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Alan Tracy sighed deeply as he looked out of the window at the blue ocean beneath them, the waves shining in the light of the midday sun. They would be approaching the island soon, and Alan couldn't wait. After being trapped in hospital room for nine days with an IV stuck in his arm, he was glad to finally be getting back to his own bedroom.

Man, I hate IV lines. Okay, maybe I was a bit rude to snap at Virgil like I did the other day, but he was talking 'medical jargon' again, and I was already kinda annoyed because Tom wouldn't let me get up. I did say sorry later, though, and Virgil said that he wasn't really mad at me. I'm glad, because Virge has been great this week. In fact, if it wasn't for him and the other guys keeping me company, I think I might have left the hospital.

"Hey Sprout, you alright?"

Alan glanced up at his older brother, smiling happily. "I'm fine, Johnny." he said. "I can't wait until we get home!"

John chuckled, crouching down and putting his hands on Alan's knees. "Then I bring good news, kiddo." he smiled. "We're coming in to land in a couple of minutes. I need to get you strapped in."

Alan rolled his eyes. "Johnny!" he moaned. "I can do it myself! I'm ten years old, not two!"

"Yeah, you tell him, Allie!" Gordon laughed, giving him a thumbs-up from where he sat on the other side of the jet. "He's an old man, he often forgets that you're already ten."

John glared at the copper-haired Tracy, standing up and coming to crouch down in front of the teenager instead. Alan grinned expectantly. Gordon's in big trouble.

"Gordon?" the older blond asked lightly. "Would you mind repeating that, please? I don't think I heard you correctly the first time."

If at all possible, Gordon's grin became even wider. "Aww, bless." he cooed, patting John on the arm gently. "Going deaf in your old age, aren't you?"

Virgil, who sat in the chair behind Gordon, snorted in amusement. "You kinda walked into that one, John." he chuckled.

John growled and leaned towards Gordon menacingly. Taking advantage of John's distraction, Alan proceeded to buckle himself in, being careful not to fasten the straps too tightly around his waist. Although his side was no longer very painful, it was still a little tender. And, as Tom had told him several times during the past week, too much activity or pressure on his abdomen would bring his fever back again and might over-strain his still-healing internal structure - whatever that meant. In truth, Alan didn't understand half of the things that Virgil and Tom had discussed whilst examining him. All that he knew was that the doctor had taught Virgil how to give Alan a shot of antibiotics, and that this was not an altogether pleasant experience.

"Guys, are you strapped in yet?" called Scott from the front of the plane. John released Gordon from the headlock he'd been holding him in, and sat down in the seat next to Alan. He turned to his younger brother to help him buckle his belt, only to realise that the task had already been completed.

"See?" Alan grinned cheekily. "Just 'cause my appendix burst doesn't mean that I can't use my hands, John!"

John smiled and shook his head, fastening his own safety belt. "Okay, we're all set!" he called. "Take us down!"

"At last!" Scott exclaimed, and Alan could hear his father chuckling in the background. "I was worried that dad was gonna die of old age before you guys were done!"

The chuckling stopped, and there was a dull 'smack' as Jeff slapped Scott upside the head gently. "Respect your elders, little boy." Jeff warned. The younger brothers in the back of the jet tried to hide their snorts behind their hands, but it didn't really work. The jet was filled with the sound of muffled giggles. Alan sighed happily and sat back in his seat, his gaze returning to the ocean below them.

"You're far too similar to Scott, you know." John commented, putting an arm around Alan's shoulders. "Both stubborn, determined and have one heck of a temper." Smiling secretly, the older boy bent his head closer to Alan's and whispered in his ear, "At least you're not fat, unlike some people we might mention."

Alan, who had been momentarily annoyed with his older brother for calling him stubborn, grinned manically.

"Scott!" he yelled in the direction of the pilot's cabin. "John thinks you're fat!"

There was an outraged cry from the front of the plane, and both Virgil and Gordon dissolved into helpless laughter. John glared in mock-anger at his younger brother.

"Hey, I thought you were on my side!" he complained, a hint of a whine in his voice. "We blonds have gotta stick together, you know!"

"In that case," Alan smiled. "I'm dying my hair green."

"Green?!" Gordon exclaimed, pulling a face. "Eew, dreadful colour."

"WHAT?!" Virgil cired angrily. Alan chuckled to himself in amusement as his brothers began to fight over which colour was the best, with the occasional cry of "Blue!" coming from the front of the plane. Sometimes, Alan thought, he was definitely the most sensible out of all of his brothers.

Alan sighed wearily as he leaned back against his pillows, shifting slightly beneath the duvet. He was exhausted. The surprise 'welcome home' party that Brains and Fermat had organised for him had drained him of most of his energy reserves. But it had definitely been worth it. Brains had cooked all of Alan's favourite dishes, and had even ordered a special cake in the shape of a rocket from a bakery on the mainland. It had been like having his birthday party all over again. With one exception; Alan's appetite was still a lot smaller than it had been before his hospitalisation. Dr. Palmar had assured him that this was only temporary, and that he would be eating normally again by the time that his antibiotics had run their course.

"Hey, Sprout!"

Virgil poked his head into Alan's bedroom, smiling apologetically. "I'm afraid it's that time of day again, kiddo." he said, coming up to the bedside and setting his med-kit down on the floor.

"Again?" Alan moaned. Jeff, who had just entered the room, smiled slightly.

"Sorry, Alan. Doctor's orders." he stated, pulling up a chair and looking at his youngest son affectionately. "Four shots a day for another eleven days."

Alan sighed in resignation, holding out his arm to his father. Jeff smiled and took a gentle hold of the limb, positioning it correctly so that Virgil could administer the antibiotic.

"Remember, Sprout, it's just a small scratch and then it's all done." said Virgil, wiping an area on Alan's upper-arm with a disinfectant wipe.

"That's what you always say!" Alan complained. "But that's not all, is it? 'Cause you're gonna have to give me another shot in the morning before breakfast, then another one before lunch, then another one before- Ow!"

Virgil, who had been taking advantage of Alan's distraction, had inserted the needle into the boys arm quickly. Alan glared at him accusingly.

"You're supposed to count down from three!" he grumbled angrily. "You know I hate it when you take me by surprise like that."

Virgil looked a little apologetic. "Sorry, Alan." he said quietly. "I'll remember that next time. Do you forgive me?"

Alan smiled up at him. "Of course I do, doctor."

Virgil groaned, withdrawing the needle from Alan's arm and pressing a ball of cotton wool to the tiny puncture wound. "Don't you start as well, Allie." he begged. "I've already got Gordon calling me 'Virge the Surge'."

"Surge?" Alan repeated incredulously. "What does that stand for?"

"It stands for surgeon." said Gordon, waltzing into the room merrily. "The full title is 'Virgeon the Surgeon', but Scott won't let me call him that because 'Virgeon' sounds too much like-"

Jeff frowned at him warningly, and Gordon blushed a little. "Sounds too much like - another word." he finished quickly, avoiding his father's disapproving stare. Virgil chuckled in amusement, taking out the thermometer.

"Open up, kiddo." he instructed softly. Alan obediently opened his mouth, allowing the cool tip of the contraption to slide beneath his tongue. At the shrill 'beep' his brother took it out again and peered at the reading.

"Hmm. It has gone up a little bit, but that's to be expected after all the excitement you had this evening." Virgil reported, putting the device back into his bag again. Looking back up at Alan, he smiled kindly. "How do you feel?"

Alan shrugged. "Okay, I guess. My side is a little sore, but it's not too bad."

"Do you want some ibuprofen, son?" Jeff asked, leaning forward and rubbing Alan's shoulder. Alan seemed to consider this offer for a moment, before nodding his head in acceptance. Virgil fished around in his bag again, before withdrawing a bottle of think, orange liquid. Shaking it thoroughly, he unscrewed the cap and poured a little of the contents onto a plastic measuring spoon. Alan eyed it warily as Virgil held it in front of his lips.

"Is it supposed to be that colour?" he asked hesitantly. Virgil smiled.

"Yeah, it's orange flavour." he informed him. Alan didn't seem convinced, but opened his mouth and accepted the sticky substance off the spoon. His face formed a disgusted grimace as he swallowed.

"Virge, they lied." he said, his voice rather constricted as he tried to rid his mouth of the flavour of the medicine. "That is definitely not orange."

Gordon laughed, perching on the edge of Alan's desk and swinging his legs casually. "It could be worse, Al." he said. "It could be flavoured like one of Scott's toasties!"

Alan giggled at this, remembering his eldest brother's frequent cooking disasters. Scott had never been the Tracy with the culinary talents. No, John had inherited those genes. When Scott was given a handful of ingredients and an oven, it often ended in a fire.

As Virgil packed away his medical equipment, Jeff leaned forward and gave his son a gentle hug. "Time to go to sleep, Alan." he said.

"But dad, I'm not tired!" Alan lied, sitting up a little straighter to prove his point.

"Son, it's nearly eight o'clock." Jeff stated. "You're still recovering from the appendicitis, and Tom said you needed to get plenty of rest. And besides, you look exhausted. You need sleep."

"Just five more minutes, dad, please?" Alan asked, smiling up at his father hopefully. Jeff sighed in resignation, ruffling Alan's hair and planting a kiss on his forehead.

"Alright, you can stay up for five more minutes and talk to your brothers." he said, pinching Alan's nose teasingly. "But then you lie down and go to sleep, deal?"

Alan shook his father's hand solemnly, before grinning like an idiot. "Thanks, dad!"

Jeff chuckled and ruffled Alan's hair one last time, standing up and picking up the med-kit. "Goodnight, son. I'll see you in the morning. Sleep well."

"'Night, dad." Alan smiled. "Love you."

"I love you too, kiddo." Jeff smiled, heading towards the door. "I'll send John and Scott down to say goodnight, okay?"

"Okay. Thanks, dad." Alan said, as Gordon came to sit in the chair beside the bed. As Jeff closed the door, Alan turned towards his older brothers expectantly. "Alright, he's gone. Now tell!"

Virgil frowned in confusion. "Tell you what, Sprout?" he asked. Alan rolled his eyes.

"You promised you'd tell me that big secret you guys were talking about." he insisted. "You said that once we got home you'd tell me! You know, the thing about Tom and dad."

Realisation dawned in Virgil's eyes, and he smiled slyly. "So I did." he said slowly, turning to Gordon. "And I can't very well go back on a promise now, can I?"

Gordon shook his head seriously, the corners of his mouth twitching with a barely suppressed smile. Virgil turned back to Alan and leaned in close, lowering his voice.

"Well, you know how Scott had that bruise on his jaw?" he began.

"The one he got from that reporter hitting him, you mean?" asked Alan in interest. Virgil nodded.

"That's right." he confirmed. "Well, after Tom had pulled Scott away and stopped the fight, he made a comment about how he'd once felt what it was like to be punched by a Tracy."

"You mean Grandpa Tracy punched Tom?" Alan asked, his face looking shocked. "But dad said that grandpa didn't like using violence, and that's why dad always tells me that really long and boring story about grandpa's peace speeches whenever I hit one of you guys."

Gordon looked down, his shoulders shaking in silent laughter, and Virgil had to struggle mightily to keep a straight face. "No, Alan, grandpa wasn't the Tracy who hit Tom. It was dad."

Alan's mouth formed an 'o' shape. "Dad hit Tom?" he finally managed, his eyes as big as saucers.

"It was an accident." Virgil explained. "Another reporter, way back when dad and mom weren't even married yet, tried to have an interview with dad after he'd just gotten back from the space station with Tom. The guy was very - persistent."

"I'll say! He followed dad around for nearly three days!" Gordon stated. "Dad was getting really annoyed, and the reporter just wouldn't leave him alone. He and Tom were in a hotel car-park outside of town, when the reporter started making rude comments about the NASA project they were taking part in."

"So dad hit Tom?" Alan asked, confused. Gordon burst out laughing, and even Virgil could not keep himself from chuckling.

"No, Sprout." Virgil continued. "Dad tried to ignore the reporter and walk away, but the guy kept following him. Then he started making - um - rude comments about mom. Dad lost his temper and turned around to punch the guy in the face-"

"Only Tom chose that moment to try and block his path and calm him down." Gordon finished. "So dad accidentally hit Tom instead. He gave him one heck of a bump. Tom even had a picture taken so that they could remember the incident."

Alan shook his head in bemusement. "And dad tells me not to hit people." he said.

"And you shouldn't, Sprout." said Virgil, looking down at his watch. "The fact that dad hit Tom by accident proves that hitting people can end up with you hurting the wrong person. It's always best to just walk away. Now," he slapped his thighs and straightened up. "It's time for you to go to sleep."

"Oh, but Virge-" Alan began pleadingly.

"No buts, kiddo, you need to get some rest." Virgil smiled. "We can talk more in the morning, okay?"

Alan nodded in resignation and scooted down the bed, leaning forward to allow Gordon to lay his pillows down flat. Snuggling down under the duvet, he smiled sleepily up at his older brothers.

"Goodnight, squirt." Gordon said fondly, ruffling his hair. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Okay. 'Night, Gordy." Alan murmured. "Go look at fish."

Gordon chuckled at the joke and gave Alan a gentle noogie. Then turning around, he jogged out of the room energetically. Virgil grinned down at Alan.

"I think Gordon ate too much cake, don't you?" he joked. Alan nodded in agreement, returning his brother's grin somewhat wearily. Virgil leaned forward and kissed his forehead gently. "Goodnight, Allie. Love you."

"Love you too, Virge." yawned the small boy, pulling his teddy bear close to his chest. "'Night."

Alan blinked tiredly as Virgil stood up to leave, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand and sighing. His older brother gave Alan's cheek one final caress, before switching off the bed-side light and exiting the room, pulling the door closed behind him. Alan settled himself against his pillows and closed his eyes. His body was begging for sleep, and Alan was now quite willing to give in to its demands.


The soft whisper caused him to wrench his heavy eyelids open, and he gazed in the direction of the speaker. Scott was standing in the doorway, John close behind him.

"Alan, are you asleep?" he asked. Alan smiled slightly at the somewhat ridiculous question. I've only been trying for about thirty seconds. Of course I'm not asleep!

Instead, he turned over slowly and waved wearily at his brothers "Not yet." he slurred.

The two tall forms crept into the room and up to the bedside, crouching down and smiling. In the light of the open door, Alan could easily make out their distinctive features. For example, John's platinum-blond hair almost seemed to glow in the dark.

"Sorry we were late, Sprout." Scott murmured softly, running his hand through Alan's hair. "We were in Thunderbird 1's silo with Brains, trying to finish the new modifications. It'll fly even faster now!"

Alan grinned sleepily. "Can I fly in it once it's built?" he asked. John and Scott exchanged glances, smiling slightly.

"Maybe when your a bit older, kiddo." John supplied. Alan was satisfied with that answer. After all, he'd be eleven in less than a year.

"Well, g'night Sprout." Scott whispered, leaning forward to kiss Alan's forehead gently. "Sweet dreams."

"Love you, Scotty." Alan murmured, his eyes beginning to droop again. Scott replied with a similar sentiment, leaning forward again to ruffle Alan's hair affectionately. John shuffled closer and planted a kiss on Alan's blond hair.

"Sleep tight, little buddy." he said softly. "Love you lots."

Alan smiled sleepily at the childish phrase that he had become accustomed to, blinking sleepily at the face beside him. "Love you too, Johnny. 'Night."

As both Scott and John stood up and left the room, Alan sighed contentedly to himself. He had four great older brothers who were fun, energetic and loving. He had a dad who was the best man on earth, even if he did accidentally punch the wrong guy from time to time. Fermat, who was more like a little brother than a best friend, would always be there for them to have fun time together. And Brains - Brains was more like an uncle than a family friend. But above all, ten-year-old Alan Tracy was certain of one fact, and one fact alone, as he drifted off into the land of sleep;

He had the greatest family in the whole wide world.


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