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The Prologue

The Digital World also known as Digiworld is a phenomenon that was created in the 20th century when the world's first computer was invented. The Digital World is a parallel world to the Earth and it was not on purpose that the computer created the Digital World. The purpose with the computer was to create a communication network to the world. However, without knowing it, the computer had already shaped the entire existence of the Digital World with its first data and furthermore it created the living creatures also known as the digital monsters/Digimon.

Since it had been a long time after the first computer was invented and it was no longer in need because of the many data it contained and other electronic communication networks were increasing, the Digital World still began to grow.

The landscape and the nature took shape almost as Earth's. There were continents, islands, deserts, mountains etc. Still since data is easy to modify and take to the consideration that the Digital World is made of data the appearance of the Digital World would change very drastically. This disadvantage makes the Digital World as an easy target from within and from humans with evil intentions.

This incarnation of the Digital World runs closely parallel to two other dimensions. One is a kaleidoscopic world that possesses the power to transform thoughts and dreams into reality and the other one a World of Darkness, a grim and malicious ocean, which has the ability to change ones darkest thoughts to reality too, The Dark Ocean. The Digital World is tied very closely to these two worlds, and has absorbed a fraction of the former's power to bring thoughts to life; this power, combined with the data of the Digital World, gave life to human thoughts, dreams, spiritual beliefs and myths in the form of Digimon.

While the Digital World began to expand, 4 guardians were also created to protect the world from darkness. They were named the Digimon Sovereigns. Each of these sovereigns protected each of their corners of the world. Azulongmon, the ruler of wind, lightning and thunder, protects the east, Bahiumon, the ruler of steel and metal, protects the west, Zhuqiaomon, the ruler of fire, protects the south and bonwumon, the ruler of the nature, protects the north.

Many years ago an evil creature came to the Digital World through the wall of fire and caused the time in the Digital World to be out of sync with the Earth's. One Digital World day equaled one minute on Earth. To defeat him and create peace and harmony in the Digital World, 5 children were chosen by a mysterious group, charged with the Digital World's protection and were brought to the Digital World. They destroyed the evil being and saved the Digital World with their Digimons. These five children were known as the Digidestined and their story was famous all over the Digi-World. Temples, pyramids, totem poles etc were erected to their memories and a prophecy said that when the Digital World is being threatened again, a new generation of Digidestined will come and defeat the evil again. No one ever knew the identity of the 5 Digidestined and it is still a mystery to this very day.

Some years later the same evil force came back in the shape of an unidentified digimon named Apocalymon, a virus digimon. With his subjects, The Dark Masters, they sealed the 4 Digimon Sovereigns away.

As the prophecy said a new generation of Digidestined, consisting of 8 children, was chosen. Yagami "Tai" Taichi, Yamoto "Matt" Ishida, Takenouchi Sora, Izumi "Izzy" Koushiro, Tachikawa Mimi, Kido "Joe" Jyou and Takaischi "TK" Takeru and Yagami "Kari" Hikari, Matt's and Tai's brother and sister. All of the 8 children, from that generation called the 2. generation, of Digidestined witnessed a fight between Greymon and Parrotmon at Highton View Terrace in Tokyo at the time when they were little. That is why the same mysterious group chose them and constructed Digivices, which are electronic appliance that canalize emotional energy from the Digidestined, which give their digimons the opportunity to digivolve into bigger and stronger levels, tags and crest for each of them.

A brutal attack from the Dark Masters killed all from the mysterious group except Gennai, a man who is also created of data and protects the Digital World. He escaped in time and hid the Digidestined's Digivices and the 7 of the 8 Digitamas. The last Digitama was lost when he escaped.

When the time has come, the Digidestined will come and free the world.

In the meantime the 8 children moved away from Highton View Terrace after the incident, but they were reunited at a camp trip 4 years later except for Kari.

When the first threat came in the shape of Devimon, who was taking over The File Island, the time had finally come for the Digidestined to help out. The Digivices were given to them already in the real world, which involve that they could travel to the Digital World. They met their digimon-partners for the first time and it was predetermined that Tai got Agumon as his partner, Matt got Gabumon, Sora got Biyomon, Izzy got Tentomon, Mimi got Palemon, Joe got Gomamon and TK got Patamon.

After they defeated Devimon, Gennai contacted and guided them. He said that it was up to them to save the 2 world from destruction and to do that they needed to find the crests, which were around the Server continent.

Each of these children had found their crest dedicated for them and only them. Tai had the crest of Courage, Matt had the crest of Friendship, Sora had the crest of Love, Izzy had the crest of Knowledge, Mimi had the crest of Sincerity, Joe had the crest of Reliability and TK had the crest of Hope. With the help of the crests and the Digivices, their digimon could digivolve into Ultimate levels.

A new enemy called Myotismon attempted to conquer both the Digital World and Earth by killing the 8. Child, the predestined eighth member of the Digidestined. He opened a Gate to Earth and led his army on an assault on Central Odaiba in the search for the child. Myotismon was stopped when the 8. Child, who was Kari, joined the other children with her long lost partner Gatomon and the crest of Light.

Later the sky was full of rifts that opened to the Digital World. The Digital World had changed drastically in the few days the Digidestined were home. Many years had passed and the Dark Masters had risen again and conquered the entire digital world.

The Digidestined returned to the Digital World and after they had beaten the Dark Masters, they met Apocalymon face to face. Apocalymon was bent on sharing his sorrow with the rest of reality, and didn't care if he lived or died in doing so. He crushed the Digidestined's crests, but the 8 children found out very quickly that the power from the crests had always been in them. With the help of solidarity and believing in themselves, each other and their digimons, they vanquished Apocalymon.

The Digital World was now saved from evil beings, but even though the world was rescued the Digimon Sovereigns were still sealed. Without them the Digital World cannot work properly. Evil Digimons could easily try and take over the Digital World and the real world if they got the chance to do it. The 8 children had to release the power of their crest so they could free the 4 Digimon Sovereigns. This meant that their digimon had to give up their Ultimate and Mega level form for ever.

When new threats in the shaped of Myotismon, who rose again as MaloMyotismon and Armageddemon appeared 4 years later new generations of Digidestined all over the world were chosen and with the new generation in Japan (the third generation consisted of Motomiya "Davis" Daisuke, Inoue "Yolei" Miyako, Hida "Cody" Iori and Ichij┼Źji Ken), and their digimons, they rescued both the Digital World and the real world once again.

However, what they don't know is that there is yet a prophecy coming about a bigger and stronger threat. An ancient prophecy that is unknown. No one knows about it. Not even the Sovereigns know about the mysterious prophecy that will soon come and have the Digital World and also the real world lie in Darkness. The threat has slumbered thousands of years deep down in the Dark Area in a forbidden place, which no one has ever entered before, but it's about to emerge. The only persons who can do anything about it is maybe the 2nd generation of digidestined. Nevertheless, how are they going to do that when their digimon-partner can't even digivolve to ultimate level anymore?