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"AAAAHHHHH!" The kids flinched. Their leader, Mokino, smirked and pulled on the pink hair that belonged to a small girl who was now crying.

"For such a little girl to scream so loud is amazing," Mokino said as the hurt girl tried to pry the bullie's fingers apart. Mokino's grip didn't loosen, but that was expected. She was seven, while the pinkette was only five.

"S-STOP IIIIT!" The poor girl's eyes screwed shut and she swallowed, finding that her throat was sore. Suddenly, the fingers in her hair were gone, and gasps were heard.

"Itachi-kun!" Mokino gasped, and Sakura opened her wet eyes. A boy with long hair pulled into a loose pony-tail was holding Mokino's wrist. His black irises pierced her, making her legs suddenly shake. The other girls ran away in fear of the young Uchiha, leaving only him, Mokino and the pained girl.

"Don't touch her again," He tightened his already painful grip for emphasis. Mokino looked up into his eyes (even though he was a year younger, he was quite taller than her) and nodded fiercely. After a couple seconds, he let go, and Mokino ran away.

The crying girl looked up the man that had rescued her. Emerald against onyx, their eyes met. The girl wiped away her remaining tears, and stood. She looked up and smiled at the man brightly.

"Thank you for saving me Mr...?"

"Uchiha Itachi," He replied, smiling lightly.

"Thank you, Itachi-chan! I'm Haruno Sakura," Her smiled widened, as did his.


"Ohhmmm..." The sleeping girl mumbled, rolling over and falling off her bed.


She cursed loudly, getting up to angrily shut off her alarm clock.

"Sakura honey, are you awake yet?"

"Yeah mom," She called, walking out of her to get to the bathroom. She slammed the door, feeling very sluggish and angry. She hoped after taking a nice long shower would brighten her sour mood.

As she undressed and stepped into the steaming shower, she let out a sigh and stood there, thinking about her dream. It was rare to dream about something that actually happened to her. On that fateful day, Uchiha Itachi had saved her from the evil bunch of girls, and afterwards, they became friends.

Sakura and Itachi were still pretty close. He was unusually protective of her these days, and didn't like it when his other friends tried to flirt with her. He told her that she shouldn't get involved with those guys, but she only responded with, "I'm old enough to look out for myself, Itachi." He only smirked and shook his head.

That was when she was 13, but now she was 16, and she was absolutely sure she could do whatever she pleased. She was even considering finally going out with Deidara, who was one of Itachi's friends who also had a crush on her. She wasn't sure if he was her type though...

She then thought about how it would be if she dated Sasuke, her close friend and crush. Over the last couple of years, though, her infatuation of him started to decrease, though she still thought he was very hot and cool.

She suddenly gasped when she realized the steaming hot water was now cold, and she immediatly got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her small frame. She cursed herself for losing herself in her daydreams once again. Now she was sure she was going to be late...

As she hurridly got dressed and brushed her wild, short hair, getting fed up with it and tieing it into a ponytail, she hurried down stairs. As she made her way to the door, her mother said,

"Aren't you going to eat, dear?"

"No time, sorry. Goodbye, mom!" And with that, she ran out of the house.

"Naruto!" Said blonde turned around, smiling widely at the person who was running torwards him. As she caught up, she briefly smiled back, and then bended over to rest her hands upon her knees, her breathing heavy.

"Hiya, Sakura-chan!" Naruto greeted enthusiasticly. She looked up, still panting slightly.

"Hey Naruto, hey Sasuke-kun," She nodded at the man beside him.

"Hey," Sasuke greeted, putting his hands inside his pockets. His pants were black, as was Naruto's. They all had to wear school uniforms. The mens' shirts were white with short sleaves, and their ties were black.

Sakura's uniform consisted of a short black skirt, with a dark blue T-shirt. She smiled again, and they started making their way torwards Sarutobi High.

Somehow, Sakura was one of the first people who entered her homeroom, which was Advanced Calculus. She sat next to Itachi, smiling brightly at him. He gave her one of his rare smiles (though not rare to her) and greeted her politely.

"Good morning, Sakura,"

"Good morning to you too, Itachi," And then, as she opened up her text book, and pulled out her homework, his eyes stared longly at her, before quickly darting away to check his own homework. The class was silent for a few seconds, before a loud-mouthed blonde darted in, grinning when he found that the seat behind Sakura was empty.

"Okayo, Saku-chan!" Sakura looked up, and smiled at the blonde, who grinned at her, before sitting down.

"How was your morning, Dei-kun?"

"Pretty bad until I saw you, Saku-chan," His voice was huskier as he said this, and Sakura rolled her eyes, turning back to her homework.

"Hello, Itachi," Deidara greeted curtly. Itachi didn't bother turning around as he muttered a small, "Hn," and tried to focus on correcting the mistakes he made. Deidara glared before remembering something.

"Oh crap, were we supposed to finish that last nigt?" He stood, towering over Sakura and looking down at her homework, before looking down her shirt. Sakura only nodded, oblivious to the fact that Deidara getting a good look at her breasts. Itachi, however, did notice.

He reached over inconspiciously and yanked on the blonde's ponytail. Deidara gave a light yelp before sitting back down.

"You didn't finish it, Dei-kun?" Sakura asked, still having not looked up from her homework.

"Umm, I haven't even started on it, un. Would you be kind enough to let me copy-"

"I'm sorry Dei-kun, but that would be cheating,"

Deidara sighed before resting his head on his palm. "Can't you let loose for once, Saku-chan? I mean, you know I would let you copy my work anytime, un."

"I don't think she would copy your work even if her page was completely bank," Itachi commented, making Deidara glare at him.

"And why not, un?"

"I thought you would at least be smart enough to know the answer to-"

"Are you calling me stupid, Uchiha!?" Deidara stood up, making every one in the class stare at him strangely.

"Deidara, please sit down," Came Shizune's unsually hard voice.

"Make me, un," He gave her a glare, and she glared back.

"You will be going to detention after school, Deidara," Deidara rolled his eyes, and sat back down, muttering under his breath. Shizune then turned back to the chalk board.

"Wow, you actually got detention within the first ten minutes of class, Dei-kun. That must be a new record."

"Nah, I've gotten suspension even before class started, un," Deidara added, strangely proud. Sakura, Itachi, and him were all walking torwards her locker.

"What'd you do?"

"After this one dude flipped me off, I beat him to a pulp, un," Sakura nodded, not at all suprised. As the three reached her locker, Deidara patted her head, saying that he would see her at lunch.

"This is why you shouldn't hang out with Akatsuki," Itachi said quietly as the blonde walked off. She looked up at him, confused and exasperated.

"Why are you so worried? Wait, don't answer that, I already know what you're going to say. But listen, I'm glad that you care about me enough to be concerned, but nothings bad happened-"

"Not yet,"

"Okay, not yet. But don't worry, Itachi, I can take care of myself," She shut her locker, smiling lightly at him. Itachi would not smile back. Instead he let out a sigh, and Sakura rolled her eyes, muttering 'drama queen'. Itachi threw her an annoyed look, but smiled lightly afterwards so she wouldn't get the wrong idea.

"See ya, Itachi," And she walked off, leaving Itachi has he stared at her back until she was out of sight. Finally, he walked to his own locker, angry and confused.

Sakura was his best friend, but suddenly he looked at her differently. He didn't like the way his hormones raged everytime he saw her. He didn't like the way his eyes stayed glued to her hips and long legs when she walked.

Apparently, Deidara shared his interest in her, and he didn't like it. Before, he didn't have a problem with the blonde, but suddenly, it seemed as if he was at war with him.

He shook his head, hearing the final bell ring, and walked off to class, a bit peeved that he was tardy yet again thanks to the cherry blossom.

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