When Two Worlds Collide—a Dase And Jommy Story

Author's Note: Ok. So I decided on a new project. I know that I have ti update my own stories but I writer's block. So maybe if I get good feedback on this I will be inspired. Ok, this is bound to be interesting. For those who clicked on the link only because they knew one couple mentioned in the title and not the other, I'll go ahead and explain.


Prologue: Introduction To There Worlds And There Heads

Dasey is the couple name for Derek and Casey from the TV show "Life With Derek", two teenagers who are only related by MARRIAGE, NOT BLOOD—got that, haters?—and whom ever since they've had to live together, have fought with each other to the extent that there is no explanation except that they have unresolved sexual tension.

Jommy is the couple name for Jude and Tommy (though I like to call him Tom) from the show "Instant Star", a young musical artist and her totally hot (though seven years older) producer, who have been in love since Season One, but through some misunderstanding or other (actually, usually it's some mistake of Tom's), they never get together, so it's this big mass of romantic tension.

I figured that since neither couple seem to realize their situation by themselves, maybe they would at least do so for each other's if they were to meet and become friends. How? You might ask. Well, while I was reading jerbils11's "I Close My Eyes" (awesome fic, must read!), my subconscious (I do not believe in plot bunnies. I gave that belief up when I gave up belief in the Easter bunny. Somewhere out there, a reader cries, "There's no Easter bunny?!" Sorry to burst your bubble, but yeah, there's no Easter bunny. Except the chocolate ones, yum. Instead, I believe in your subconscious formulating plots that your conscious works into a story) thought of what it might be like if D-Rock were to be discovered and sign a record contract with—you guessed it, Instant Star lovers—G Major Records. What shall occur? Well, nothing that unpredictable. Just that Jommy see the Dasey tension, Dasey see the Jommy tension, and both couples try to help each other out.

Oh, by the way, if you wanna know where the characters are in terms of show storyline, I took Jommy from right before "Date with the Night", and Dasey from pretty much right after "Battle of the Bands". Basically, I start the fic off on the basis that after their amazing performance—and consequent defeat—at Battle of the Bands, Derek and Casey work together at songwriting and performing, and come up with a bunch of potential radio hits. They recorded those hits using Casey's webcam on her laptop, then they extracted the audio, and burnt it onto a couple CDs (this is for anyone who wants to know all the little technicalities) and sent it off to different nearby recording studios. G Major responds, and invites them to come and audition. There they meet Jommy, and the drama—or to say it with a funny accent like Tim Rozon's, dramma—starts there.

Sorry for the lengthy intro, but I needed to write it, otherwise I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be lost. Heck, I think even I would be lost. I need to think fics through thoroughly before I write them, and I do that either through tons and tons of plain old thinking, or just writing. I'm going with writing here.

Disclaimer: I own neither "Life With Derek" nor "Instant Star". In fact, I don't own a thing. I mean, really, there's not one thing in the world that I've actually paid for with my own money, so basically, I can't say I own anything at all, 'cause I don't. Oh wait a minute, I guess copyright for this story and my songs. But that's about it. And I can't really get money for them anyway. So yeah.

Boy, that's depressing, not to own anything in the world. At least, not until this summer. Then I can start working for money, yeah, baby! (Ignore me.)

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