Author's Note: So, after a year... Enjoy! :)

He watched her from across the room; watched as she remained tightly pressed against the crumbling wall several feet behind him, bathed in the cascading shadows of the warehouse and silently dreading his next actions with eyes drawn wide in what he could only interpret as wonderment. Or devotion…or one of her other stupid feelings. Smirking, he turned his attention back to the squirming body he held by the throat, savoring the spiking warmth beneath his palms as his victim lashed out against the slick chains that effectively bound him to the rusty metal folding chair. The Joker didn't care if she saw him at work, saw him nonchalantly dispatching yet another miserable soul that failed to satisfy his curiosity. It was all trivial, yet another cracked facet of their dysfunctional union.

Just another day at the office.

"Hold still!" he hissed in the officer's ear, "This next bit is going to be…shocking."

Harley coolly overlooked the expected presence of fear in Officer Blakely's countenance, the color that drained his fresh face replaced with pallor and a cold sweat. This was no longer new, no longer a sweet surprise. Their fear did not electrify her as it had at first; no, it evolved into a frightening reminder of the true nature of the man she desired most. Throat tight, she swallowed, wanting so badly to look away as her beau assiduously tipped the man backwards into a pink and yellow polka dot kiddie pool, shushing him calmly as a stream of panicked whimpers erupted from behind the smothering layers of duct tape carving lines into his face and mouth.


Swallowing hard, she imagined many things - a staggeringly uninhibited paroxysm behind her eyelids of him, his hands…smooth ice, rapturous, unsparing as they traced shapes, beautiful words into her burning flesh…lowering her to the floor, it's penetrating chill aching to the bone…distantly she heard screaming, violently impassioned and mingling with the warmth that encircled her body, white hot lights exploding behind eyes clenched tight.



It was all over. Uneven breath forcing itself through her lips, she revived, unsure if the screaming was her own or belonged to the man half-submerged in the pool, exposed wires sparking and jutting around his lifeless corpse. Joker's hands clung ardently to her frame, fingers digging deeply into soft hips, his breath hot in her ear with the utterance of her name.


"You electrify me."