Today was the day. He had thought about, planned on it, panicked over it, and finally he had come to the decision. Today, Hoykar was going to make Kureel fall in love with him.

Everything was set. He had spent half the morning getting ready and, if he dared say so himself, he looked amazing. His moon-gold hair had been washed and treated and brushed until it nearly glowed. Likewise had he labored over his skin, washing, and applying lotions and whatnot until it was luminescent. He had even dressed up for once, shedding his comfy loose-fitting earth toned clothing for and brightly colored tunic and the pièce de résistance… a pair of tight fitting black-leather pants. Personally, Hoykar found that he hated the cursed things, so bloody tight and breathless… but Eresir swore by them, and while trusting Eresir wasn't usually a good idea, it was all he had. So thus garbed, he had set out to catch himself a Kureel.

Now he just had to find him.

Hoykar felt his left eye twitch a bit. His search was not going well, and he was fairly certain that the accursed pants were getting tighter. How that was possible he did not know, but he was sure of it. And people were staring. A lot.

But that was not important!

Steeling his resolve, and trying to ignore the way the cursed pants were migrating upwards, Hoykar continued his hunt for love.

"So yeah I don't know; maybe you can just be whelmed."

Kureel stared at his companion for a moment, silently giving thanks that his two hour thesis on "the philosophy of whelming" had finally come to an end. "Really Oroleed. That's just… something."

"I know! It just came to me last night!"

"Oroleed have you suffered a resent head-injury by any chance?"


"Nothing Oroleed. Nothing."

"But you just said what in the name of Haken?!"

Kureel blinked sharply, partially awakened by the sudden turn the conversation had taken, "I don't think that's what I said."

"What?" Oroleed's eyes flicked back to him in confusion. "Oh. No. Not you in the name of Haken, that in the name of Haken."


Oroleed sighed and pointed behind him, "That in the name of Haken, coming towards us!"

"…Oroleed are you drun-"

"Hel-lo there Kureel."

He growled at the interruption, "What is… Hoykar? …What in the name of Haken?"

"I told you."

Kureel stared, eyes bulging and mouth wide enough to swallow a rabbit whole. It seemed that the world had taken a turn for the extremely weird, for unless he had somehow gotten drunk without knowing it, a leather-panted Hoykar was currently standing in front of him, with the oddest expression on his face.

Hoykar smiled, the expression looking a bit pained, "So here you are Kureel, I've been looking for you." He leaned close.

Kureel slid back in his chair, his personal-space need rising in him. "Oh really? …Um… Hoykar are you… feeling alright?"

The younger Chosen's eyes flickered for a second, an emotion not unlike frustration flitting through them. Then he straightened a bit, head tilting to one side and a finger rising to tap against the lower lip of his slightly open mouth. "Well I am a bit… hot." He was closer again.

"…Ah." He slid back some more. "Well you look a little red, maybe you're coming down with something. You should probably go lay down… or… something."

Hoykar blinked, that frustration-esque emotion flickering again. It disappeared quickly, replaced by a lowering of the eye-lids and even more closeness. "That's not a bad idea, would you like to… walk me back to my room."

"I… think you can probably make it back on your own. Are you sure you're alright Hoykar?"

Hoykar straightened abruptly, a new odd look in his eyes. Were they… glistening?

"Oh, I'm quite fine Kureel. Thank you so much for your concern." Turning on his heel, Hoykar sped out of the chamber.

"What just happened?"


'Stupid, stupid, STUPID!'

Hoykar slammed his head against a conveniently placed wall. Gone were the much cursed pants, unashamedly murdered via fire. 'What was I thinking?!' he pushed away from the wall, furiously wiping tears from his eyes. 'Dolling up and coming up to him like some… human rent-boy!' he plopped to the ground, sniffling. 'Just a jackdaw in peacock feathers, that's all I am. As though he would ever like me like that.'

"Well if it isn't that little romancer!"

The Mountain Idiot (alias Eresir) giggled drunkenly, oblivious to the rage radiating off his (self-proclaimed) pupil-of-loooove.

"Hoykar! How did it go?!"

Eresir swayed dizzily, a small belch barely missing the cold face of Hoykar.

Moments later Hoykar felt slightly better. Eresir's nose made a very satisfying sound as his fist rammed into it.

Voll glided into the healing-chamber, humming cheerfully to himself. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and he and Winnowill had a full day of uninterrupted together-time planned. Beaming he spun into the chamber. Everything was set, what could possibly go wr-

"Oh Voll! I'm so sorry love, I forgot to send to you. We'll have to postpone our little… ahem. There's been a slight… accident with some of the Chosen." an elegant white hand swept out to indicate a very pained looking Eresir, clutching his nose.

"O-oh." Voll blinked, struggling to hide his disappointment. "I… see. Well I'll… see you later… then." slowly, he turned and left.

Now what was he going to do with the blasted ice hawk-feather?