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Summary: NaruHPxover. McGonagall suspects that Harry Potter is working together with Voldemort, so she requests for the best ANBU to go undercover as students and find out the truth: Naruto and Sasuke. But as the year progresses, is Voldemort the true enemy? NS,HD

Pairings: Naruto+Sasuke, Harry+Draco



Chapter 2

By: En Taiho

After finishing their suppers, the students of Hogwarts flooded out of the Great Hall, the first years led by Prefects. Naruto and Sasuke followed the Golden Trio to the Gryffindor Tower, who was in turn trailing after the first years. The prefect stopped in front of the Fat Lady portrait. "Pumpkins and Griffins." The Fat Lady fanned herself lazily and looked down at the gaping first years. Sighing, she swung the entrance to the common room open. As the prefect explained where the female's dormitory was and where the male's dormitory was, Harry sat himself down in his favourite armchair close to the burning fireplace. Ron and Hermione sat across him on the couch, while Naruto and Sasuke leaned casually beside the fire, one on each side of the mantle.

After getting comfortable, Hermione cleared her throat and asked shyly, "Is Hogwarts similar to your school in Japan?"

Naruto glanced at the bushy-haired witch and shrugged. "Not really." He didn't mention about the differences, which would have gone on and on in an incredibly long list.

"What's different?" she asked the dreaded question.

"Well, it was before we found out we were wizards. So it's a typical school." He added silently, 'in Konoha.' Sasuke smirked inwardly. The Usuratonkachi was pretty good at saying the truth, if only the half-truths, even if they had attended the Ninja Academy a long time ago. The Golden Trio couldn't blame them for lying. They had answered their questions honestly; it would be their fault for assuming things. There was a brief silence before Hermione opened her mouth again. "Then what things are the same?"

"Nothing much. You have to remember. It isn't a wizardry and witchcraft school."

"Right." Another brief silence.

"Merlin, I'm tired." Harry yawned and got up, stretching his arms. "I'm going to bed, g'night."

"There's nothing else to do," Naruto agreed and pushed away from the wall as did Sasuke.

"I don't feel like sleeping yet. How 'bout you, 'Mione?"

"Same as you."

"We'll be staying here for a bit then, Harry."

"Okay, see you tomorrow."

"'Night, Hermione and Ron."

"Good night."

The last one was said curtly by an insincere Sasuke of course. The ANBU followed Harry up the stairs to the boys' dormitory. Harry went over to his bed, telling his newly-made friends to take their pick as long as it hadn't been claimed by another. Choosing carefully, the shinobis selected two separate four-poster beds across from their charge, their trunks lodged at their classical places at the foots of the beds.

Having changed into their pajamas, they lay under the canopy of their beds and examined the red and gold colours adorning the dormitories. "Oyasumi, Sasuke," Naruto murmured.


Naruto smiled knowingly before settling into a more comfortable position, fingering the scroll and kunai holsters under his pillow and falling into a light dreamless sleep.


Woken by their internal clock, Naruto and Sasuke got out of bed before any of the others did at around 6 o'clock. The first class would be starting in two to three hours. Dressed and aware, they wandered down the stairs, out the common room, and into the hallways, exploring the school and hiding efficiently from Filch and his cat with their ANBU skills. Eventually, their feet led them out and onto the Quidditch pitch. Sasuke wisely concluded, "This must be the place where the people here play the game on the brooms and tries to score into the opponent's hoops there."

"Yeah, probably."

As they walked across to the other side of the pitch, Naruto suggested something worthy of important notice, "We should train some times our shinobi skills and techniques. It wouldn't do to get rusty, since we're always surrounded by wizarding magic and considering the fact we've been studying and practicing magic ever since we got here." His partner agreed but they were left to ponder where. It didn't matter if the Forbidden Forest was off-bounds or not; it wouldn't have been an appropriate place to train anyways. It was too easy to be caught there, and bearing in mind they were using jutsus and occasionally shouting them, it was surely to cause a loud, obvious disruption, which the Headmaster, staff, and students would be without doubt be attracted to, not to mention most of the jutsus, if not all, created destruction around them or where directed.

"We'll find out a way," Sasuke assured and headed back to the castle, hands in his robe's pockets alongside Naruto, having a feeling it was almost time for breakfast. They clandestinely slipped back into the school and seated themselves at the same spots they had been sitting in the day before in the Gryffindor table. Soon after, they were joined by a sleepy Harry and his two best friends.

"Great, double Potions first thing with the Slytherins," Ron pouted grumpily, "A perfect way to start the day. Humph."

"Oh, come off it, Ron. Sure it's bad, but you make it worse with your attitude on it and during class. You really should pay attention more."

"Well, I'm not a brilliant pupil like you, 'Mione."

"I work hard, I pay attention, so I don't find Potions as bad as you do. The only awful thing worth complaining about is Professor Snape and he picks on you more than others because you're so whiny."

"Aw, come on, Hermione. Isn't that going a tad bit too far?"

"I'm just stating the truth." With that, she took a curt bite out of her toast, ending the argument. Harry, Naruto, and Sasuke shared amused looks over their chewing of their breakfast. Ron just glared at his own toast.

Making their way to the dungeons –though trudging would be a more appropriate word for Ron –the group of friends anticipated what was to come, except for Harry…and Ron. They took their usual seats at the front right of the class and waited for their Professor to come and begin the class. Meanwhile, Harry glanced over at Malfoy at the other side –the front left –noticing everything was still the same, with Crabbe and Goyle sitting on either side of the Slytherin prince. 'He'd grown more handsome over the summer.' Before Harry could dwell on the idea that he just thought that, the Potions Master briskly strolled into the room, silencing the chattering class at once. With short waves of his wand, he slammed the shutters shut, preventing all natural radiance from entering the room and leaving only the dim dungeon lights to be the only source of light. Harry leaned over slightly and whispered to Naruto who was sitting to the left of him, "He makes this kind of entrance every year."

Snape rounded on him immediately and leered. "Mr. Potter, if you're to be so kind perhaps you could enlighten the class of what you should have been reading over the summer." He then proceeded to pop quiz the Boy-Who-Lived of which he held no responses but only a few of a vast number of questions. Funnily enough, even if they'd only skimmed the textbook and tried to understand Potions, Naruto and Sasuke knew more than the emerald-eyed wizard and they couldn't help but wonder what exactly their charge did over the summer if he was so frequently locked up. The Potions Master noticed that the transfers weren't busy scribbling down notes like the rest of the class and turned his coal black eyes on them, whom looked expressionlessly back at their Professor. Narrowing his eyes, Snape ran his eyes down the list of names before sneering. "Mr. Uchiha, Mr. Uzumaki, why aren't you sensibly taking notes?"

"Oh? Were we supposed to?" said Sasuke coolly and skeptically at the same time.

"You will do well not to mock me, Mr. Uchiha. 10 points from Gryffindor."

A slight raise of an eyebrow was the only sign of Sasuke's disapproval before he and Naruto were forced to jot down notes.

"Now as a review we will be brewing the most complicated potion from last year which shouldn't be a difficult task at all."


During their lunch break in the Great Hall, Ron sighed and slouched on the bench. "Merlin, Potions was horrible…" His friends didn't even bother to answer and kept on eating. Naruto hadn't been the best potion-maker but he wasn't as worse as Ron. Despite his dislike of Snape, Harry still did pretty well in Potions, well better than many. Unsurprisingly, Hermione did okay as well. Sasuke was also on the same level as his partner. It was quite hard because of their inexperience and of the fact they lacked the knowledge about Potions' ingredients, but they managed.

The next class was Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Lupin with just the sixth-year Gryffindors. To the shinobis' sensitive noses and sight of auras, Remus Lupin was not an ordinary man. Something about him smelled wild and in a way cursed. Excluding his hidden haunted eyes, the professor was viewed as a normal wizard by the students, though still slightly different than ordinary.

"Lupin's a really good teacher," Harry informed the foreigners. "He was the one who taught me how to do the Patronus Charm in my third year."

"Patronus Charm? Isn't that a high ranked spell?" asked Sasuke.

Hermione chirped up, "Yes, in fact it's an Auror level spell."

"Then how on earth was Harry taught it in his third year?" said Naruto. "Wait a second; you'll be in the same class as him too, right. So that means you can do it too?"

Hermione shook her head. "No, Ron and I can't. Professor Lupin gave Harry special tutorials outside of class."

"Ah." Naruto wondered if they had felt left out, like the way he had felt when Kakashi had only been focusing on Sasuke to teach him the Chidori. But he had forgiven his dear sensei because Sasuke did need the lessons after all. He had met Ero-Sennin who had taught him the Rasengan which rivaled the Chidori.

"As you may remember, I'm Professor Lupin to teach you Defense Against the Dark Arts. Any questions?" No hands were raised so he continued, "First of all, we will be learning the three versions of the Knockback Jinx. Does anyone know this jinx?"

Harry, Hermione, Naruto, and Sasuke were the only ones who raised their hands, except Hermione's hand was way up there waving wildly. Lupin smiled which caused wrinkles to appear at the corner of his eyes. "Yes, Miss Granger?"

"It could be used on creatures or objects. For the simplest one you say 'Flipendo,' the middle one is 'Depulso,' and the hardest one is 'Ventus.'"

"Correct, Miss Granger. 5 points to Gryffindor. What are the effects on the creatures or objects you use the spell upon?"

This time Sasuke was the one who was chosen to answer. "If the spell is strong enough, the creatures will be killed, while objects will just be moved."

"Yes, Mr. Uchiha. Another 5 points to Gryffindor. Here in the classroom we will only be performing the Knockback Jinx on objects. Starting with the simplest version, you point your wand at the desired target and say 'Flipendo.' We will be practicing with this cardboard box here that has been weighted down with a few stones. Everyone, line up and we'll take turns using the Flipendo spell on it."

The class obeyed; the Golden Trio and the shinobis winded up at the end of the line. If the students were to succeed to blast the object, it would hurl itself at a wall void of any decoration and out of the way of other items, so that no harm would fall upon the classroom or its residents. A few could make the box move back three inches or so, while several made it throw back a good meter. Only a small number of around three was able to blast it well back to be just centimeters from the wall until the line neared the end. Ron who went after Hermione produced the same results as his girl friend: the box was flung back and bounced softly against the wall. Harry came next and so far his spell had the best result yet: the container slammed a meter up into the air against the wall and clattered loudly on the ground from the stones within.


"That's amazing!"

"As expected of the Boy-Who-Lived!"

Harry sighed and returned to his seat beside Ron whose other side sat Hermione. Second to last, Naruto took out his wand and said, "Flipendo." In contrary to his calm voice, the cardboard box was hurled hard at the wall right up into the air around two meters high. It smashed against the wall and the pointed corners that contacted were pressed in so that they became dull and flat. As if in slow motion, the box tumbled down, down to land with a thump and a slight bounce with a number of noises from the stones bumping each other inside. The whole class fell into a stunned silence as Naruto casually went back to sit on the other side of Harry, and Sasuke, who was last, raised his wand and uttered the Knockback Jinx. He produced the same outcome as his partner and every eye was now focused not on Naruto but on Sasuke instead who seated himself without expression.

"Uh…well then, what can anyone tell me how to get the best result?" asked Lupin breaking the awkward silence.


"That was bloody awesome, you guys!" exclaimed Ron as the group of friends headed outside to the greenhouses for Herbology. "How in the bloody hell did you do that?"

"Ron! Watch your language."

Ron rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, whatever, 'Mione."

She huffed and turned exasperatedly towards Harry, who just shrugged helplessly in reply.

"You can say we practiced over the summer," said Naruto.

"Ah." He rounded on his best friend. "Harry, you were wicked too, mate!"

"Uh, yeah…thanks, Ron."

"Heh, no problem. The three of you are just so powerful. Gosh, I want magic like that."

The said three just smiled, well, Sasuke raised an elegant eyebrow instead.

Herbology passed uneventfully as well as Care of Magical Creatures. Transfiguration was the last subject of the day with Professor McGonagall, which was a review of the things the previously fifth-years had learned, which included a spell that transfigured the target, either alive or non-alive, into a stream of colourful bubbles. For that particular spell, the classroom was swamped with bubbles and the sixth years behaved very young indeed. At the end of the class, McGonagall called after two certain students. "Mr. Uchiha and Mr. Uzumaki, I need to talk to you for a moment."

"You three go ahead," Naruto said to his wizarding friends who had been waiting. "We'll catch up." They nodded and departed.

"How is your stay so far?"

"Fine, ma'am," Sasuke replied for the both of them.

"Have you found out any information yet?"

"No, though we do suspect that Harry Potter is indeed involved in a way with Voldemort."

"Ok then, tell me if there's anything new."

"Yes, ma'am," said Naruto and Sasuke concurrently. And they exited the Transfiguration classroom on the second floor to meet with the Golden Trio up in the Gryffindor common room. Harry, Hermione, and Ron had spread out parchment sheets and one or two textbooks before them. Ron was complaining when they entered: "–so much homework on the bloody first day!" The shinobis took out their own schoolwork and Harry asked curiously as they organized them, "So what did Professor McGonagall have to say?"

Naruto shrugged nonchalantly. "She just wanted to see how we were doing because we're transfers and all."

"Oh." The students continued with their homework and eventually their stomach growled to signal the time for dinner. Obediently, the Gryffindors, including others in the same year and different years, went down to the Great Hall to satisfy their hungry needs.

Later on that week, the first flying lesson of the year began. Madam Hooch paced in front of the line of sixth-year Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. Each wizard or witch stood beside a used school broom on the ground. She gave no sign at all that she had met the shinobis prior to the school year.

"Well then, you know what to do!" she announced.

The students looked down at their brooms and shouted, "UP!" Naruto and Sasuke followed everyone else's example. Their brooms shot up into their hands.

"For the Japanese transfers, who can give a good summary about flying?" Hooch asked, scanning the group of students.

Harry was amongst the several who raised their hands and as he was part of the Quidditch team and also an excellent Seeker, the Professor wisely chose him. Harry explained the basics: of lifting off, of landing, of stopping, turning, ascending, descending. Naruto and Sasuke nodded, absorbing the information and the advice.

"When I say 'go,' fly to the far Quidditch hoops and then land." Hooch held a broom of her own. "And no nonsense. Ready, GO!"

Each person mounted their brooms and kicked off the ground. Hermione looked a little sick, so did many of the Hufflepuffs, who didn't look at all comfortable flying on long sticks with stuff coming out of one end. The skilled flyers, including Harry and Ron, breezed around the group and crisscrossed the sky. Naruto and Sasuke were wobbly at first, their fists clenched tightly on their brooms. Sasuke lifted the handle slightly and slowly ascended over the heads of the class. Naruto turned right and left, weaving in and out of the crowd, testing out his flying skills. He almost collided with Neville, who was quivering nervously, but luckily he swerved out of the way. But now he was heading down. Hastily, Naruto grasped the handle and lifted it up. He came shooting up. Hooch noticed and yelled over her shoulder, "Mr. Uzumaki, no playing around!"

Naruto managed to calm down his straight ascent and leveled his broom. Down he slowly went to join Sasuke. "Dobe," the Uchiha acknowledged.

"Well, it's a bit weird flying on this stick. Don't you think?"

"I guess."

"Haven't you noticed that wizarding folk are fond of sticks? Like wands and now brooms," Naruto spoke lowly so that only his partner could hear.

"Aa," Sasuke said with a small smile.


Two weeks later…

In the ever busy Gryffindor common room: "Naruto! Give those back!" Hermione cried as the said young man pranced around her, holding a wad of parchment paper just outside her reach.

"No, I'm sorry but I'm afraid I can't, Miss Granger, for these papers contain the most vital information," Naruto grinned and tossed his sunny hair.

"Ooh, pass them to me!" Ron joined in. The blonde's hand slipped under the witch's desperate reaching arms and handed the precious Potions notes to the redhead. Hermione swung around and stalked over to a backing away Ron.

".." she said vehemently but with laughing eyes.

"But we need them!"

"You and Naruto have your own notes!"

"No, I don't."

"Well, it's not my fault then!"

"Hey," Naruto chipped in defensively. "The only reason I need those notes is because on that day my writing was the worst ever. I can't even read my own writing!"

"That's not my fault either!" Hermione said exasperatedly which Naruto and Ron grinned in response at the familiar tone.

Harry and Sasuke were seated on the couch. Harry was quickly completing the Transfigurations essay due the next day, while Sasuke was quietly reading a book on Potions, determined to learn more about the subject to conquer Snape's sneering face.

Hermione shook her head impatiently and marched over to the two males near the hearth in the common room. She towered over the bent-over scribbling Harry, hands on her hips, and glared over at Sasuke as well. "Harry! Sasuke! Help me get my notes back!"

"I'm doing my essay, 'Mione!"

"And I'm busy."

"Get them," the witch ordered, narrowing her eyes.

Harry glanced up. "I will if you help me."

"Ugh!" Hermione threw her hands up in frustration but then turned hopefully towards Sasuke, who spared her a glance. "Don't look at me," he stated flatly. Hermione stared up at the ceiling as if begging the heavens to grant her some mercy from the annoying boys she called her friends. Suddenly, she thought mischievously, 'Ok, now on to Plan B.'

Hermione turned around slowly to face the two boys who had started it all. Naruto and Ron were pouring over her Potions notes, her notes! Naruto sensed the threatening aura and looked up towards the source. 'Uh-oh.' He nudged the redhead beside him who also looked up. "What?" He then noticed a fiery witch slowly walking towards them.

"Well, well, well," she purred dangerously. "If it isn't two little boys in need."

Ron squeaked and immediately held out the papers. She took them and smiled sweetly. "Why, thank you ever so much." Naruto and Ron shivered. Girls were so scary when provoked. 'Like Sakura-chan,' Naruto thought amusedly.

"Naruto, come over here," Harry called.

Naruto came to sit beside the Boy-Who-Lived. "What?"

"Check over my essay, please."

The blonde took the two sheets and read them over. "Yeah, sounds pretty good," he said carelessly after a while. Harry raised his eyebrows. "Knowing you, I shouldn't have let you be the one to edit my work."

"Hey!" Naruto cried out indignantly. Harry just chuckled.

The next night the Gryffindor tower saw a dark figure pull back his covers, already fully dressed, and reach under his bed after cautiously looking around him to find sleeping humps all around. He crept over to the bed next to his and shook the form awake, which groggily rose, already dressed as well and followed his companion down the stairs. On the way down, the two figures met another, a female, and together they entered the Gryffindor common room. They froze as soon as they noticed two people who appeared to be dozing on the couch. One was holding a Potions book leaning against the couch's cushiony back, the other was nodding off over the book. As the three figures crept silently past them, the two boys opened their eyes, nevertheless, completely unsurprised. The dark haired boy raised an eyebrow; it was around 1 o'clock in the morning.

"Where are you going?" Sasuke asked indifferently.

"Just going out," Harry replied vaguely.

"At this hour?" countered Naruto.

"We're just going to the library."

"It's 1 AM."

"Yes, but…" Hermione began.

"Fine, I'll let you in a little secret, since you're my friends and all." Harry smiled, putting a reassuring hand on the witch, giving the message that it was ok. "We're going to the library to 'borrow' some books."

"What kind of books?"

"Spells, advanced magic, dueling tips, defense, and the sort."

Naruto smirked. "Mind if we tag along? Seems like the stuff you're going to do will be useful…" He left the unspoken question of who it was to be useful against.

"There's nobody else around," Sasuke confirmed.

"Let's just go," Harry gestured his hand in the Fat Lady portrait's direction. Naruto sighed; guess he'll have to try another time. The shinobis let it go this time, nodded, and stood up to join the Golden Trio.

"Wait, the Invisibility Cloak can't hide us all," Hermione reasoned.

"It's all right," reassured Naruto. "We can hide ourselves."

Harry ignored the mystery behind those words and nodded. "Okay then, suit yourselves." With that, he swung a shimmering material over himself, Ron, and Hermione, who disappeared from sight, but the ANBU could still smell and sense them, though they said nothing about that. The group of five tiptoed out of the common room and headed in the direction of the Hogwarts library down on the main floor.

"Hold it," Sasuke hissed, grasping an invisible Harry's shoulder. All of the friends paused in their steps, as they were about to round a corner. They were on the fourth floor.

"Mr. Filch and his cat are there," Naruto explained simply at the inquiring atmosphere. And Harry wondered how on earth the transfers knew these things, including the fact that Sasuke knew exactly where his shoulder was, let alone him himself.

"Mrs. Norris, you smell stinky little kids roaming about?" cooed a cracked voice to his hissing cat from the corridor they were about to enter.

"Let's go the other way," Ron whispered frantically and hurriedly turned around but as he was tightly between Harry and the wall under the Invisibility Cloak, which had grown to barely cover them due to their growth over the years, he stumbled and put his hands out to stop his fall. The Cloak ripped off of them.

"Who's there?" Filch said sharply holding out his dusty lamp higher, slowly walking towards where they were.

"Run," Harry said quietly but with an urgent tone. He grabbed the Cloak off the ground while Hermione helped Ron up. The three of them began to run, the two shinobis nimbly following. They turned a corner. "Seventh floor," instructed Harry and they sprinted down the stairs. "Here." They skidded to a stop in front of a blank wall and Harry paced hastily in front of it. Out of the blue, a door appeared and the group quickly entered, shutting the door softly behind them.

A medium-sized room greeted them with a warm fireplace on one end. In the center, two black leather sofas surrounded a round glass table. Their shoes padded silently on carpet and the walls were painted a light creamy colour. Polished maroon shelves lined the walls, bursting with countless books.

"We'll be safe here," Harry told the surprised ninjas as Ron and Hermione sat down with a relieved sigh on one of the sofas.

Naruto asked wonderingly, "Where is this?"

"The Room of Requirements, it's a place that appears when you ask for it. You can conjure whatever the room will look like. All you got to do is pace in front of where it is and think of the room you want and the stuff inside it."

"But can't other people come in too?"

"Yeah, if they think exactly the same room as this, which is highly unlikely unless we tell people ahead of time."


"And we can also tell the Room not to let anyone in."

"That's even better."

"Sure is. The only thing it can't conjure up is food."

"Yeah, it's too bad," added Ron.

"So it can take on anything's shape?" Naruto looked around the room.


"Even a forest?"

"Yep, watch." Harry closed his eyes and thought hard for a moment. When he opened them, the Room transformed itself into a clearing surrounded by tall evergreen trees. Ron and Hermione were now sitting on tree stumps. "Cool…" said Naruto as somekind of response.

"It's pretty much safe now, so we better hurry back," Sasuke reminded everyone.

Hermione stood. "Right, it'd be suspicious if they find empty beds."

Harry slipped on the Invisibility Cloak with Hermione and Ron, and then the group of five cautiously exited the Room of Requirements. The door immediately disappeared as soon as they closed it behind them.

Soft snores and deep breathing was everywhere now in the Gryffindor tower except for two.

"Sasuke, I think we've found the perfect place to train."

"Hn. That's why you asked."


"We'll start tomorrow, usuratonkachi."

"Yeah, but we better watch out for Harry, Hermione, and Ron now. They never got the chance to go to the library and learn and practice the spells they wanted. There's no doubt they'll try again."

"And for Dumbledore too. He knows something's different about us."

"Yeah, from that time…"


"Boys, if you don't mind, I would like to chat with you two for a bit," said Dumbledore, his blue eyes twinkling away over his half-moon spectacles. "Come, let's go to my office; it'd be more private there." It was after classes in the evening so Naruto and Sasuke followed the Headmaster up the stairs to a doorway guarded by a pair of stone gargoyles.

"Yellow lemondrops," Dumbledore said, smiling.

The gargoyles grunted and the door opened to reveal a spiraling staircase. As soon as all of them stepped foot onto the staircase, it magically revolved around itself to bring them to yet another doorway. Dumbledore pushed it open and walked around to sit behind his big Headmaster desk. Naruto and Sasuke entered, alert, and looked around in a casually curious manner. The walls were filled with moving paintings, which they had gotten used to, of past Headmasters and Headmistresses. The office contained many objects of different varieties. One object was a stone basin holding a swirling misty liquid. Beside the huge desk cradled a baby phoenix, its naked body hobbling from bits of black ash.

Dumbledore interlaced his fingers and propped his chin on top of them. "Well, boys, I understand you're transfers from Japan. It seems like you discovered you were wizards there. How exactly did you learn this bit of great news?"

"I don't see that it's any of your business," Sasuke replied coolly.

"Ah, but I'm most curious. It's fascinating sometimes the ways people find out about their magic powers."

"We did a little abracadabra and voila we're wizards," said Naruto dryly. They didn't know why but somehow they felt that Dumbledore was a suspicious man. It was a gut feeling and those kinds of feelings were ones that could be trusted.

"Now, boys, it wouldn't do for me to force it out of you."

Sasuke snorted softly. "Is that a threat, Professor?"

Dumbledore sat back in his chair and chuckled. "It'll depend on what you interpret of it, Mr. Uchiha." Suddenly, Naruto and Sasuke felt light touches on their minds, slight probes here and there. 'Leglimency!' they thought. They've read about it in one of the books over the summer. Because of their lack of knowledge about Occlumency, their ANBU skills kicked in. Their mind closed off with a word of 'Kai!' in their heads. High ranked shinobis needed to know how to not allow strangers, enemies, or any one to enter their minds and read what they were thinking.

There were no visible signs of Dumbledore's reaction, nor any that he was shocked that he couldn't get into the transfers' minds. A blink, perhaps, but yet again everyone blinked. Naruto and Sasuke couldn't be sure about the signs that they could see. But they smelled the slight scent of surprise, curiosity, and maybe a little interest.

"Professor, we still have homework to do."

"Very well, off with you, Mr. Uzumaki, Mr. Uchiha," Dumbledore dismissed calmly, his eyes still twinkling.

End Flashback

End of Chapter


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