550 years ago- Japan:

A beautiful young woman is seen running through a thick forest. The afternoon sun shined down on her long silky silver hair, making the ice blue highlights throughout the strands sparkle with life. Although she may look human she is far from that. It is proven by the large silver fox like ears on top her head moving every other way at each little sound that reached her Superior hearing. The three long fluffy silky silver fox tails moving with each jump or leap she made. The deadly claws and sharp canine teeth seen as she panted for breath also prove she is anything but human.

She is a silver kitsune youkai.

One of the last of her kind.

But what made her beauty tainted was the scratches and bruises covering her face and arms.

The blood, dirt and tears on her once pristine white clothing. The tears flowing down her smooth cheeks and the fear and terror in her sapphire blue eyes.

"Get her" A loud voice could be heard in the distance.

"I see her" Another voice shouted back.

"Over there"

"Kill the demon"

The young woman glanced back at the mob of humans chasing her through the forest. She knew she could have easily killed them all for their actions against her but she was one of the few rare youkai that didn't like violence and bloodshed. So she kept running hoping her mate would feel her fear

through their bond and come help her. But unfortunately he had yet to show up. They had been chasing her since she had come to their village wishing to help heal the sick and injured and that was fiver hour ago. As soon as she arrived at the entrance they chased her out with no reason at all just that they hated demons with a passion. No matter what she did to lose them in the large forest they still managed to find her and hurt her.

You see this kitsune although young (being only 50 years old) and naive had seen many thing that most would never see in their lifetimes and tried to find the good in both human and youkai alike.

That wasn't the only thing that set her apart from her clan. What single her out most was the fact that she could heal not only herself but others as well. It didn't matter if they were human, hanyou, or youkai she could heal them even if they were on the brink of death. But unfortunately there was a small side effect: she became drained if she did it many times in a row. It was almost like she had the power of a miko.

Her clan had started to notice her ability to heal and was frightened because of the similarity's to a miko's powers. She was feared and mistreated by her clan. She had been abandoned many times when she was younger and helpless. Now since she was older they had started to make her travel out of their clan many times to other villages to help heal others. That was why she was seeking to help the human village nearby. Hoping they would allow her to become some use.

It hadn't always been this way with her clan. She was the daughter of the leader of the clan and as such was promised to their strongest fighter at birth. That person happen to be the infamous Youko Kurama. Even though he was much older than herself and the king of thieves. It had started going down hill when her beautiful mother died when she was a kit trying to protect her from a pack of rogue wolf demons.

They had only known and been mated for a little over a year but she cared deeply for him very much. She wouldn't say she loved him because she didn't know the perverted, egotistic, and arrogant kitsune but she hoped someday she would because she didn't want to be in a loveless relationship for the rest of her life.

The young kitsune kept running as far as she could hoping to lose the humans by jumping from one tree to the next. The woman could smell the fresh scent of water from the stream up ahead and hoped to lose them by crossing it. With that thought in mind and a new hope welling in her she put on an extra burst of speed. She was almost to the edge of the clearing when all of a sudden a large stone came from out of no where and hit her in the back of her head making her see stars. Since she was in to much pain and couldn't see past the spots dotting her vision she missed her next jump from the branch she was on and stumbled and fell harshly to the ground making the air in her lungs whoosh out of through her clench teeth, making her almost fall unconscious from the severe pain she was in. She could hear and smell the foul stench of the humans as they reached her prone figure and began to circle her to make sure she couldn't escape.

She could her them discussing what to do with her. Their talking soon became shouting and arguing making her head pound with each raised voice. She began to moan in pain and discomfort and one of the village men kicked her to shut her up.

"I say we just kill her now and be done with it." One man said hold his spear up to her heart.

"No we should take her back to the village and let the elders decide what to do with the demon." Another said.

No one saw the oldest of their little group looking towards a well in the middle of the clearing up a head.

"I have an idea." He said catching the attention of the others. They all looked toward him waiting for him to speak explain his idea.

The man smirked and pointed towards the well "Why don't we dump the demon in to the Bone Eaters Well. That way we won't have to deal with it." He said.

"Yes that sounds reasonable." Said another man with a evil glint in his eyes.

"HaHaHa, yes let her bones be devoured by the well." Laughed the first man who spoke since the beginning of the argument.

With that they all turned towards the semi-conscious youkai. One of the men picked up the petite woman and threw her across her shoulders and started walking towards the well with the rest following behind him.

The kitsune heard what their plan was and she felt sick to her stomach, hoping desperately that her mate would come and save her. She knew of the legends of the well and was terrified that she would die that way.

The kitsune began to struggle but because she was so drained from the running and blood loss it wasn't much of a fight. The tears began anew as they drew closer to the well. The men laughed at her and the one that had hit her with the rock still held the bloodied stone waiting to use it on her again.

They finally reached the well with the female kitsune youkai and one of the men walked up to her.

"Well this is the end of your pitiful life demon." The man sneered down at the frightened young girl,

spitting in her face. "Throw her in."

The last thing she saw and heard before all went black was the stone coming towards her head and the laughter of the village men. 'How could you leave me for some stupid treasure when I needed you the most Youko." Was the thought that went through her mind before mind numbing pain enter her system and she lost conscious and was tossed in the Bone Eater Well.

The village men laughed as they walked back to their village never once looking back toward the well. If they had they would have seen the blinding blue light from the well they just threw the kitsune into. But alas they would never know that they set the course to the future of both human and youkai alike and the legends that would follow a futuristic miko fifty years from now.