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YO! Here's the sequel I promised ya! Only 1 week wait! I will be trying a lot of new things in this story so please deal with me for this slow start. It will, like the prequel, pick up somewhere down the way...

Chapter 1: Graduation

A crowded gymnasium filled with third years all waiting for this ceremony to finish so they can move on with their lives. I feel sorry for the teachers, they have to go through this every three years…how boring…

After I returned from Mid-Childa I went back to my ordinary school life. Cleaning up letters falling out of my shoe locker, being chased by angry and jealous male classmates, beating up those same classmates, acing all my tests and now graduating from high school. Yep, it's all the same old thing for me.

I'd rather be out training at Section 6 with everyone than be here…well that wasn't possible as Section 6 has disbanded and everyone went their separate ways. I wonder how they're doing?

"Kimura! Kimura Yuuki!"


I walked up to the stage and accepted my diploma from my homeroom teacher. Half way done…now to just wait for the other 200 students…

"Oh Yeah! It's great to be able to stand up again!"

Out in the courtyard, there was a ton of families, friends and colleagues congratulating their graduate students. I wonder where my family is?

"Senpai!" Someone was calling out to me

"Hmm? Oh, if it isn't Shou."

Aizawa Shou, my Kouhai two years younger than me. He's the guy that got me into anime in the first place, and I can't thank him enough for that. He's a little on the short side and he tends to be overly polite but he's a pretty cool guy.

"Congratulations on your graduation, Yuu-Senpai!" he said as he bowed at me.

"Heh, like it was ever a problem for me!" I said, puffing up my chest. "Good looks, good brains, good muscles, I'm the epitome of a man's desires!"


A sharp blow to the head sends me to my knees.

"Too bad your ego is bigger than the entire planet!" That voice…it has to be…

"Ah, Kasumi-senpai, congratulations on your graduation!" Shou said bowing to her as well.

"Thanks, Shou-kun."

"Damn it…why do I have to get hit by you even on graduation day?" I asked as I stood up.

"Graduation should be considered like any normal day for us" she said as she waved her hand in the air. "Oh and thanks for the pearls, they're really nice, but I really didn't expect such an extravagant graduation present" She indicated the bracelet on her wrist.

"Heh, you owe me a graduation present now."

"You two really get along, don't you?" Shou asked.

"That's because…!" Kasumi wrapped her arm around my neck.

"The two of us are…!" I did the same to her

"Best friends!"

"Hahaha…" All Shou could do was laugh at the embarrassing way we were presenting ourselves.

"Are your parents coming?" Shou asked as the three of us were lying under the shade of a tree.

"I already met mine," Kasumi said. "They wanted to go celebrate but I wanted to hang around here for a little longer."

"Mine are coming right now," I said. "My dad said that the car had a flat on the way here."

"I see…and why did you want to stay here Kasumi-senpai?"

"I don't know…sentimental feelings perhaps?"

"Come on, it's not a if we'll never come back again…not like other places…" I sighed as I said this.

Kasumi glanced over at me and sighed as well.

"You're right…"

"There you guys go again…where exactly did you go over the break?"

The two of us kept it a secret from everyone on earth. We'll who'd believe that we were abducted by aliens and forced into their military that ran with magic to combat a terrorist organization that used cyborgs as their main force?

"Like we said, we went out of the country," I said as I flipped over on my side.

"But where exactly?"

I didn't answer him. Sorry Shou, but I don't really know how to answer you.

"Then at least tell me who that girl was in that picture with you! Did you pick up a foreign girl?"

"Hey…don't delude your mind with anime plots," I said flipping myself back on my back. "It was a short relationship anyway…"

"Because you had to come back, huh?" he asked.

"Yeah…I didn't really plan on getting a girlfriend but…it just happened."

"I thought you'd go for Kasumi-senpai for sure…"

"Hey, I only think of Yuu as a friend, or something like a brother, nothing more!" She said quickly.

"I see…but if you have a girlfriend already then why don't you tell all those girls who are watching us over there?"


I sat up quickly and saw a mob of girls looking over here. They started to chat with one another for a bit before rushing at us.

"Crap! Got to run!"

I picked up my diploma and headed in the opposite direction.

"Senpai…even though you are in an enviable position…you really have it tough…" I heard Shou say as I dashed off.

"Did you find him?"


"Maybe he went back to the gate?"

"Let's check inside the building again!"

Damn it…why won't you crazy girls leave me alone…?

I'm on a ledge on the third floor of the school building. At least I could use some of my training from Mid-Childa on Earth.

I slowly climbed down before anyone could come into the classroom and see me. I just want this day to end and go home.

However, as I managed to get my foot onto the second floor ledge…

"What are you doing?"

"AHH!" I lost my footing and fell off the ledge. Luckily, I landed in a nearby tree…but the branches were weak and couldn't support my weight, so they snapped and I landed on my butt on the ground.

"Are you okay?" The person asked as they extended a hand out to me. It was a girl I hadn't seen around here before…and believe me when I say that that is unusual.

"Y-yeah…I'm used to getting hurt so this is nothing…"

I grabbed their hand and stood up.

She was wearing a middle school uniform that I am not familiar with and her hair was only down to her shoulders.

"Is it normal to climb the building at this school?" She asked as I brushed my clothes off.

"No…only when the stairs are blocked off."

"I see…should I hope that they're never blocked?"

"Yes, you should."

"Because if they were blocked…I would have to climb the wall?"

"Yep, it's going to be very tough."

"Then I should practice now…"

"Yes you should…wait…what?"

I looked up and noticed that she was standing on one of the windowsills and was trying to get a grip on one of the columns.

"Hey! What the heck are you doing?"


"Um…it was just a joke…"

"I see…well then…I must be going."

She hopped down from the column, bowed to me and walked towards the front gate. Is she going to be a new student? Whatever, that doesn't concern me.

I carefully made my way through the back yard of the school towards the courtyard again, avoiding the many predators that are searching for me.

I stuck to the outer edges of the school, using the bushes and trees to camouflage myself. I even held two branches out in front of me to help with my disguise.



I screamed and turned around.

"The hell…it's only you Shou?"

"I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't scream at my face like that, Senpai…" he said as he rubbed his ears.

"Sorry…I thought you were one of my many stalkers," I said as I hid carefully stood up from my bush.

"Oh…it's the wall climbing person…"


I looked behind Shou to see that gullible girl.

"Oh, this is Aizawa Ayumi…my cousin," Shou explained. "She's going to be starting here next semester."

"How do you do?" she asked as she bowed to me again.

"Uh…fine, thanks."

This airheaded, sleepy-eyed girl is really…how should I put this…creeping me out…

"Oh yeah I just remembered. Your parents are looking for you at the front gate."

"Thanks Shou, I owe you one."

"Not at all."

"Um…can I ask you another favor?"

"What is it?"

"Can you follow me to the front gate so I can use you as a barricade to fend off those lady wolves?"

"Request denied."


I quickly moved through the bushes and found myself at the front gate. I saw my dad's car and walked over to it. My parents were talking with Kasumi and another person. Their back was facing me so I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. But looking at the figure…I could say that it was a girl.

She was dressed in a black jacket with a blue stripe across the back and jeans. She was also wearing a cap on her head.

She was holding onto my sister's wheelchair and was happily chatting with my family. Who the heck is she?

"Ah! Onii-chan!" Sakura called as she turned around and saw me.

Everyone but the girl also looked at me. For some reason Kasumi was beaming as she walked towards me.

"Looks we're even," she said as she wrapped her arm around my neck.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"My graduation present for you just came. Hey, turn around so he can see you!"

The girl turned around and my heart nearly stopped beating. She smiled at me as she saw my expression.

"It's been a while hasn't it?" she asked me as she walked up towards me.

"When…how?" I was in a state of shock…but…I was also so happy. "I'd never thought we'd see each other again so soon. Life is full of surprises. isn't it, Subaru?"

"Yes…it is, Kuro-kun."

The one I had longed to see has shown up in front of me again. My adventures with her will continue again under the blue sky. Next time on Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StarS: Reunion

Author's Notes:

Sure it was a little short, but I'm running on empty ideas right now. Still thinking where I want to go with this. I plan to have a few happy go lucky stories for a bit, to kinda break in the new characters. For those of you who lack imagination...this is what we call "FILLERS" don't kill me! Anyway, something else you can expect to see will be perspective changes, something that is rarely done in first person view stories. Don't worry, I don't plan to do it in the middle of a chapter. When a perspective changes it will be an entirely new chapter. I don't know how many times i will do this, but rest assured most of the story will be in Yuuki's POV. I will let you know in the pre-story author's notes who the perspective is following.
Well, let's buckle up and see where this new story takes us, shall we? I still don't know when I can update so sorry!