Chapter 2:

The Present

It had been 8 years since the 3rd generation and all the DigiDestined around the globe saved the new Japanese/Tokyo DigiDestined who carry the dark spores and defeated MaloMyotismon. Every chosen had decided to work together as a group in different countries of the world to make sure that the Digiworld and the real world stayed safe from evil beings. They had got each other's e-mails and phone numbers etc. All were in perfect order between them but you could not say the same for the humans and the Digimons. The humans on Earth now knew about the Digimons' existence. Still they were not too thrill about them lately and the Digimons had the same way towards the humans, to say it in a nice way, ever since digital gates had been reopened around the world bringing Digimons along and then closed again with no explanations why. The gates had appeared in the sky, seas, jungles, cities and so on. They were simply out of control, the humans and the Digimons too. It all began 6 months ago when a little brown fox like digimon with a striped purple tail in In-training level, Kyaromon, came to a camping place in the South of France with no clue how it got there. Kyaromon tried to get back to the Digiworld but he couldn't because the gate was closing again and ever since that incident more Digimons had come to the real world and were stuck like just Kyaromon.

A meeting about the increasing Digimons was halt a month later by World's Health Organisation (WHO) and the decision was unanimous among the members on Earth; to catch every Digimons that approach to the real world. They should afterwards be put under quarantine so specialist could examine them further to make sure that all of them didn't bring a new kind of virus or disease to the real world which could threaten the life on Earth. The government in China send their military forces, police forces, IT-specialists etc out to catch a Floramon and a Lalamon, whom they encountered for the first time after the meeting, but the two Digimons resisted. They only wanted to go back home to the Digital World. The men began to do violence to them forcing them to come but instead they were the one who got hurt badly by the Digimons.

The news was brought to all TV-stations over the world and humans all around were outraged because of what the Digimons did.

"It just proved that Digimons are violent creatures and we need to get rid of them before they get rid of us," some people said to an interview to CNN and BBC World. Millions of people worldwide think that Digimons pose a big threat to the humankind since what happened to the Earth many years ago and now this. Even though some of the Digimon have saved Earth from destruction like at the time when Armageddemon came through the communication networks and it was Imperialdramon Paladin Mode who saved the day, the only thing the people focused on were the negative things. They thought that all Digimons were going to take over the Earth if they got the chance. Hatred and suspicion had begun to show towards the Digimons. Civilian people did graffiti on walls and on traffic signs everywhere in the real world that said;


Some of the Digimons who were stuck in the real world hid from all kinds of human contact like rats but were lucky to have met some DigiDestined whom could bring them home. The Digimons in the Digital World who used to be very sweet and generous towards the humans (most of them) were now sick of them since they found out about their fate if they ever entered the real world. Since they had heard and seen what the humans can do to Digimons, the Digimons were afraid that the humans would make them into their slaves like the Digimon Emperor did. That was why they were making a rebel/attacking movement against the humans. Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe and also some other chosen were therefore in the Digiworld trying to stop and calm them down and find out why digital gates were opened all over the real world since Gennai did not know it either.

Kari, TK, Davis, Yolei, Cody and Ken, wanted to go and help too but the older DigiDestined from the 2nd generation refused.

"No way! You 6 need to stay here in Tokyo and Japan. That is to say the real world!" Tai said determined and firm as a true leader to the 3rd generation who looked confused and disappointed.

"Tai is right. You need to stay put and help other DigiDestined around the globe sending the Digimons back before the government in Japan and other people get hold of them. Also you need to see if you can calm things down here while we do it in the Digital World," Matt said calmly and looked at them. He gave TK whom stood next to him a pat on the shoulder.

"Besides, you already have you partners here. Be careful who you expose them to," Izzy add. "Plus you are the only one among us in Tokyo who have and are experienced with the D-3s Digivices,"

That was a good call because after the older DigiDestined left the real world through the gate the 3rd generation opened, more Digimons in bigger groups had continually come and these were from all kinds of levels. From In-training to Ultimate and it had been tough for the 3rd generation and other DigiDestined, but they managed sending the Digimons back to their own world. However in spite of the fact that the Digimons were brought back it was still not enough to stop the strife between those two parties and it worried all of them, especially Kari!