Chapter 4:

The Prophecy Approaching

Deep down under an old derelict gothic-inspired castle consisting of many round towers in the Dark Area, which is strongly linked with the Dark Ocean, there was a secret underground lair. Only few Digimon knew about this secret lair and if they did know about its existence they couldn't enter the dungeon because only evil Digimons with certain powers could cross the threshold and even if they could they wouldn't dare. The lair was only for some members!

A huge ring of fire was in the middle of the lair and inside that ring of fire a red hooded Digimon with horns on his head and 2 big wings on his back appeared with a satisfying look on his eyes. The Digimon looked at the lair and found that he was alone deep down the derelict castle. He then stared at the high ceiling where a planetarium of the solar system was placed.

"Perfect!" he said

The secret lair was round, wide and big and it was so big that 2 giants could be in there. 7 metals thrones were placed against the round wall with the same amount of space between them. No doors were on the walls. The room was totally isolated. The lair was not lighted particularly much by the few torches with its dark blue/turquoise coloured flames on the granite boulder walls. If there was enough light down there you could actually see your own reflection on the grey marble prepared floor and the lair would not look as terrifying as it was now in this very moment. In the center of the room there was an inverted pentagram where one of the edges of the star was pointing towards one of the 7 thrones. On that throne a human like Digimon had suddenly appeared out of nowhere just like the red hooded digimon did after a few seconds. You couldn't see his face because of the lighting but you could see that his body shape was muscularly built and that he had several wings too on his back. He held a glass of red wine in his right hand and he spoke with a gentle but in the same time also a manly voice:

"I haven't seen you in a while. Our power will soon be with us!"

"I know. I can see that" the red hooded digimon said with a deep voice and took a seat on his throne which was the second to the other Digimon's right. He then took another look at the planetarium again.

"They are going directly into our trap," the human like Digimon toasted and took a swallow of his red wine. "They are so predictable. They might as well hand us their crests if it is that easy to lure them into our trap."

"That just shows that they are no match against us, the supreme Digimons. Not even MaloMyotismon can compare with us. He had the chance to eliminate them twice and still he couldn't defeat those small brats," The red hooded Digimon said with an extremely deep voice.

"Well, that is something that is going to change," the human like Digimon paused and took another sip of his wine. "By the way, to stir things up between the humans and the Digimons in the real world that was nicely done of you. It wasn't in the plan put that was a very fine bonus. Very impressive! That surely spares us the time of spreading it later on."

"I thought you might like it!" the red hooded Digimon gave a little grin.

"Yes, as soon as the Prophecy approaches we can finally rise as the greatest Digimons and do what we were born to. Not even the Sovereigns or the DigiDestined with their crest can vanquish us. Having their crests combined with our power will make us untouchable!"

Suddenly out of nowhere a black thick mist came out in front of the human like Digimon's left side. When the mist was gone, a female figure Digimon with a long purple silk gown came into sight. She looked at the two Digimons very pleased and then took her seat.

"I have gathered some of the most frightening Mega level Digimons to welcome our homecoming. They were an easy target for me just like the other Digimons we sent to the real world. How can they resist a beauty?" she said seductively and flirted a bit with the other 2 digimon by blowing a dark kiss in the air.

"Good!" the red hooded Digimon said.

"That's not even the best part of it. The gigantic beast and the other have captured them all and their Digimons. They are right now in the hall room up above us. I have just seen the beast torture them. I got to tell you that was a thrill for my eyes." She said and smiled devilish.

"And the other who follow them?" the human like Digimon asked.

"Well… I have sent them back to the real world just to be nice to them," she giggled again. "It would be aggravating for them if they didn't see the new world that is coming. I want them to suffer when they have seen what's ahead. They would wish that they were dead just like their partners."

"Gather the other down here," the human like Digimon said and turned his head to the planetarium above his head. "It's time!"

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