After the success of my 2 OneShot fics, I thought that I would write a slash fic with a twist. I really hope that you enjoy this.

Dedicated to Tina, Mariana and my good friend PiMp D (LOVES IT!)

Chapter 1
The Rules

Two months. It's taken me two months to set this thing up. To figure out the rules, the points and most of all, the players. You can't just get any Tom, Dick or Harry to play this. To play a game this cruel and come out of it with no emotion attached to the victims.

It's been two months of constant watching. Making sure that the opponents I choose are up for the game and everything that's involved and at stake.

In a matter of minutes, I will sit them down and explain every aspect of the game to them. If they agree, then they stay and the game begins. If either of them disagree, that person is out with a smile and a wave of the hand. It's as simple as that.

Whether or not either of them will turn it down, it's highly unlikely. I've watched them, I've seen how they've treated people. They can be cold, heartless bastards when they need to be, and they always seem to get what they want. The perfect opponents.

Opening the door to them now, any doubts that I had about them turning down my offer dissipates, and I direct them to sit on the black leather couch.

I hand them a few papers that have been stapled together the two men skim over them quickly, their eyes clouded with confusion.

"What's this?"

I stand next to a white board with all the same information written on it that is on the papers that they are holding in their hands.

"It's a game. A game that involves lies, deceit and the ability to seduce people into doing what you want. What you have in front of you are the basics of the game. I will go over them with you now, and then I will let you decide whether you are in or out. Any questions so far?"

The two Canadians look at each other before looking back at me.

"Yeah, why us?"

"Because of all the people I've observed, you two are capable of all three things that I have just mentioned. You know what you want, and you get it at whatever cost. But in this game, it's not only how you get it, but how much you give and receive of it."

They nod their heads in agreement to what I had just said to them. I give them a second to make sure they're ready for me to go on.

"The objective is simple. You will have twenty-one days to seduce as many men as you can, and get them into bed with you. However, they only count if you receive sexual pleasure from them. Each task has a different amount of points attached to it."

"So basically, I just have to get as many guys in my bed as possible? Easy."

Both men laugh, they were acting like this was some sort of joke. I'm not laughing. I'll have to go a little more in depth to make them understand how serious I am about this.

"No, not easy. Each guy you bring to your bed must be a wrestler for the WWE or TNA. They guy cannot already be gay, and you cannot have already slept with him before. And believe me, I know who you've slept with. I done my research."

"How will you know if we really sleep with them?"

"Proof. If you agree to this, there will be a hidden camera system in each hotel room, and each of your places of residence. We will know where the cameras are, the victims will have no clue about them. All systems will feed back to my laptop. The score board will be kept with me, and everything else pertaining the game."

I can tell by the looks in their eyes that they want to do this. It provides the adrenaline rush that each of us strives off of.

"What if any of this takes place outside of our houses or our hotel rooms where they won't be filmed. Like our locker rooms and what not?"

"There will be two hidden cameras placed in your locker rooms. For any other place you get your victims at, camera's, cell phones, anything that can provide concrete evidence of the task will work. If I find out that anyone has cheated, or if either of you tell anyone about this game, you will automatically be thrown out of the game. Also, you will have to pay the remaining two players two hundred and fifty thousand dollars each. In other words gentlemen, don't cheat."

"Wait, so what's the prize out of all of this? We're having our privacy taken away and the chance of losing a big chunk of cash. I expect that there is a prize involved."

"One million dollars. Fun hundred thousand fro each of the other two losers. And of course, the losers are the winners sex slaves for two weeks. A lot of money is at stake here. Money that you may have a problem parting with."

They both nod their heads, going over in their minds what I said as I continue talking.

"The last things we have to go over are the points. The points you receive will vary depending on the task and whether you give or receive. The points for receiving will be two hundred points higher than giving, unless you persuade him to let you fuck him. For every hand job or fingering you give, you will get five hundred points. Every blow job or rimming you give, you will get one thousand points. If you manage to get them to fuck you, it's three thousand points. For every Champion you get in your bed, you will receive fifty extra points. Questions? Comments?"

They both look up slightly confused, but they sake their heads anyway.

"This is it. You have all the information, now all you have to do is decide whether you want in or out. I'll give you five minutes to think about it."

I set the timer on my watch for five minutes and walk over to the chair next to the couch, sitting down as I watch them go over the information that I had just given them.

Five minutes later I resume my position in front of them and ask for their final decision.

"We're in." The older man replies for the both of them as a smiles creeps onto my face.

"Good decision. Time to play the game."


Points if you:

Hand Job/ Fingering: 700
Blow Job/ Rimming: 1200
Anal: 3000


Hand Job/ Fingering: 500
Blow Job/ Rimming: 1000
Anal: 5000

+ 50 for players who bed Champions