Author's Note: I'd like to remind everyone that these are mostly completely unrelated to one another and are merely the disoriented ramblings of the HQ/J relationship. Some, like this one and the next, will relate to The Dark Knight or other aspects of the Batman universe.

Danke! :)

She didn't sign on for this.

He was shouting at her as the flames grew, a deafening roar that resounded grotesquely over the grave screams of Gotham's latest DA – a man sitting in a pool of his own blood, clutching fanatically at his face as the flesh fell away, practically melting beneath violently trembling fingers.

"Haaarley!" Joker growled, suddenly at her side, grabbing her ear and dragging her along, "You tryin' to get us caught?!"

Even at his worst, he was still gentle, although the throbbing in her skull dictated otherwise as he hurried her outside and into the alley, the hand that left her ear now slung over her hip. Her throat tightened when she felt it tremble, the cause and underlying feeling evident on his face, grin even wider with the surge of adrenaline and sadistic satisfaction at the wreckage behind.

There was no cause anymore, only his desires left smoldering in the void and creating a tool-like station for the pet she had become, her only companion the now constant sound of Dent screaming; convergence she prayed for, and a quick passing for Harvey.