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Chapter 21

The Battle of the End

Naruto smiled as he strolled through the streets. All around him, people were smiling, and yelling greetings, and "Good Morning", to him. Some of the younger kids were coming up, and asking for autographs. Naruto sighned them with a smile.

"Mr. Naruto? You are trying to be Hokage, right?" One little girl asked.

"That's right. It's been a dream since I was about your age."

"Do you think I could be Hokage?"

Naruto smiled, and handed back her autograph. "Absolutely. Just try your best, and never give up. And the same goes for all of you. Believe in your dreams, and yourselves, and never give up."

All the kids nodded, and ran off. One of them shouted. "Someday, I want to be just like him."

Naruto smiled even more, letting the small pleasure that came from that statement roll over him. Then he continued on his journey, heading for the Hokage's Tower. Tsunade had called for him. He smiled, and leapt onto the roofs of nearby buildings. With a massive leap, he soared through a window, and landed easily next to Tsunade's desk. He caught her trying to sneak a bottle of sake from her desk.

"Hey Granny Tsunade." She gasped and shot up, the sake bottle flying up into the air. Naruto easily caught it, and placed it back on her desk. She glared at him, and grabbed it.

"Don't think that just because you are some big hero means you can still call me that. Show some respect."

"Sure. As soon as you show some respect for your age."

Tsunade growled lightly, before breaking into a smile. "All right. I have a solo mission for you."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Solo? That's not any fun."

"I know. It's a request, from a small village. They have something for us, but they need someone to escort it. They say it is very important, and needs our best ninja to guard it."

Naruto looked over a map that Tsunade had placed on the table. One small village was labeled. Naruto tapped it. "That the village?"

As Tsunade nodded, Naruto looked over the route to it. His eyes widened slightly, as he noticed one location that he would pass through.

"Tsunade? Do you know anything about this village?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"Nothing. I'll be on my way. Be back as soon as I can." Naruto nodded, and headed out the door. As he exited the Tower, he turned inward to Kyuubi.

You saw where we will have to go through?

"Yeah. Do you think he is still alive?"

He has to be. Kakashi is the only other person who knows how significant that place is for me.

Naruto sighed, as he headed to the Namikaze estate. He opened the gate, and walked in through the door. He headed down to the training dojo. Kushina, Arashen, and Akai were having a three way sword training session. Naruto watched as they easily moved from position to position. Nearby, Hinata was reading over a scroll from the Hyuuga techniques. She looked up and smiled as Naruto came up behind her, and hugged her.

"Hey there." Her face became serious at Naruto's straight face. "What is it?"

"Nothing much. I just have a solo mission. I may be away for a few days. Do you think you will be okay?"

She nodded, and gave him an upside down kiss. She gently stroked his face. "I'll be all right."

Kushina nodded. "Don't worry son. Everything will be all right."

Naruto nodded, and went over to the weapon rack, and selected everything he needed. Then he shook Arashen's hand, hugged Akai and Kushina, then kissed Hinata. He headed off, his blue eyes set and determined behind his sunglasses.


Sasuke smirked as he waited. He knew Naruto would be coming. That dobe could never refuse a challenge. And when he arrived here, in their special battleground, Sasuke would kill him, and take his place as the hero of the Village. He slowly began to laugh, until it became a evil, maniacal laugh.


Naruto slowed down, as he approached the area ahead. It had been a day since he left the Village. He had immediately recognized his path. It was the same course taken by the Sasuke Retrieval Squad. He had passed the open field, where he had faced against Kimimaro. Now, he was passing through the cave he had gone through while chasing Sasuke. The cave opened up, and he was passing through the woods, until he came to the end of them. He leapt up, onto the head of the statue of the First Hokage. On the other side of the waterfall, on the head of Madara Uchiha, Sasuke stood, waiting. He wore his clothes that he was wearing while he was working for Orochimaru

Naruto shook his head. "The minute I saw where I would pass through, I knew it was you. Not subtle, are we?"

Sasuke indicated the Valley of the End. "This was a perfect battlefield for us. Besides, it seems you were the only one to figure out that the request was a fake."

Naruto bowed his head. "Sasuke... can't we end this? Akatsuki is dead. Itachi is dead. Can't you just... revive your clan, and lead a happy life?"

"Oh, I will. I'm going to kill you. Once the demon is dead, the Village will see me as a hero. I will have all the girls I want. Then, when I become Hokage, I can destroy the Village, and make it in my own image.I will have revenge for what was done to my clan."

"Your clan brought it upon themselves! Itachi wiped them out, because they were holding him back! You told me so yourself!"

Sasuke's face contorted into rage. "Wrong! The Leaf ordered the Uchiha's destruction! They thought that it was theUchiha's fault Kyuubi attacked the Village, and decided to wipe them out!"

Naruto shook his head. "If that is true, then the Leaf is responsible for the Uchiha's death. But only if the Uchiha were a threat to the Village! As for Kyuubi, it was Akatsuki's fault that he attacked the Village! They used Orochimaru to enrage him by sealing his family in a summoning contract! Orochimaru posed as a Leaf ninja, and Kyuubi attacked the Village in revenge. It was Akatsuki's fault for Kyuubi's attack!"

Sasuke's shook his head in rage. "Lies! The Kyuubi attacked on a whim! Madara told me the truth!"

"HIS truth! But I have the memories of Kyuubi, and his family to prove it! You only have the word of a traitor!"

"ENOUGH! I brought you here to fight me! So, fight me!"

Sasuke leapt at Naruto, and landed on Fist Hokage's head. He rushed forward, his fist clenched. Naruto also rushed forward, his own punch ready. They were about to collide, when Naruto suddenly ducked, and his fist slammed into Sasuke's stomach. Sasuke was blasted backwards by the force of it, and he crashed into the water below. Naruto, keeping himself stuck to the statue, rushed down at incredibly high speed. Sasuke crawled out of the water, and looked up at Naruto, his Sharingan activated. He ran through several handsigns. "Fire Style, Phoenix Flower Justu!"

Sasuke fired several bursts of fire at Naruto. He dodged most of them, but one exploded in front of him. He jumped over it, as shards ripped his cheek, and parts of his coat. He landed on the water, as Sasuke continued more handsigns. "Fire Style, Fire Spitfire Jutsu!"

He unleashed a steady stream of fire bursts at high speeds. Naruto quickly performed his own handsigns. "Water style, Water Wall jutsu!" The water at his feet rose up, and formed a curved wall ahead of him. The fire impacted against it, and created a thick screen of steam. Suddenly, three kunai's flew out. Sasuke dodged two, but the third ripped his left shirt sleeve, and cut his arm. He glared at the steam. Four Naruto's suddenly rushed out, with Katana's drawn. Sasuke drew his own sword. The first Naruto came up, and slashed at Sasuke's head. He ducked, slashing through the Naruto, and it poofed into nothing. Sasuke stabbed the second clone. The other two converged on him, but before they could strike, he used his Raikiri on his body, shocking both the Naruto's. They both disappeared, and Sasuke smirked.

"Is that the best you can do, dobe?"

Suddenly, he felt his ankles being grabbed. He was dragged under water, and a fist drove the air from his lungs when it connected with his stomach. Naruto proceeded to pummel Sasuke, before delivering a massive kick, which shot him through the surface. Naruto quickly surfaced, and climbed to his feet. Sasuke was coughing water out of his lungs, as he was on his hands and knees. He looked up at Naruto. "How can you use Water jutsus? I thought you have a wind affinity."

"That's what you heard? That was the old me. The me who pretended to be an idiot, so as not to be killed by the Village. The me who didn't know who his family was. The me who only had half of Kyuubi's chakra."

Naruto held out one hand. Suddenly, lightning crackled in his hand. "The minute I had the rest of Kyuubi's chakra, I gained his affinities for all the elements, and every jutsu Kyuubi had ever learned, and ever seen."

Sasuke watched, as Naruto released the lightning. He climbed to his feet, and got back into his ready position. Naruto readied his sword. The two stood for several moments. Then Sasuke unleashed his ranged Raikiri. Naruto blocked it with his sword, and unleashed a blast of wind from his hands. Sasuke dodged to one side. Naruto formed Rasengan, and rushed forward. Sasuke dodged to one side, grabbed Naruto's arm, and flipped him over his back. Naruto twisted, throwing Sasuke off balance, and threw him. Sasuke landed on his feet, and lashed back with his foot. Naruto grabbed it, and elbowed him in the knee, causing Sasuke to cry out in pain. He slowly stood up, his Sharingan shifting into Mangekyou form. "I guess I will need this then."

He looked up at Naruto, who was tapping his sunglasses. I don't think you will be able to get me with Tsukuyomi while I have these on. I had them made to deal with genjutsu's like it. It just reflects them."

Sasuke smirked, then rushed forward. Naruto blocked his punch, then grabbed Sasuke's foot, as he tried to connect with Naruto's stomach. Suddenly, the other foot came around, and smacked into the side of Naruto's hed. The sunglasses went flying off. As Naruto came back around, he found himself looking into Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan. Suddenly, the world went ultra violet. He found himslef tied to a post. Nearby, Arashen, Akai, Kushina, and Hinata were tied like he was. Four Sasuke's appeared. Each carrying a sword. Naruto struggled against his bonds.


The Sasuke's smirked, as they suddenly stabbed the other four. With a shudder, they all slumped, bleeding to death from their wounds. Naruto struggled, crying the whole time. Sasuke smirked. "Only 9,999 years, 11 months, 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds to go."

Naruto collapsed on the water, gasping. He had experienced watching his loved ones and friends being killed for 10,000 years. In reality, it had been 10 seconds. Sasuke smirked, as he raised his sword. "You were always dead last. And you always will be."

As he struck, Naruto's fist grabbed the blade of the sword. The fist was covered in gold chakra, and that chakra spread across his body. It formed into the fox mantle cloak. Nine tails burst from the back of the chakra cloak. Naruto raised his head, tears flwoing from his eyes, which were a dark red gold with anger.

"You... you killed everyone I cared about. I'm going to kill you!"

Naruto suddenly broke the sword, and kicked Sasuke. He flew into the stone cliff. Naruto rushed after him, extending a chakra claw. It grabbed Sasuke, and crushed him into the statue of Madara. The force actually caused the statue to collapse, and Naruto screamed his anger into the air. Inside Kyuubi roared.

"Naruto! Get a hold of your self! You're not ready for this much power!" Kyuubi immediately began drawing back his power. The fox mantle withdrew, and disappeared. Naruto slumped on the water, mentally exhausted.

... Kyuubi...? What happened?

"I wasn't able to intercept the Tsukuyomi. He made you experience something."

Naruto remembered in an instant. He slowly stood up, and looked to the rubble of the statue. It was completely still. He sighed, and turned away. Suddenly, Sasuke burst from the debris, his curse seal activated.

"You think it is that easy?! You can't beat me! I am Sasuke Uchiha, last of the invincible Uchiha clan!"

Naruto shook his head. "Sasuke, stop this! Just go, live a happy life!"

"NO! Not until I have proven that I am the strongest!" Sasuke charged up his demonic version of Chidori. He swooped down at Naruto.

"DIE!" Sasuke swung his fist forward. Naruto dodged to one side, and grabbed Sasuke's foot as he flew past. He smashed Sasuke into the water, before swinging him around, and releasing him. Sasuke crashed into the cliff, and fell to the ground. In an instant, Naruto was over him.

"I gave you the chance to leave, and live what life you saw fit. It's too late now." Naruto began performing handsigns. He ended on one Sasuke had never seen. It looked like a Buddhist sign of prayer. "Sealing technique, Chakra Removal!"

Naruto's shot his hand out, and placed it on Sasuke's chest. Suddenly, Sasuke screamed in pain, as a blue energy pulsed out of him, and up Naruto's arm. The curse seal receded, and disappeared. The Sharigan disappeared as well. Naruto removed his hand, and Sasuke slumped forward. Naruto backed up, and fell onto his butt, exhausted. Sasuke slowly looked up, panting.

"What...what did... you do to me?"

"I... I took away your chakra. You'll... never be... able to use... jutsu's again."

Sasuke eye's widened. "No. NO!"

Naruto nodded. " Yeah. Now... you will never... be able... to reform... the Uchiha Clan."

Sasuke screamed to the sky. Naruto slowly stood to his feet, as he caught his breath. "Now, you will be nothing. No one will ever remember the Uchiha Clan, or Sasuke Uchiha. And the last user of the Sharigan will be Kakashi Hatake. You will be nothing but another civilian, leading a civilian's life."

"NO! How dare you! Why!"

"Death would never cause you to suffer like you have caused others. You need to know what it is like to suffer, like I did when you betrayed me. Like how Sakura did when you betrayed her. Like how Kakashi felt when his star student betrayed him for power. Now, you will never have the power you crave. You will never be able to fufill your dreams. And that, Sasuke, is the greatest torture in the world that you could suffer."

"You're a coward! A weak, foolish, monster!"

Naruto turned away. "I leave you with this. Imagine how much power you could have had, if you had stayed in the Leaf, and waited until I found the truth out about my heritage. I could have taught you things about the Uchiha that even your brother didn't know. Goodbye, Sasuke Uchiha."

Naruto leapt away, as Sasuke screamed to the heavens. Naruto shut his ears, as he listned to the scream of the man he once considered as close to him as a brother. He shook his head, and headed back home.


Naruto stood before Tsunade a day later. His cheek had healed moments after he had left Sasuke, and he had repaired his coat. He had cleaned himself up enough, so no one would ever suspect that he had been in a fight. Tsuande looked him over.

"So, the mission was a fake?"

"It would seem so. There was no village, or item. So, I came back."

Tsuande sat back. "Well, I guess that was a waste of time. Sorry about that."

Naruto smiled. "Don't be. It gave me some major time to think, and appreciate a few things. If you will excuse me, I have some people to get back to."

Tsuande nodded, and Naruto ran off. He used the Hiraishin to get back to his home. Hinata was sitting on the couch in the living room, reading a book. She looked up as Naruto stood in front of her. He sat, down, pulled her onto his lap, and began to kiss her. She smiled, and hugged him. "What was that about?"

"Nothing. I just really love you. You know that?"

Hinata looked at him questioningly. "Naruto? Is everything all right?"

Naruto nodded. "Yeah. Everything is just fine now." He kissed her again, and they snuggled down togehter. Kushina came over, and ruffled her son's hair. Arashen and Akai, caming up from the dojo, saw Naruto and Hinata, and headed to Arashen's room, with a gleam in both of their eyes.

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Naruto sighed happily. This was his family now. This was his life. And, he couldn't be happier.


Naruto looked over the Village from the window of the Hokage's office. His office. Four years ago, when Naruto had turned twenty three, Tsunade had announced that when she retired, she would name Naruto as her successor. He had stood there for one full minute, in shock. Then, he had promptly fainted. He smiled at the memory, as he watched the people go about their business. Today would mark the eleventh year since that day when he had fought Sasuke.

Shortly after their battle, reports from ANBU had come in that they had found Sasuke's body in a village to the north of the Hidden Leaf Village. Apparently, he had tried to kidnap the daughter of the local mayor, and rape her, thus gaining entrance to the mayor's family. A young guard had caught and killed him. Naruto shook his head. Sasuke should have gone on to lead a simple life. But instead, his lust for power had killed him.

Naruto turned as the door to his office opened. He smiled as Hinata entered, holding the hands of their twin five year old children. Both had blond hair, and the Byakugan. The boy, Sumairu, hugged his dad's left leg, and gave him one of the smiles that had inspired his name. The other one, a girl named Kietsu, came over, and tugged on her dad's Hokage robe. He leaned down, and picked her, and Sumairu up, giving each of them a kiss on the cheek. He kissed Hinata as she came over.

"So, what have you all been up to?"

Sumairu bounced up and down excitedly. "Momma took us to the playground. We had fun with Miko, and her puppy."

"Oh, so Ino and Kiba were there? How is there daughter?" He asked Hinata.

"She's fine. She really takes after Ino in looks, but Kiba in personality."

Behind them, Naruto's oldest child walked in. The ten year old girl had long dark blue hair, like her mom. But she had her dad's eyes, and three whisker marks on each cheek. She had been born with some of Kyuubi's chakra, which gave her increased senses and healing rate, as well as a massive amount of chakra. But Kyuubi reassured Naruto that she wouldn't be harmed by it, as she couldn't utilize the Fox Mantle without having Kyuubi, or one of his skulk sealed in her.

Naruto smiled at her. "Well Kiseki, how was the Academy?"

Kiseki smiled. "It was good. Me and Saisho got the highest grades on the test today."

Arashen stuck his head in. "That's what Saisho said. Except that you beat him."

Arashen walked in, with his wife, Akai. Behind them, their ten year old son, who had red hair and blue eyes, blushed as he spotted his friend. She blushed in return, and the two looked away from each other. All the adults nodded in a knowing manner. Naruto smiled, at the thought of his daughter with his best friends son.

"So, we on for tonight? "Arashen asked, as he let Sumairu touch the hilt of his sword. Naruto nodded.

"My mom and Tsunade both agreed to babysit. Of course, that means that when we get home, Tsunade will whine about how my kids beat her in every game they play. I guess they got my luck."

Everyone laughed, except the twins. They just smiled, not understanding anything except that they would be with their two grannies. Naruto put the twins down, much to their disappointment.

"Daddy, I wanted to stay in your arms."

Naruto kissed little Kietsu on the forehead. "I know sweety, but daddy has a lot of work to do. But tomorrow, I'll spend the whole day with you two. How does that sound?"

The two kids nodded happily, and chased each other out of the room. Naruto reached out, and pulled Hinata to him.

"They really are your kids."

Hinata Uzumaki Namikaze kissed her husband's cheek. "They have plenty of you in them."

Naruto smiled, and kissed her on the lips. Both Kiseki and Saisho gagged, and quickly left. Arashen just smirked, while Akai giggled. "You two can do plenty of that later."

Hinata giggled as she pulled away. "Oh, I think we're going to do more than that tonight."

Naruto's eyes widened. He immediately performed his trademark jutsu, and five more clones of him appeared. "Let's get this paperwork done!"

The clones nodded, and got to work. Naruto leaned towards Hinata's ear. "I'm looking forward to tonight, Misses Namikaze."

Hinata giggled, and slipped out of Naruto's grasp. She shook her finger at him. "Not till tonight. You will have to wait."

She smiled at him, then left. Arashen and Akai suddenly found themselves being herded out of the office.

"All right, all right, we're going! Don't forget, reservations are for seven!"

Naruto nodded, and closed the door. He smiled, as he thouht about his wonderful friends, his beautiful wife, his loving mom, his happy children, and the hundreds of other people who now were a part of his life. He sighed happily, as he sat down at his desk, and got back to his paperwork, humming happily. In Naruto Namikaze's life, all was wonderful, and as it should be.

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