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Chapter 5:

The Phenomenon

A noise in the living room made TK wake up from his pleasant sleep. He listened to it intensively. It was a voice. For a second he thought it was the malicious voices again that kept coming the last night but instead it was a gentle female's. He listened carefully again and he noticed that the voice was coming from the television.

"… what we thought we would never experience in our life time. 6 months ago NASA had noticed some strange movements from all the planets in the Milky Way and just right now the US Space travel administration has found by observing the planets and the sun, that the Earth and 5 other planets in our solar system, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, are standing in a straight line behind the sun. The observation has also verified that the Earth's moon is going to join this phenomenon. Furthermore NASA has concluded that there is going to be a solar eclipse that can be seen all over Eastern Asia. When the eclipse will come is not definite yet but it's recommended to wear special sun glasses if you want to see the eclipse directly. NASA does still not know the reason way the planets are acting like this but they are getting to the bottom of it. And now to sports…"

TK started to open his eyes very slowly. They were not red anymore although they got blinded by the small amount of sharp light that came through the almost closed curtains in TK's room. The wound in his wrapped right hand, which he got last night, started to itch. He unwrapped it and saw his palm with a round red scar right in the middle. He wanted to scratch it so badly but he knew that he shouldn't. It would be nice to sleep his soreness away and have his pleasant sleep for a second time, he thought. However, he could no longer sleep. Once he had been awakened there was no way he could go back to sleep unless he was really tired like he was the last 2 days.

His Digivice on the nightstand showed that it was Monday August 1st 4 minutes past 12. Trying to enjoy his summer vacation he had on his bed was physically impossible. He was concerned about Matt and the other. Like Tai, Matt had not left a single answer on his D-3 Terminal either and neither had Sora, Izzy, Joe and Mimi. It worried him. How could TK enjoy his vacation if anything horrible had happened to them? The 19 year-old young man began to blame himself for not going with them at the first place. It was all too late now. He did not know where in the Digital World they were. Out of desperation he wrote to Matt once more:

Hey bro,
You haven't contacted me and the other guys for almost 4 days now and you all use to answer right away when we write to you. Is everything alright? The Digimon are getting madder and uncontrollable every time they enter the real world. Have you found anything that can maybe stop this insanity? Send me a message right away when you have read this, okay?

Given that he was indeed the one who carried the crest of Hope, he hoped that he would answer him this time.

TK went outside to the living room where he saw Patamon switching channels.

"Good morning or should I say good afternoon, Sleeping Beauty. Did you know that there is going to be a solar eclipse today?"

"Yes, I heard. I couldn't notice it since someone turned up the volume."

"It was the news. I had to check if there was something odd going on around here. You'll never know when the Digimon might come again."

"That's true. You could never be too careful." TK said and walked towards the kitchen to find something to eat in the fridge. The fridge was almost empty. The only food that could be eaten right away was a questionable roast beef sandwich and Nancy's lamb and potatoes leftover from Friday. TK decided to skip lunch. As he decided that his D-3 terminal began to make a loud sound from his bedroom which made him screech a bit. "Please let it be Matt or the other sending a message to me. Please!" TK hoped with all his heart but sadly it wasn't. He read the letter so Patamon also could hear it:

Hey TK,
Davis, as the true leader he always thinks he is…NOT, thought that we should all gather and discuss what our next move is going to be if Tai and the other aren't coming back soon. I really hope that they do. All this is driving me crazy. Have Matt contacted you yet? Anyway, meet us at Ken's, because Davis and I are already there
^^, at…shall we say at 1 pm. Perfecto! See you and Patamon then.

It's funny how things had turned out in the last 8 years. It felt like yesterday when Davis, Cody, Mimi, Sora, Kari and himself spied on Yolei and Ken on their first date with each other. They didn't think that it would work between them since their date was not going tremendously well. TK had a smirk on his face when he remembered that time. "Funny times, Funny times!" TK changed to a white t-shirt with a V-neck, dark blue jeans and his precious hat and off he went together with Patamon in a gym back so no one would notice him when they take the subway to Ken's house.

At exactly 1 pm TK and Patamon stood right in front of Ichijoji's residents. TK rang on the door bell and right away the door opened. A young man with thick black hair wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans appeared. It was Ken. He welcomed TK and Patamon inside and led them into his room. However something was bothering him. Kari and Cody were already there. One should think since they were digidestined, classmates and best friends that a conversation would be going on in Ken's room, but unfortunately no. Instead there was a deadly awful silence. Everybody had an empty facial expression and Kari had the worse one. She looked pale and had black baggies under her eyes. Something was troubling her but TK could not figure it out what it was.

TK took a seat to Yolei's left and Cody's right. Ken joined him and sat next to Yolei. Davis with his goggles on his head sat opposite TK having Kari next to him. Patamon joined, DemiVeemon, Poromon, Upamon and Gatomon at Ken's bed. They were all sitting quietly.

A silence was still in the room. An awkward feeling began to emerge inside of TK while he was sitting at the table with his friends, not saying anything. Finally TK broke the silence, "Why are we being so quiet?"

No one wanted to respond but then after a few seconds Yolei answered him.

"Just before you came, Kari told us about… something." TK turned his head to Kari trying to get an eye contact from her but failed. She looked down on her laps.

"So what was it about? It must be something disturbing or why else would you act like this." TK looked concerned. "Has Tai answered? Is he fine? Are they all fine? Please tell me what is going on here" TK spoke rapidly and begged them to tell him. He seemed bewildered.

"I…I have recently had a dream…" Kari told him slowly still looking down. Something was not right with her voice. It sounded like she was having a nervous break down. TK listened very carefully and Kari told them everything about her repeating nightmare and about her theory.

"So you think that the Digital World is in serious danger again?" TK asked her. The other was thinking about the same thing. You could see it on their faces.

"I haven't been quite honest yet. I had the same nightmare when I woke up this morning… I… was so frightened. Only this time the nightmare did not wake me up where it usually does. It continued! Suddenly after a long waiting the dark mist faded away. And…and," She took a deep breath and continued, "Tokyo! Our country! Our world lies in ruin! People were nowhere to be seen. The streets were emp…"

"It's only a nightmare, Kari," TK cut her off and comforted her right away. "In this dream did you see any Digimon or anything that could relate to Digimon?"


"There you go. The world cannot come to an end if there aren't any evil Digimon who wants to conquer, right?

"Global warming might!" Davis said proudly and Yolei tried to kick him but instead she hit Cody's shinbone which made him screech.

"…It must have been a pretty freaky nightmare you have had, Kari," TK looked at the crowd, "Hey cheer up mates. There is nothing to be worried about only that we haven't heard from our friends and family. Other than that everything is fine. Really!"

Somehow the little pep talk TK just gave cheered the other up except for Kari and him. Kari did still think that something is wrong about her situation and TK believed in her theory but he did not want to spoil the other's vacation like he has done to his own.

"Hey what shall we do now? Our friends are still missing in the Digital World. Shouldn't we go and find them," DemiVeemon said. The little blue guy was so eager to find their friends that he almost fell down from Ken's bunk bed when he jumped up trying to catch Davis' and the other's attentions.

"Right that is our main point. It was also the reason why we halt this meeting in the first place," Davis took over, "Last we heard from them were days ago. I think we need to go after them even though we don't know where they are exactly. We cannot just sit here and do nothing at all while our friends are in trou…" Davis stopped and looked puzzled, "Is it just me or is it getting darker outside?"

Everybody turned their heads outside. They all went to the balcony to see what was going on.

"Oh, that's right! There is going to be a solar eclipse today. Maybe that's the reason why it's getting darker outside than usually," TK explained sounding like a science teacher, "Yeah, look up there. You can totally see the moon blocking the sun."

"It's beautiful…," Kari whispered.

"I'm freezing, Kari," Gatomon said making sounds with her teeth.

"Me too!" the other digimon exclaimed and the next thing everybody began to quaver.

"Dear God It's cold! KEN, HOLD ME!" Yolei yelled with a shrill voice and Ken came instantaneously and hugged her closely, "It's strange!"

"What is?" Cody asked Yolei giving her his famous questionable look.

"The sudden coldness. You see, according to what I know and I know a little of everything…"

"Erhhhm-show-off," Davis coughed and an evil look from Yolei was directed at Davis who did not notice.

"Anyway…Of course the temperature will be lowered but this is very unusually. If I didn't know better I would guess that the temperature is around 3-5 degrees Celsius right now."

"Don't you think we better go inside now? We can enjoy the phenomenon inside where there is warmth and FOOD?" Davis asked like a child.

Everybody except Kari went inside. She wanted to see the eclipse till it was gone. It was so amazing Kari thought. She did not care about freezing because something about this particular eclipse attracted her attention. She just kept looking at it as if she was hypnotized...

All the others except TK have gathered around the table to get something to eat. The food was almost gone because of Davis unstoppable hunger. TK did not care. While the other ate he just kept looking at Kari thinking that she might be on to something about the Digiworld. With Kari's dream and the mysterious familiar voice that bugged him last night something must have gone wrong in the Digital World. TK thought of joining Kari at the balcony to talk about his worries when suddenly Ken's apartment began to tremble violently. TK and the other lost their balance and hit directly the floor. A huge scream came from everybody but it was cut off by the enormous sound the trembling was causing. TK did not think about his safety. He did not care about himself right now. The only person he cared about at this moment was… Kari.

TK saw that Kari was still on the balcony. She had not moved an inch. She was still starring at the eclipse with fascination in her eyes. It had not hit her that the apartment was trembeling. TK tried to tore across the shaking floor trying to reach her but he kept losing his balance.

"KARI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET BACK INSIDE! NOOOW!" he yelled like he has never yelled before. For a second it seemed not to have an effect but then Kari turned her head towards TK. Their eyes met each other's. TK felt kind of relief knowing that Kari had heard and seen him. It made him forget the surroundings and think that everything was going to be okay. However, in a split second Kari was gone.

"KARI!" Yolei who has just turned her head to the balcony cried and immediately with all his might TK tore across the quaking floor grabbing Kari with his left hand while the balcony began to crumple apart. With his fast reflexes he grab the egde of the doorway with his injured right hand but as he felt a pain rushing through his palm to the rest of his arm he did not know how much longer he could hang on.