Winnowill stared in shock at Reevol and Talno. "Both of you?!"

The elder Chosen, still holding a blood cloth to his broken nose, nodded slightly. "Hoykar and Kureel have been a bit… testy, today."

"Winnowill! There you are I've been looking for-" Voll froze at the threshold, mouth agape.

Wincing, she shrugged her shoulders, "I'm sorry love. It seems…" she gestured towards the two Chosen. "I'm afraid we'll have to…" she trailed off, wincing.

Voll stood stock still, a tiny twitch springing to life in his left eye. Suddenly, his brow furrowed, steel reaching his face and eyes. "Drukk this."

"Voll wha- VOLL!"

Reevol and Talno stared in shock as their eternally calm and peaceful Lord swept his thunderstruck lifemate into the air, and over his shoulder. Further adding to the shock of all present, Voll turned on them with a fierce glare.

"Deal with it yourselves!"

As Voll set off towards their chambers, Winnowill (still slung over his shoulder) let a sly grin slip over her face. At long last Voll was approaching their relationship with some force. The Lady of Blue Mountain preened. In the long run, her plans always worked.