This is a drabble. It has no meaning or worth… I've had this idea for a very long time, but the show that was on tonight gave me the idea. The Players of Ember Island gave me incentive enough to write this, that and I'm hoping to be the first to have this idea, even if it is unlikely.

Aang agreed to see the play, but was shocked by how accurate the actress was that player her. The actress was wrong about her personality, a little bit, but as Toph said, she was pretty spot on. Aang was so confused by this whole thing. Her feelings for Katara, and the play making her seem like a girl… It was ironic that her secret was nearly blown by such a simple thing. The others didn't take the hint though…

Aang managed to hide the fact that she was a girl up until now, but wasn't sure ow long she could keep it up. She looked like a dude for now, but just because she was chestless enough to fight shirtless didn't mean she would be for much longer. She felt so frustrated by the whole thing.

Toph walked next to her as they left the play. "So, Twinkle-Toes, how do you think Katara will take it once she finds out?"

Aang froze. "Don't breathe a word about it. I might even be able to keep the secret until after I defeat the fire lord, and then I can move on with my life. Maybe I'll go into hiding and grow out my hair. Get it long enough that I can look like a woman. People would leave a crazy young woman alone, I think." She whispered this to Toph.

The only reason Toph knew was because of how she 'saw'. Often, unless someone was wearing tight-fitting clothes, the clothes were a shadow in her vision. She essentially saw people naked. Toph nearly commented on how the name of the play was wrong, but once Aang stomped the ground and she shut up.

That night, irony nearly killed Aang. True, when she had yelled that she wasn't a woman, it had been true. Thanks to life, and mother nature hating her, she got a monthly visitor for the first time. Toph laughed so hard at the irony.

"Congratulations Twinkle-Toes, you are officially a woman." Toph said in a semi-sarcastic voice.

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