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Sakura's POV

"You're seriously going to wear that in front on all the guys?" I asked Temari when she held up her bathing suit. It was very pretty actually, but it was very... small if you ask me. Temari laughed softly.

"This is only for Deidara, and if any other guy dare looks at me the wrong way, I'm sure he'll take care of it," I chuckled nervously. I'm sure many men will get 'taken care of.'

"What about you, Sakura? Where's your bathing suit?" I smiled.

"It's upstairs. I'll meet you out back," I replied, making my way up the stairs of the Uchiha mansion.

Itachi and I have been dating for almost seven months now. I had finally agreed two days after we had, uh, cuddled (haha, I still can't help but giggle when I think of that time) in his car. Everyday so far seems to draw me closer and closer to him, but I can't imagine how that's even possible.

I was suprised when he had sworn he wouldn't touch me (excluding kisses and holding hands) unless I wanted him to. It didn't take me very long for me to decide that I really did want him to. Temari makes me take birth control everyday, which I'm perfectly fine with. Who knows when Itachi feels, er... horny. I chuckled agin as I undressed and put on my bathing suit. No one but me would see that side of Itachi, I'm sure.

School is going to start back soon, which is why Itachi and Sasuke decided to throw a pool party. Well, actually, it was my idea, and Itachi hardly ever says no to me.

Now you're probably wondering what happened between Sasori and me. We see each other every once in a while, and I still sometimes blush when that happens, but Sasori treats me as if we were... old friends. I don't mind, actually, since it's not so tense between us. As far as I know, he's still with that blonde.

The abortion... still haunts my dreams, and I think about it sometimes, but I'm getting through it. Itachi promised that once we were married I could have as many kids as I want. And no, the thought of marriage doesn't scare me one bit. Actually, I'm wondering when he's going to propose to me.

Oh well, I just have to hope that day will come soon. I wrap my towel around me and head downstairs. I hesitate in the doorway. Will Itachi like this bathing suit? Over the months that Itachi and I were together, I had begun to finally fill out more. Hahaha, I can finally wear a C! Hahaha, anyways, the suit I'm wearing is a two-piece. It's a baby blue (Itachi's favorite color on me) and it's straps tie behind my neck. It doesn't show a lot of cleavage, which is why I'm even going out there. I'm a little self-conscious about my body, if you haven't guessed.

Finally, I take a deep breath and walk outside, looking around for Itachi. I jumped when someone's arm encircles my waist and look up into Itachi's dark eyes. His fingers hook around my towel and brings it down. He steps back to get a good look at me. I blush and look at his body also. His swim trunks are black, and his chest is bare. His hair is dry, so I guess he hasn't been in the water yet. A smirk makes it's way across my face.

"C'mon, Itachi, let's get in the water," I grab his hand and walk torwards the edge. I glance at all the people here. All my friends and other people were invited. Such as Naruto, of course Sasuke, Hinata, Tenten, Temari, Deidara, Kiba, Akamaru, Karin (who invited her?), Shikamaru, and many more. I even think Kakashi could be around here somewhere...

I squeak as Itachi picks me up bridal style, and glare at him.

"Don't you dare throw me in!" I screech, and Itachi chuckles. And then he steps off the edge, making us both fall into the freezing water. His arms were still under me as he brought us back up to the surface. I throw my arms around his neck, shivering.

"Th-this wat-t-t-ter is f-f-f-freezing!" My teeth chatter. Itachi releases me and settles for wrapping his arms around my waist.

"You'll get used to it," He murmured, bringing his lips to mine. I kissed him back, gently running my fingers through his soft hair. I was brought out of the glorious feeling, sadly, when I felt the eyes of everyone on us. I pulled back blushing, and people around us started laughing as I burierd my head into his wet chest.

"Did I mention how nice that suit looks on you?" He purred into my ear, and I shuddered. He brought his hand up to my shoulder, brushing me, and descended all the way down to my thigh slowly. I look up at him, and he takes the opportunity to kiss me again, with more passion this time. I'm dizzy when he draws back.

"Hey, Itachi, do you mind if we borrow Sakura for a moment?" Tenten asks as she swam over to us. Itachi looked to me for approval, and I nodded. He gives me another chaste kiss before releasing me.

(Four days later; First day of school)

Somehow, Itachi and I had almost all the same classes this year. Hmm... coincidence? He and I walk torwards homeroom, hand in hand. He sits behind me as I sit beside Temari. She smiles.

"Hey, Sakura, what's with the bags under your eyes?"

"I didn't get much sleep last night," I incline my head to glare at Itachi, but I guess it was in vain since the corners of my mouth kept twitching upwards. He smirks at me.

"If I remember correctly, you didn't seem to be complaining, Sakura,"

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