortably on the sofa, Edward holding Bella on his lap while she recovered from her hyperventilation…



"You do know it's pretty amazing that I don't have, like, a gazillion hickies, right?"

Edward chuckled, and Bella could feel the vibrations from his chest on her back.

"Believe you me; I've taken extreme care to keep it that way."


She shifted so that she was a little closer to him.

"Why is that?" she asked, almost to herself.

"Why is what?"

"Well, I was just thinking…" Bella began hesitantly; she half wished that she hadn't said anything.

"Yes?" Edward prompted, curiosity burning in his tone.

"Um, well, you spend an awful lot of time on my neck…"

Edward chortled lightly.

"I suppose you're right. You have the most excellent throat, Bella; it very clearly demands attention, and I am only too willing to oblige."

She flushed and giggled.

"So, what, my neck has a personality?" she asked, turning a bit so that she could look up at him. He repositioned them and gazed at her with a mock-serious expression.

"A very insistent one, I might add."

She shook her head wonderingly.

"And you say that I'm absurd."

"Oh, you are," he assured her. "Remember, it's your neck that has the personality, ergo, you are the adorable oddity and epitome of absurdity here."

She rolled her eyes at his logic.

"Oh, when you put it that way," she returned sarcastically. "Have any other parts of me made absurd requests? Or is it only my jugular that you are able to interpret for?"

Edward growled softly, "I do not believe that your magnificent throat is alone in its demanding nature, nor its irresistibility."

Shivers ran uncontrollably up and down Bella's spine, and her heart and lungs began working double-time. These symptoms only increased when Edward began to place careful, strategic kisses along her neck, at her jaw, and just behind her ear. Finally, he captured her lips in a gentle caress, keeping it cautiously slow and easy, yet still amazingly tender and quite thoroughly enjoyable.

After a time, she spoke into his lips, murmuring, "I love you, Edward…so much."

He responded, "I love you, too…my Bella…my angel…"

With that, he deepened the kiss, and thus began one of the most wonderful weekends in the history of couple-dom.

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