Author's Note: Vampire says, "Bluh!"

His hands formed intentionally delicate, prayerful strokes akin to a skilled artist's brush eagerly stenciling needy songs against her painted flesh, bared teeth entranced in an angelic sigh at the base of her throat. Perhaps it wasn't a mistake.

Inwardly, she choked on the thought, rolling the words around headily with her tongue even as his crossed hers deeply. Unlikely as it was, he loved her, needed her in the most basic, primal sort of way. And she was as patient as he was fickle. Oh, she was so very patient. She needed him just as badly, as the earth needed the moon, their bodies needed oxygen…Another exhale, sticky heat falling below her ear and sending a jolt racing from there to well below her left hip. A measured twitch…a solicitous press…frenetic in the way hand and body met, pushing and grabbing in one potent instance. Maybe she wasn't as patient as she thought.