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Chapter 4:

Kagome starred at her mother for a long time waiting for her to stop her fidgeting until finally her mother looked away(almost ashamed or guilty of something) and Kagome sighed before saying "Mama as much as I'd love to spend the morning and most likely a part of the afternoon by the way things are looking right now with you but I'm afraid I can't since Inuyasha and the others are waiting for me on the other side of the well and I really don't want to listen to Inuyasha's yelling this early in the morning." Her mother looked almost sheepish before taking another deep breath and replied "Alright dear, it's just this is a little hard for me since I've wanted to tell you for so long and now that I have the chance and courage to tell you..." She sighed. "My mind just froze when I thought about your reaction towards what I'm about to tell you. Will you be disappointed in me for not telling you sooner or will you be angry that I've kept this from you for 15 long years and that if you had known sooner perhaps you could have gotten training and defeated Naraku and gotten the jewel shards faster. Maybe you'll even be excited knowing that just maybe you aren't as weak as you've made yourself out to be." Her mother said while looking her straight in the eyes.

When Kagome saw how worried her mother was about this she got up and rushed to reassure her. "It's okay mama, even if I do get a little angry, upset, or some other negative emotion it'll pass and it'll never be directed towards you. I know that everything you do for me is what you think is best and I'll never be angry or disappointed in you(maybe a little annoyed) because you are my mother and I love you very much." Kagome said giving her mother a bright smile while hugging her.

Her mother's tensed shoulders started to relax and she gave her daughter a soft smile before clearing her throat and saying " Alright here it goes. It all started 15 years ago-"

She was interrupted be Kagome. "15!? Man 15 just isn't my lucky number." she whined. Her mother just gave her a pointed look that all woman apparently developed when becoming a mother(since she too had given that look to Shippo a few times) and Kagome stopped when she saw the look directed at her and slumped back into her chair, that she had reclaimed after comforting her mother, while giving her mother a sheepish smile.

Her mother just gave an exasperated sigh before starting again. "Wait to voice any questions or complaints until I'm done speaking alright young lady?" When she saw her daughter quickly nod her head and lean forward eagerly listening, she began her story...


I was young, in my mid twenties and your father and I had just gotten married the year before and were desperately trying to start a family. Unfortunately we had both learned that neither of were capable of having children and I was so depressed and had started to spend all my time outside and around the shrine grounds. One day while sitting outside under the god tree waiting for your father to come home from work since it was our one year anniversary. I heard a faint noise come from the well house. At first I believed it to be a stray cat that had gotten stuck in there. When I got up to see what the sound was and to let the cat out if there was one in there. As I got closer to the sound it began t get louder and louder the closer I got. It almost sounded like a child's cry. When this thought crossed my mind I began to run towards the door to the well house. Just as I was about to grab the handle to open the door, it was thrown open on it's own and a bright light came out of the open door. I was flung some feet away and landed on my back, stunned. I struggled to get my breath back into my lungs having had it knocked out on the rough landing. Once I was able to breathe I sat up and looked around for the source of the light and noticed the sound had stopped. When finding nothing out of place around the shrine's yard I sighed and looked towards the well house once again only to gasp and stare at the person standing there. The you7ng woman was beautiful with her long raven hair pulled back away from her face with a white ribbon and kind yet hardened hazel brown eyes. She wore ancient miko garb with the bottoms being blue with the top being white with armor over it. With a sword at her side and a long bow across her back, she was certainly a sight to see. After getting over my shock at seeing her there, I slowly got to my feet and cautiously made my way towards the intimidating woman. As I got closer I realized that she was holding a small bundle protectively in her arms.

The woman's eyes were watching me with something akin to amusement. When I finally made it about two feet away from her and stopped, she smiled at me and opened her mouth to speak.

"Hello Higurashi-san." She greeted and I started, surprised she knew my name. "I am a powerful miko and not from this era nor from the land of the living. You may call me Midoriko."

I nodded and replied, "It's a pleasure and honor to meet you Midoriko-sama. I've heard about you from the stories my father-in-law has told me Your from the legend of the Skilon-No-Tama correct?"

She smiled at me again and nodded her head before speaking. "Yes you are correct and I'm glad I won't have to explain who and what I am to you. So I'll get straight to the point of my visit since I do not have much time here. So please listen well." She pleaded with me and all I could do was nod my head, speechless.

She gave a small sigh of relief before looking me straight in the eyes, "You wish for a child correct?" She stated more than questioned me but I nodded none the less and said, "Yes more than anything in the world." She looked into my eyes as if searching for something and apparently she found what she was looking for since she smiled and nodded once in approval then she looked to the bundle in her arms and her smile turned sad. "Even if the child wasn't human?" She asked looking into my eyes once more.

I was startled at the question. Human? What did she mean by that? But none the less I nodded my head yes. A child was still a child no matter what race or species it was. I was incredibly curious as to were this would lead to .

The smile she gave me was full of sadness but at the same time happiness which was odd to me. She then gently handed me the small bundle and once it was safely in my arms I pulled back the silk white blanket covering it's face and was shocked to see the most beautiful pair of blue eyes I had ever seen. After starring at the child's eyes for a few minutes I managed to snap out of my shock to be able to take in the rest of the child's features. The child couldn't be no older than a year at the most. When the blanket was completely off I got the surprise of a lifetime. Instead of the average colored hair like black, brown or even blonde that I was expecting it was instead a pale silver with what looked like ice blue highlights throughout the silky tresses. Her skin, for indeed the child was a female, was silky smooth and looked like flawless porcelain that no human being was able of getting no matter how much cosmetics or plastic surgery was used. But the real shocker was instead of the normal rounded human ears there were instead two small furry pointed silver ears twitching with each sound atop the child's head And when I moved my hand that was placed on the child's bottom I felt something silky brushing against my hand. Looking to where my hand was I saw three small fluffy silver tails that were tipped with the same ice blue that was in her hair, swaying gently back and forth. I was shocked to say the least. The child was dressed in a small white silk robe.

I was snapped out of my shock when her small hand that had small fingers tipped with little deadly claws wrapped around my own fingers and she gave a cute giggling sound.

"She's so adorable!" I couldn't help but squeal while petting the tails and ears.

Now there was amusement in Midoriko's eyes as she chuckled and said, "Good I'm glad you seem to like her so much since she is now yours to take care of as if she were your own flesh and blood."

I looked up from cuddling the small babe to look at Midoriko, shocked. "Really?" I gasped out.

Midoriko's smile turned to a grin as she nodded her head. "Yes. Her name is Kagome and she is three years old and not from this time. 550 years to be exact."

I didn't know what to be more shocked about; that she was that old since she really didn't look that old. She was just so tiny. Or that she was from a different time period which would explained the ancient clothing that was placed on her. But I was so happy to finally have my own child that none of that matter to me.

"Midoriko-sama I would love to take this child as my own and I'm positive my husband would feel the same way and adore her also but..." I trailed off not knowing how to voice the question I wanted answered.

"But...?" Midoriko asked with a patient look on her face and a knowing look in her eyes.

I hesitated, not knowing how to put it so I just gestured with one hand to the child's ears and tails while my other hand held the child to my chest. "But demons aren't exactly believed in nor would anyone believe my until they saw her and I wouldn't want that since people would most likely want to do tests and other horrible things to her or try to lock her up like some animal." I replied worriedly.

She just shook her head and laughed softly, "Is that all that you're worried about?" She asked with an amused smile on her face.

I was dumbfounded. Is that all!? I didn't know about her but this was most certainly a problem for me since it wasn't like I could keep the child locked away and never allowing anyone to see her. Children needed space to grow and people to interact with to become healthy and loving people later on in life. To shape their lives to become strong in both mind and body.

When all I did was gape at her as if she had suddenly grew another head, she sighed and said, "That is easily fixed. A spell will be placed over her features and demonic abilities. The only thing that will remain the same is her miko abilities-" She was interrupted when I gasped and asked, "But wouldn't she have purified herself if she had both demonic and spiritual powers?"

"No she is a very special case. Her soul is so pure that not even the monks and mikos of my time, even myself, could ever compare to her power and abilities." Midoriko replied as she gazed fondly at the child in my arms. I too looked at the little girl and couldn't help but smile as the child's little hands kept trying to grab my shoulder length hair.

Midoriko cleared her throat softly before finishing. "As I was saying the spell will last until she is able to complete her purpose in the past and reunite all four souls of the Shikon-No-Tama. Only then will she be able to regain her memories that are now buried deep within her subconscious mind." She finished.

"Purpose? And what do you mean 'regain her memories'?" I asked, confused.

Midoriko only smiled mysteriously and said, "To answer your first question; yes a purpose. There isn't much I can tell you except that twelve years from exactly now on her fifteenth birthday she will be pulled back into her original era and begin a journey throughout time that will become a legend in it's self. As for your second question lets just say she has a very old soul and leave it at that."

I stood there thinking on everything that I had learned before looking with determination towards where the ancient miko stood, waiting. "Alright." I replied to her question of keeping the child while nodding my head. " So how will this spell work?" I asked.

Midoriko gave me the happiest smile yet since this strange meeting began. "Well that's actually very simple, all you have to do is hold little Kagome up so her whole body is in the air and I'll do the rest." She said still smiling at me.

I nodded and gripped the child under her arms gently but firmly and held her about a foot away from my body. The little girl began to giggle and clap her hands together obviously thinking it a fun game and I couldn't help but to smile before looking towards Midoriko only to see her with her eyes closed and a look of deep concentration on her face. She than began to speak in a language that I didn't understand while making odd signs with her hands before her hands went into a praying position. A non existent wind started to whip her clothing around her body.

As this was going on, her voice began to rise in intensity until finally she put both of her hands within centimeters of the child's face and slowly began to move them downwards. As her hands moved away from the part of the body that they were touching, that part of the child began to glow and shimmer. The farther away her hands went, the brighter the glow became until finally I couldn't see the child in my hands, only feel her. After a few minutes the glow slowly began to dim until I was finally able to see the changes that took place.

The first thing that I noticed almost immediately was her eyes; they had stayed the exact same mesmerizing sapphire blue. At first I thought maybe the spell hadn't worked but then my eyes travel further up and I saw that instead of the once silvery blue hair, a midnight black that almost shined dark blue in the sunlight took it's place and the once fluffy silver ears were replaced by normal human ears. I secretly mourned the loss of the adorable little ears. When the little girl began to giggle once again and wave her hands around she no longer had claws and fangs, just normal human fingernails and teeth. Her once moon pale skin that looked almost like a delicate china doll's was now a few shades darker and when I no longer felt the silky brush of her tails I look down and realized she no longer had them. And last but not lest she seemed to have grown a few more inches in height to look more like a normal human toddler her age but maybe a little to petite.

After getting over the shock and awe that was coursing threw my body, all I could do was look back up to the legendary miko whom had backed away a few feet to her original spot after the deed was done with a soft sort of smile on her face.

"Well," I was finally able to speak "that certainly solves that problem."

She just gave a soft laugh and shook her head while having an amused smile on her face.

"Well as much as I have enjoyed talking to you, my time here is up and I must now leave. I will be leaving young Kagome in your capable hands." She said.

"Where will you go?" I asked curiously.

"Back into the Shikon-No-Tama, my prison until she is able to set my soul free." When I opened my mouth to ask what she meant by that, she just shook her head, "I'm afraid that you'll have to wait for the answers to your questions." She said with a sad smile on her face.

All of a sudden she started to fade. When her body was nothing more than an outline of what it used to be it just burst into a white colored ball of light no bigger than a marble. The white glittering marble sized ball hovered a minute before shooting towards me. As it neared me it suddenly shot down to the child that was in my arms entering into her body near her left hip.

I was startled to say the least; didn't that hurt? But when the child just blinked up at me innocently, I sighed with a smile on my face and turned to start heading back towards my house. I was positive my family would just love her. I know I already loved her after only knowing the happy little girl for less than an hour.

As I was about to close the door I couldn't help but to look once more at the well house. As I stood there starring, I couldn't help but get a weird feeling deep in my bones. I decided right then and there that I would do everything in my power to keep Kagome as far away from the well house as possible, starting by boarding up the well house. I gave a weary sigh and closed the door to wait for my husband to get home and meet our new daughter.

-End Flashback-

"...and that's how you came to be in our lives." Finished her mother while looking at her daughter's bowed head.

After a few minutes of silence had passed between the two, her mother finally asked, "A-are you alright Kagome? I know this is a lot to take in but..." She trailed off not knowing what to say to her silent daughter.

"Huh?" Kagome's head snapped up, startled. "Oh, yeah I'm fine. It's just that I knew that I was adopted 'cause you and daddy couldn't have children, but wow I definitely wasn't expecting that. Hey does that mean Souta is adopted too? And does grandpa know about the whole demon thing?" She couldn't help but wonder.

"Oh no sweetie Souta is not adopted, he was born from my own body. I've always thought it was do to you since Midoriko had told me that you were a miko and mikos heal. I had always felt whenever I held you this soothing feeling. You were my own little miracle. And of course I never told your father since he would never have understood. And your grandfather never knew because I really didn't want him to plaster a child with his 'holy sutras'. Didn't want to traumatize you at such a young age." She replied while gigging at the end.

"So is that also the reason you weren't so freaked out when I fell down the well the first time and when you first saw Inuyasha?" She asked.

"Yes of course. You think if I hadn't had a warning about the future events that I would have been okay with my young daughter going 500 years into the past and facing danger every single day? And believe it or not I hadn't really believed in demons until I first saw you as a child and then I always thought you were the only one since I've never seen anymore demons until Inuyasha first came to our house. He had such cute ears, almost as cute as yours were." Her mother replied with a dreamy expressing on her face.

"O-okay." Kagome replied nervously.

After a few minutes of thoughtful silence with each in their own thoughts, Kagome finally muttered, "Well that would explain the weird dreams I've been having lately." Obviously not quite enough because her mother asked, "What dreams?" Kagome just shook her head before she replied, "It's just that ever since I've turned eighteen I've been having odd dreams. Sometimes they all fuzzy or other times their crystal clear as if they happened yesterday."

"Hmm well Midoriko did say you had a old soul. Perhaps their just memories from a past life?" Her mother suggested while looking thoughtful.

Kagome shrugged, "I have no idea since I really don't think I'm Kikyo's reincarnation like everyone seems to think I am."

Her mother sighed while standing, "Well there is only one way to find out!" She said looking at her daughter.

"What do you mean?" Kagome asked while standing up also.

Her mother laughed while clapping her hands once. "Why finish the jewel of course. Since I'm sure after Midoriko's soul is free she'll give you all the answers you seek." She said while looking pleased with herself. "Also she'll probably be able to lift the spell on your demonic features and then I'll be able to pet your ears and tails again." She said with a look of longing on her face.

Kagome nodded with determination. "You're right. It's just one more reason to complete the jewel once and for all. Then I'll be able to get the answers I need." She said while going to pick up her bag and heading for the door.

"Be careful honey. And remember that I love you." Her mother called to her daughter. Kagome just nodded and waved to her. "I love you too mama. And tell grandpa and Souta that I won't be back for another two months since I think it'll take about that much time to find the few remaining jewel shards. Maybe longer. So I'll be seeing you in a couple of months, hopefully with some answers." She said right before closing the door. Her mother just sighed wearily before going to start lunch.

Kagome hummed while walking towards the shed with the well in it. I really hope I can get the answers that I want. She suddenly giggled. Wait until Inuyasha and the others hear about this. She though giddy.

Once she reached the well she took a deep breath before throwing one of her long legs over the side of the old well. Looking down into the deep darkness of the well, she couldn't help but think that this was were it was started and this was were it'll end and she'll get her answers to a past she didn't even know she had. With that last thought she threw her other leg over the side of the well and pushed her body into the darkness of the well and soon welcome the bright blue lights of the ancient well as she traveled throughout time to the her friends and the answers she wanted.

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