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Pairing: Smitchie

High stiletto heels, plastered on makeup, so thick that it was like a mask, and a tight-fitting mini dress, so unlike she used to wear, so different from who she was.

She's found that it's hard to stay true to yourself when someone you love decides to tear your world apart, and she doesn't know what to do. So she becomes someone else, someone who she never thought she'd be.

The new her doesn't care. The new her is tough, unbreakable, unable to be loved – the new her knows its better to bite than be bitten.

She's found the experience with him changed her, in both good and bad ways, although most the times she finds it hard to find the good in the situation.

She smiles, laughs, plays hard to get, and doesn't take much seriously. She's mysterious and aloof, as long as you don't try to dig too deep into her past. She'd rather not remember all of that mess.

She pushes it deeper down, she tries everything she can to forget, because the new her doesn't waste time with foolishness. The new her doesn't care, although inside she knows that she cares a little too much. But then she reminds herself that caring is what caused most of the mess in the first place. And she doesn't want to relive those days, and so she puts on her façade and moves on, forgetting all about caring.

Deep down, she has to wonder if the old her is still there. She wonders, if she tried hard enough, if she could become the person she used to be. She reminds herself she doesn't want to be that person – to be weak, to be gullible – and she doesn't try to change.

To be weak is to be a victim.

She won't ever be a victim again.

She's confused, although she'll play it cool. Deep inside, on the darkest of nights, she wonders why she's doing this to herself. When no one's watching, she's in the corner crying, tears streaming down her cheeks as she wishes that everything was the way it used to be – so easy, so simple, so wonderful. And no one knows she's killing herself inside, because on the outside she's perfect. She's made sure she always wears a smile. But we all know its the girls with the prettiest smiles that have the darkest secrets.

She'll say it doesn't bother her, when he's found someone new and better, but as she watches them together the heart that she's forgotten she has slowly breaks. And all alone, she cries even harder. He doesn't love her anymore, he's moved on, and she's still, deep down, so stuck on him. Too bad she's too good at hiding her feelings anymore.

After they split, she realized she'd been too open. She'd been too innocent, too eager, and she's learned from her mistakes. She'll never be like that again – she'll never put herself in that situation.

He broke her. For months she didn't know what to do, who to become, how to live. And now she's found a new way of coping with her problems. She hasn't learned yet that appearing perfect isn't the healthiest thing for her.

She knows that in some ways, their relationship was good for her, because it's taught her to be careful. She's learned not to trust, she's learned to be cautious. She's learned the meaning of fear.

Mostly, it's destroyed her. The sweet girl she was is gone, and in her place is a cool, popular, broken girl. She looks beautiful, and acts cool, and slowly, the girl that she is pretending to be is who she'll become.

It's the night she stops crying in the dark, the night she stops feeling guilty, the night she stops caring about him that she's truly forgotten her old self. It's when she burns all of their pictures, when she throws out his stuff, that she's ready to stand on her own two feet.

She's changed since then, and it's that night she knows she will never be the same girl that she was. She's decided she will be better.

It's a rainy day when she gets his text. She's seen the headlines – she knows they've broken up. She knows he'll be calling.

I need you to know that I'm in love with the girl who you used to be. It's a simple text, and although a few months ago this would've melted her heart and she would've taken him back right then, now she simply regards the text emotionlessly.

She hits delete and sets her phone back down, refusing to care that he's even bothered with her – she's made of ice now.

In the end, it was Shane Gray that killed Mitchie Torres.

Just a short note: Shane DID NOT actually kill Mitchie. The story is noting that he killed the old her - her old personality. She's still very much alive, lol.