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Summary: In the aftermath of the final battle, we find a very depressed Fuuma mourning the death of his one and only love, Kamui. But is Kamui his one and only? What if another 'Kamui' appears, thanks to the witch of the dimensions, Yuuko, who feels Fuuma may deserve some semblance of happiness? Another Kamui who is an exiled prince from another world, who started a rebellion against the most powerful nation in his world? Can these two lost souls heal in one another's embrace?

Prologue: The end of two worlds

It is a cold day, the day the world is supposed to end. It's supposed to be a day of great celebration as the old year is about to reach it's climax and the new one is about to start, but instead the day is eerily quiet as the people realize that there is something strange about this day. They can't possibly know that at that very moment the battle that would decide the fate of the world was taking place, but they do know that this will be a day of great sadness. Kamui Shiro, at the top of Tokyo tower, also knows this is true, in fact, he knows it's true more than anyone one else because today is the day he will die. In the end, though, he knew this would happen, so he isn't too sad. The only thing he does regret is the fact that he never got a chance to tell his twin star, his best friend, Fuuma, his true feelings. Now, however, it's too late because he is about to die at the hands of his precious Fuuma, but he's not sad because that is how he planned it.

"How does it feel, Kamui? How does it feel knowing that you are about to die?" Fuuma asks him mockingly, but he pays no mind, focusing instead on making the outcome of his plan come into realization. Fuuma raises his Shinken to attack and Kamui is compelled to raise his own in defense. His moves, however, have no true intention to protect himself, so the sword is knocked out of his hands. Fuuma smirks at him, his eyes glinting coldly as he gets ready to deliver the final blow.

"Say good night, Kamui!" Fuuma laughs, raising up his blade. Kamui says nothing, only stretching his arms to his side like a bird or a cross. That stops Fuuma for a second as he pauses to wonder what the waifish boy could be thinking.

'Why the hell is he just standing there? Has he given up?' The dark Fuuma wonders as he gazes at the other boy whose violet eyes only gaze back at him with acceptance and determination.

'Well whatever! If he's accepted his death, then who am I to stop him?' He continues to think internally as he pushes his blade into the prostrate boy's heart, causing blood to splatter over both of them.

"NOW DIE!" He says, smiling cruelly, until he notices what Kamui is doing. His eyes widen as he watches Kamui pull himself closer to him, resulting in Kamui being further impaled by Fuuma's Shinken. His eyes widen even further as he sees the small smile decorating Kamui's face, it was tinged with pain but still there. It wasn't a smile of cruelness like Fuuma's own, rather a gentle and loving smile. Kamui pulls himself closer to Fuuma until the sword is buried in him all the way to the hilt.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Fuuma growls at Kamui who places one small, bloody hand on his cheek.

"Fuuma, I'm so, so sorry! This has all happened because of me...I couldn't even protect Kotori like I promised. I'm sorry!" Kamui says, giving Fuuma a watery smile as his eyes began to tear up. Fuuma's cruel smile never even left his face as he twisted the Shinken a little, causing the violet-eyed boy further pain.

"I'm not the Fuuma you knew, Kamui, I am KAMUI, and I don't really care about that stupid bitch Kotori! In fact, I'm the one who killed her, remember? And I enjoyed every minute of it! Now hurry up and die already!" Fuuma growls at the boy, but Kamui's kind smile only widens. He moves his hand from Fuuma's cheek to his chest and places the bloody palm over the other boy's heart.

"Fuuma, I think I know my final wish, my true wish..." Kamui whispers to the other boy whose dark smile widens to the point of being comical.

"And what is that, Kamui?" He coos softly, pretending to be the old Fuuma again. Kamui ignores the patronizing tone, they've both played this hurtful game before, so he's used to it.

"My wish is to save you, even at the cost of my own life! I want to make a beautiful world for you to live in, so that's why I can't let anyone destroy it!" The dying boy whispers weakly as his body begins to glow with an otherworldly light.

"What the-" Fuuma starts, eyes widening as a tingling sensation begins to form in his chest where Kamui touched him. The sensation spreads until it permeates throughout his whole body, and suddenly he isn't the dark Fuuma any more.

"Kamui what–" The now normal Fuuma starts to say as he wakes up to Kamui's smiling face. He stops as he notices the blood spilling from Kamui's heart and staining both of them. He pulls his sword out of Kamui, horrified as it comes up with even more blood and reveals the deep wound in Kamui's chest. Without the sword holding him up any longer, Kamui begins to fall, but is caught in Fuuma's arms.

"K..Kamui...what have I done?" Fuuma says in a horrified whisper as he places the prone and bleeding Kamui in his lap. Kamui lifts up his small, bloody hand and once again places his palm against Fuuma's cheek.

"F...Fuuma...it is...it is you isn't it? This isn't just...just another game?" He asks weakly, his voice no more than a whisper as he coughs up blood, even breathing is painful now.

"Yeah, Kamui, it's me! It's okay, everything will be okay!" He whispers to the small figure in his arms, not sure if he's trying to comfort Kamui or himself.

"I...I'm so very glad!" Kamui whispers with a small smile on his face as Fuuma begins to cry. Kamui remains completely still in Fuuma's lap, so still in fact, that the other boy begins to think that he has died. That thought brings even more tears to Fuuma's eyes. One of the tears slips down his cheek and lands on Kamui's face, seeming to wake the other boy up.

"Don't cry, Fuuma, not for me! I...I couldn't stand it if you cried!" He says softly before falling into another quiet, death-like stupor. Fuuma dries his tears and decides to be strong for Kamui.

"It'll be okay, Kamui! Just hold on okay? I promised to protect you, I won't let you die!" Fuuma whispers softly, running his hands through Kamui's blood-matted hair. The smaller boy doesn't respond and remains completely limp in his arms.

"K...Kamui!? K..Kamui!? Wake up!" Fuuma yells, shaking Kamui's limp body and watching in horror as Kamui's head lolls limply from side to side like a doll.

"No! No! No! No!" Fuuma begins whispering to him like a mantra or a prayer, he remains like that when the Sumeragi arrives hours later to see what's happening. Subaru Sumeragi arrived to the scene of the final battle just as it ended. His eyes widen as he watches the figure of Fuuma crying over the prone body of Kamui.

'Kamui! Oh no, I'm too late! No, I can't lose you too, Kamui, not after I just lost Seishiro...' Subaru thinks as he runs over to the two bloody figures.

"Fuuma?" He tentatively questions, not sure if this is all a facade. The boy turns teary eyes towards Subaru.

"H..he's d..dead!" Fuuma cries out in a broken hearted voice to the shocked figure of the Sumeragi.

"N.n..no!" Subaru whispers, more to himself than Fuuma, as he bends over Kamui and lifts him into his arms. He stares into Kamui's angelic face which was graced with a small smile, something he rarely had when he was alive, thanks to the tragedy of his destiny. He presses a small kiss to Kamui's now cooling lips.

'I realize now that I love you, Kamui, and even though my heart still belongs to Seishiro you will always have a piece of it! Why did you have to die? You were my only reason for living with Seishiro gone...' Subaru thinks to himself sadly before laying Kamui down on the floor and pulling Fuuma into a comforting embrace.

"It's okay...it's okay..." He says softly, rubbing soothing circles on his back until Nokoru Imonoyama, the president of CLAMP school, comes to tend to them and other surviving members of the final battle.

The sound of the bullet reverberated throughout the empty field. Suzaku Kururugi lowers his gun hand and notes briefly that the appendage is shaking. The form of Zero–Lelouch–before him is completely still, blood pooling around the other boy in an alarming rate. Suzaku watches blankly for what seems like forever before he drops his gun and runs toward his hated–and beloved–friend's–and enemy's–limp form. Before he can even think about it, he is lifting the violet-eyed boy into his arms and whispering sweet nothings to him.

'Why am I doing this? This is the man who brutally murdered Euphemia, so why...why am I comforting him?' The honorary Britanian asks himself, but he already knows the answer. 'Because this may be Zero, but...he's also Lelouch–my Lulu, my prince–and I could never hurt Lulu.'

He ignores the cruel part of his mind that insists he has already hurt Lelouch to ask the question that has been plaguing him for so long. "Why, Lelouch?" He watches in surprise as the violet orbs flutter before fully opening. Blood spills from the boy's lips as he attempts to speak.

"Be...because I just wanted...I wanted a better world for N..Nunally," Suzaku expects this answer but he does not expect what the boy says next. "And for..for Suzaku too." The violet eyes close, presumably forever and the thought makes tears spring to Suzaku's eyes. He sits there for a while, waiting for Lelouch's labored breaths to come to a stop, but is interrupted by a ship flying overhead. Soon enough, a drawbridge is lowered and Lloyd and Cecile are hopping out.

"Oh my, so this is the infamous Zero? My oh my, he's nothing more than a boy." Lloyd reaches out a hand to touch the dying Lelouch, but Suzaku slaps it away and glares at the silver-haired scientist. "What's his problem?" He asks Cecile who, after shushing him, pulls him away to the side.

"Can't you at least be a little more sensitive? That's Suzaku's childhood friend, remember? This must be hurting him." While Lloyd blinks at this revelation, she turns to Suzaku and places a comforting hand on his arm. "What can we do to help?" Before Lloyd could add that he was not involved in the we, she silences him. Suzaku too remains silent for a moment.

"I...I know that Zero was a terrorist and a bad person, but Lelouch..Lulu will always be a kind person," He ignores the they-are-the-same-person-idiot look that Lloyd gives him. "So I was wondering...would you guys help me get him out of here?" He sees the incredulous looks that they give him and lowers his head.

"Suzaku...I know you're hurting, but to ask that of us! It's treasonous!" Cecile has her hands before her as if she is praying, and the shine on Lloyd's glasses are blocking out his expression. Suzaku bites his lower lip nervously.

"Please Cecile-san, Lloyd-san...Lelouch was always a good brother and a good friend...I love him. He doesn't deserve a traitor's funeral, he was only trying to do what, in his eyes, was right, and I'll admit, he didn't pick the right way to go about it, but...I love him so...please, I beg you..." He is cut off by the sobs that begin to wrack his whole frame. Lloyd and Cecile are silent and the scientist is apparently calculating something in his mind. Finally, he surprises both Suzaku and Cecile by thrusting his hand into the air, quite suddenly it might be added.

"We'll help you, won't we Cecile?" It isn't really a question, he already expects her to help, so she nods, a smile forming on her face. She didn't think it was possible for Lloyd to do something so selfless. "We'll just tell Lady Cornelia that the boy–your friend–was killed by Zero when looking for his missing sister." At the mention of Lelouch's sister, Suzaku's eyes widen and he clutches at Lelouch's now limp form, his body wracking with sobs once more.

'How could I forget about Nunally? She's the reason Lelouch–not Zero–came here today...how could I forget her?' Suzaku, to the shock and embarrassment of both Cecile and Lloyd, places a loving kiss on Lelouch's lips, prompting his viewers to turn around. It was only a chaste kiss–a kiss full of promise. 'I promise to find her for you Lelouch, I won't stop until I do! And I'll make that world that you always wanted for Nunally...and me.' With that, he hooks his arms under the other boy's knees and shoulders before standing up. He deposits Lelouch into the ship, on his bed, and the boy looks as if he's only sleeping when Suzaku tucks him into the covers. If it were any other situation, he would be grinning widely at the thought of a sleeping Lelouch in his bed, but this is not any other situation and he has to find Nunally.

"Nana, where are you? Can you hear me? Nunally?" Suzaku, along with Lloyd and Cecile, had been searching for the invalid little girl for hours now with no sign of her. A lot of people had been killed because of the attempt to lure Zero out and Suzaku was beginning to fear for the worst. His horrible suspicions were confirmed when he found an empty, broken wheelchair–the kind of wheelchair a child would use. The wheelchair had been broken in an explosion and any person sitting in it might have been disintegrated. Suzaku fell to his knees befor the chair. "Nun...Nunally...NUNALLY!" Not only had he killed his best friend and lover...he was unable to keep his final promise to the boy. Now he had to go back and tell Lelouch the news...how Suzaku had failed him.

"Lulu, I'm sorr-" The words died in his mouth as his world fell apart around him. He couldn't even hear Lloyd's sarcastic the-dead-can't-speak speech. Lelouch was gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. It was like a mantra in his head, but he knew it wasn't possible. The dead can't walk away and he knew for a fact that Lelouch was dead. He had felt Lelouch's last breath against his chest when he held the boy in his arms. The pool of blood on his bed and the place where Lelouch had died was evidence enough. So how? How had he messed this up too? "Forgive me Nunally, Lelouch." He whispered before falling bonelessly to the floor.

"Ichihara-san, I have a wish." A breathy voice begins, like the whisper of a ghost. Yuuko Ichihara, the Witch of the Dimensions, embraces the small bloody figure of the teenaged boy.

"You poor child, Fate has not been kind to you...but I suppose both you and I knew that you had to die...it was Hitsuzen, after all." She is silent while the ghost boy whispers the word wish over and over, like a mantra. Finally, she responds. "What is your wish, dear child?" The glassy violet turned towards her and only her years of experience prevent her from gasping at the bloody tears that flow from the lovely orbs.

"I wish...I wish that they could be happy, those people whose lives I gave mine up for. My beloved Fuuma and Subaru." She expects nothing less from the selfless Kamui of the Dragons of Heaven so she nods, running her hands through the bloody hair. "And the price, Ichihara-san?" It is only an afterthought and she shakes her head.

"Already paid for...by Fate." He stares up at her, those bleeding eyes are full of shock, and she smiles gently. "All you have to do, my beloved Kamui, is sleep. Sleep forever until you are reincarnated into a better world." At her words, his eyes immediately close and a golden glow surrounds him. Even she can not help but gasp when the savior of the Earth makes his way to Heaven. She is paralyzed, but does not remain that way for long because she needs to move on to her next task–granting Kamui's last wish. She gathers up her strength and brings a boy to her shop–a boy who looks much like the boy she just sent away–he is the key to Kamui's wish.

"Wake up my Black Prince, for you are getting a chance at redemption." The boy is enveloped in the same glow that possessed his twin and soon, he too vanishes. Yuuko smiles sadly. "Let us see how you make use of this second chance."

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