Spoilers for series finale.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Summary: A LOAD of one-shots for fun based on our favourite half Timelord.

Pairings: A little 10/Rose in a you know kinda way


Tony cried… and cried and cried and cried. Does that baby ever shut up? The Doctor put a finger in his ear with a frown. "Rose?" he yelled from the computer. He turned to her as she entered the room.

"What?!" she was holding Tony on her hip, giving the Doctor a look that would probably kill Tony if she tilted her head and threw it at the small baby.

"Um… just…" he pointed to Tony, but the words seemed to deflate on the end of his tongue.

"You wanna a go?!" asked Rose, still giving him a deadly look.

"Uh, actually I was…" he pointed uselessly at the computer screen in desperation, but again the power of speech left him as he looked into Rose's penetrating stare.

"Here then!" Rose placed the screaming child on the Doctor's lap. She raised an eyebrow at the Doctor with a cocky smile before turning to leave. She turned back to him at the door, "Give you practice, won't it?"

The Doctor frowned as she left. "Practise?" he repeated lamely.

His eyes went wide. "Practise?!" Tony screamed some more and kicked the computer in his fury, deleting the Doctor's work. The Doctor looked from the baby to the computer screen. "PRACTISE?!"