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Chapter 20

I stand in front of the bathroom mirror, tracing my fingers over the slowly fading scars that adorn my stomach and chest. My hands shake slightly and I feel tears coming to my eyes, but I manage to push them back as I pull my gaze away from my stomach and look at the reflection of the man leaning against the doorframe behind me, his hands folded over his chest and a look of sadness and regret in his eyes.

No matter how hard I try, or how much he tells me to, I can never look into his eyes and allow him to see that I hold no real emotion anymore.

I quickly pull my stare away from his body and look down at the counter shamefully, his footsteps echoing from behind as I feel his arms wrap around my muscular waist.

I feel pressure on my shoulder as he rests his chin on it, and I wince as his thumb rubs gently over the scars, something that seems to fascinate him immensely.

"Look at me." I lift my head up and look at his reflection in the mirror, his eyes burning holes into mine as I try to look anywhere but directly into his, my hands starting to shake slightly.

"When they told me that I would never be able to look at my reflection without remembering what I did, they were right. I wish it would all go away, all the pain and memories. I just want to forget about the past and move on. I don't want to be numb anymore."

The only sound in the room is that of my voice as he stares at me, paying attention to my every word. Something seemed to happen between the time I was left in the apartment to bleed to death and now, something I can't quite understand. I thought I was going to die there, alone and miserable, but instead we're here in a place where no one can find us, a place that seems to be secluded from the outside world.

As my mind wanders, he buries his face in the side of my neck and kisses it lightly, sending small chills down my spine.

"Come on, lets go get our minds off of this, Chris. It's been almost two years, I forgave you, we're here in a place with no way to hear from the outside world, and I wouldn't have it any other way." His words are muffled, and I struggle to hold back my laughter as his breath tickles against the hairs on the back of my neck.

He loosens his grip on my waist and turns me around so my ass is pushing against the counter, and I let out a deep moan as he slides his tongue into my mouth. His hands move around to my back, and I jump slightly as they slip into my boxers and come to rest on my ass, squeezing my firm cheeks roughly.

I wrap my arms around his neck and pull myself up, wrapping my legs around his lower back and holding him close to me as he turns around and slowly makes his way back into the bedroom. Somehow he manages to crawl onto the bed as I feel my head hit the pillow below it, and one of his hands slip around to the front of my boxers where he strokes me slowly, my dick quickly springing to life without any help from me.

"Just close your eyes, relax, and let me take care of all the work."

I untangle my legs from around him and relax against the bed, my hands tangling in his dishevelled hair as his tongue dances across my neck and down my chest. I gasp softly as his teeth lightly graze over my nipple, and I can't help but thrust my hips up into his hand, wanting and needing to feel the pleasure I haven't been able to feel for so long.

He uses his free hand to hold my hips down, and I keep my fingers tangled in his hair as he goes further down, dipping his tongue into my naval a few times. I look down as his talented mouth moves down further, and his tongue runs over my dick through the rough material of my boxers.

I untangle my hands from his hair and ball my fists up in the bed sheets, biting my lip to keep from screaming and bucking my hips up again and letting him believe I feel his touch emotionally. His teeth lightly scrape over the head of my hardened cock, causing me to yelp out, and I can see a grin spreading across his face as he finally decides to quit playing around and pulls my boxers down off my legs, the cold air hitting my erection and causing my muscles to tense up. After he discards my boxers onto the ground, his hand and mouth find their way back to my shaft as he quickly unbuttons his jeans with the other hand, pulling his dick from behind the restricting material and holding it in his hand.

I watch his muscles flex as he sits up and pulls his shirt off, throwing it on the floor before leaning back down and gliding his tongue across my chest, tracing each letter one at a time. He moves below the names, and starts tracing the six letters of his own name, the only name of the three lives I destroyed not on my stomach, before kissing his way back down to my hard rod and taking it back in his mouth.

I buck my hips up, not being able to refrain myself, but he doesn't stop me this time. He scrapes his teeth up the underside of my shaft before blowing over the head of my penis, sending small shocks of pleasure throughout my body.


The word comes out as a loud gasp, and he stops his motions and looks up at me, my hands quickly moving to the back of his head as I pull him back up to my face and trace my tongue along the outside of his ear.

"Turn around." He looks at me, a bit confused at first, but then quickly gets it as he places a light kiss on my lips before turning around, his dick hovering over my face as he leans down and slides his mouth back around my shaft.

I wrap my fingers around the base of his cock and tease the slit before running my tongue along his hardened underside. He moans from the sensation, the vibrations going through the whole of my body and bringing me one step closer to the edge of my orgasm.

I scream out in pleasure when I feel a finger slip through the barriers of my ass, and he takes that as an invitation to insert another before removing them completely and pulling himself out of my mouth as he sits up and repositions himself at my opening.

He grabs my hands that are laying at my side and laces our fingers together, his eyes full of nothing but love and forgiveness as he pushes himself into the familiar territory and allows me time to adjust.

I squeeze his hands that are still tangled with mine, letting him know I'm ready, and he starts to thrust in and out of me with ease, not wanting to hurt me more than he has to at first. I guess this is kind of ironic, having someone who used to rip people open with rough sex, afraid of the pain now. After the night I almost bled to death, the slightest amount of pain would cause me to curl up into a ball and cry myself to sleep.

I break from my thoughts as I feel him lean down and nuzzle his face into my neck, placing light kisses along it while he still gently slides in and out of me. He untangles one of his hands from mine and I watch carefully as he pulls away from my neck and sits up slightly, his hands running through my hair softly as his face contorts into that of pure ecstasy, and he lets out a silent scream, his fluids filling me and my almost forgotten erection exploding all over his stomach as well as my own.

My free hand rests on his hip as he thrusts a few more times into me, his skin glowing from sweat as his eyelids slowly open and he looks down at me, a bit dazed from his orgasm.

He looks down at me a bit concerned, a blank expression clearly written on my face, before a small grin plays on his lips and he leans over and lightly kisses me, my eyes staying opened and on his the whole time.

After a few seconds of him not getting any response from me in return, he pulls away and kisses me lightly on the forehead. I wince lightly as he pulls his flaccid penis out of my ass, and pulls me onto my side as he moulds our bodies together, our chests pressing tightly against each other as he pulls the blanket up over us.

"Don't worry baby, soon you'll be able to feel again."

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