Okay, so I'm writing a POTC fanfic. The reason why is because I was reading some the other day, and they were all about girls who were desperate to be free, and escape the confines of marriage... blah, blah, blah. When the truth is, they just fancy Johnny Depp (But, to be honest, who doesn't?!)

So, this is my story.

My character is not based on me. She is quite the opposite. My character is happy with her marriage. She is my character. She is not a Mary sue.

Oh, and is the guy version of a Mary- Sue a Gary-Stu? I can never remember.

"Are you enjoying yourself darling?" My husband asked me, stroking my hand.

"Yes, I am"

"There's nothing better than watching a Pirate go down. Literally" He smiled, looking at the stand were the man was just about to be hung.

"Yes" I replied.

"Dirty, disgusting pigs made by the devil" He glared at the man who was waiting for his death "Dispicable"

My name is Victoria. My husband works in the navy, meaning that we are often moving in order for him to live an easier life.

We are currently watching a hanging, where my husband gets his joys, personally I find them dull and grotesque.

"HANG, HANG, HANG!" My husband screamed maniacally.

"That IS the point" I muttered.

"And so, this man is to be brought to death, by a hanging" The man reading out the scroll thing said.

"NOT SO FAST!" A man shouted from behind us.

"It's another pirate!" A man screamed, pointing out the obvious.

"DOUBLE HANGING!" My husband shouted with glee, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!" He looked at me "Err... AFTER MY WEDDING!"


The pirate stared at him, and continued to walk around the square, poking his gun at anyone who stepped near him "Let the other pirate down!" He yelled.

"The army shall be here soon, and then you'll be dead!" A man yelled.

"So will you!" The pirate laughed "Gibbs!" He yelled to the pirate about to be hung "Get over here!"

Someone let the other pirate down, he waddled over to the hijacker of the event "Thanks"

"Now!" Main pirate shouted, waving around his gun "I shall now DISAPPEAR!" He stood there for a moment and then stamped on the ground "THE SECOND I REMEMBER WHERE THE TRAP DOOR IS!"

"THE ARMY'S HERE!" Someone shouted.

"Damn!" The pirate grabbed someone and held a gun to her head "This is now a hostage situation!" The girl screamed.


That girl is me.

"ARGH!" I screamed louder.


"THAT'S MY WIFE!" My husband yelled.

"Really?" The pirate blinked at me "You married a man who gets happy off of people being hung?"

"Like alcohol to an alcoholic" I shrugged.

"Freak" He muttered.

"You're getting rather off topic here!"

"Oh..." The pirate paused, as if he was remembering "OH! RIGHT! BACK OFF, OR THE LADY DIES!" He shouted "It's best if you scream at this point, more terror is better" He muttered to me.

"My apologies" I said "ARGGGGGHHHHH! HELPP!"

"You're doing brilliant" The man said "Have you done this before?"

That's my first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it.

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