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Small Surprises, Big Consequences

Chapter 13: All Fall Down

"My decision, Miss Possible, is final."

The words seemed to echo through the enclosed office, each tick of the clock further impaling its point upon the three within. Ms. Drago's frozen blue eyes never wavered from Kim's glare, seemingly carved from crystal in their contempt for the teen. Kim grit her teeth, flushed and painfully aware of her earlier outburst as she struggled to think of someway, any way, to salvage this titanic disaster of a meeting. By her side, Shego's head was lowered, her hair shielding her eyes completely from Kim's view, but the redhead could plainly see the thief's black lips pulled back in a furious grimace. Whisps of smoke were drifting from between her teeth with her every breath.

'Anything's Possible for a Possible, Kim! C'mon, think! What can you say now!?'she shouted internally, desperate for a solution.

Before anything could be said, Ms. Drago's contemptuous expression relaxed somewhat and she leaned back down into her seat, swiveling away from the two and facing the blinded window behind her.

"I trust you know your way out, Miss Possible, Shego. I have other matters that require my attention."Roza stated calmly, facing away from them and disappearing into the high-backed chairs shadow, acting as though she were entirely unaware of the rising tension in the room, and the blistering heat radiating from one of its occupants.

Kim turned her eyes back towards Shego, looking her over like one would a time bomb or leaking toxic waste barrel, neither of which were particular stretches. The older woman's flame powers were flickering wildly, uncontrolled. More physical manifestations of her feelings than the controlled fists of plasma Kim had so much experience with. Kim's whole body tensed when Shego pulled her hand back, the light therein twisting and knotting in on itself in ways that seemed to defy description.

Kim's muscles reflexively tightened, readying herself to jump forward and redirect the blast before it cleared the thief's grip, leaving Shego guilty only of attempted matricide. But to Kim's great relief, the warped light died out suddenly, and the thief turned around, facing the office door.

Gritted out past her clenched jaw, she growled out, "Bad enough that I had to suffer you for eighteen years. I don't know what was going through my idiot head when I left her with you, but I'll be damned if I allow it another night."

With that, Shego stormed off, nearly yanking the door off its hinges and not bothering to shut it behind her. Her heavy footfalls could be heard disappearing all the way through the hall.

The whole proceeding was only fifteen minutes at most, but it left Kim's mind completely scattered. Too much to process, and no idea how to proceed in the face of intractable defiance. This wasn't like stopping mad scientists, or babysitting problem children, or stopping a robot apocalypse. Frankly she would have chosen any one of those sitches over this.

She turned and began to walk slowly out of the office, stress running through her body in waves and chilling her to the bone. She didn't want to give up; she couldn't for Agni's sake if anything. Her Essential Kimness wouldn't allow her to leave this such a crashing burning disaster even if she did want to give up. She just needed to calm down and the answer would come. It always di-

'Hold up,' Kim frowned; a nagging feeling interrupted her attempt at managing her thoughts. 'WHAT did Shego say before running off? She wouldn't… oh who am I kidding? Of course she would!'

"Shego! Wait!" Kim suddenly shouted, taking off in a dead sprint in the direction the thief had stomped off in.


'I should have just done this from the start! What was I even thinking?! This is why I quit being a hero in the first place! Because heroes don't accomplish shit!' Shego thought furiously as she stormed through the Drago Manor halls with livid purpose.

Shego knew her intentions were obvious to the two people she'd left behind, but she didn't care. Inwardly she dared someone to try to stop her. She would be thrilled to unleash this building fury all over the first poor bastard to get in her way. Her eyes glowed brightly, leaving trails in the air in her wake as she stormed up to Agni's room, formerly her own, and opened the door.

"Agni! Grab your stuff, kiddo. We're going on a nice long trip 'til you're eightee…" she frowned and looked through the cluttered living space, searching from corner to corner through the controlled clutter.

Her preteen was nowhere in sight. Narrowing her eyes, the villainess stepped back out into the hallway and crossed her arms tightly in simmering irritation. Her brow furrowed as she struggled to see past the fog of her anger and think of where Agni may have gone.

After a moment of this she gave up and decided to just search out the rest of the house. However, as soon as she turned a familiar and irritating redhead was standing in her path. Kim's face was flush from running the distance from Roza's office to the second story hallway, though she was far too fit to so much as breathe hard from such minor exertion. She looked up into Shego's eyes, her lips pressed thin.

"Shego, no, this isn't going to work and you know it." Even with their unspoken truce in effect, Kim braced herself. Shego was a volatile creature at the best of times; shifting instantly between lazy disinterest and a whirlwind of destruction with little provocation. And that was without something she personally cared about on the line.

"Oh, you're still here?" she questioned, curling her lip distastefully at the sight of the heroine standing in her way. "You best call up one of your little favors and hightail it back to suburbia, Princess. Your way fucked up, now things happen my way. Toodles."

She moved to shove past Kim and continue her search without waiting for a reply.

However the cheerleader had other ideas and in a surprising show of strength, she grabbed Shego by the shoulders, spun her, and pushed her into the far wall. "Think for once! If you thought this was an option you'd have done it already!"

Shego's nostrils flared and she looked about to blast Kim's skull apart like so much ripe gourd, "Pumpkin, you are REALLY push-"

"Shut up and listen, dammit! YOU are a supervillain!" The redhead snarled, "An EVIL WANTED FELON around practically half the planet! If you kidnapped your daughter, Agni will NEVER have a decent life or education, or a future. You'd be stealing that from her, and you KNOW it! Do you WANT her to end up with someone like Drakken?!"

After a moment, she felt Shego's shoulders sag and her look melt from one of fury to mere scorn.

Kim barely suppressed a sigh of relief. "Just calm down, kay? So not the time for your drama."

Stepping back, she gave Shego a few feet of space and a weak smile. "You can't solve everything by blowing it up."

"Bite me. You sound like a bad after school special," Shego scoffed. She took a deep breath, and could actually feel the air cool down around them.

"I don't care if I sound like an episode of Pals, we're not doing your villain shtick, now or ever." Kim enforced.

"Even if I agree to try your namby-pamby goody-two shoes ways again, and that's an if the size of Greenland mind you, what would we do now?" her brow knit in frustration. "Echidna hath spoken."

Sighing, Kim reached up and messaged her right temple, admitting to herself that the diplomatic route hadn't worked out as she had hoped.

"OK, fine… I'll admit I don't exactly have any ideas. But if you let me contact Wade, maybe there's a favor I can call in that would help us."

"You get that Agni's existence is supposed to be secret, right?" Shego snapped, shooting down the sentiment instantly with almost physical fury. "Did the begging and threatening not clue you in that we DON'T involve anyone else?"

"People are already involved! Subtle, Agni is so NOT! My mom met her, my brothers met her, RON met her, and who knows who else met her on her great interstate odyssey!" she blew out a breath in growing frustration.

"That's one thing," Shego huffed, crossing her arms. "Announcing her to your creepy loudmouth hacker pet is another thing entirely."

"Don't call Wade that," Kim gritted out, her eyes wandering as she thought. Looking past Shego's shoulder, she blinked in confusion after a moment, realizing something was amiss. "Hey Shego… just where IS Agni anyways?"


Agni suppressed a wince, struggling and pulling at her right arm; the limb grasped in a vice-grip of metal fingers as thick as baseball bats. Still, pull as she might, her arm was more or less swallowed by the hand and arm attached to a wall of metal with sickly yellow energy crackling about its surface. All she could do was glare up at him, her eyes flashing petulantly beneath her hoodie.

It had all happened so quickly that she was still feeling some shock and disbelief. The hand, being crushed in a metal grip, and a blinding rush of air as she felt the ground disappear out from beneath them, before coming down with a resounding crash that had nearly caused her to bite clean through her tongue. Now that the world had stopped spinning, Agni looked over the new scene and tried to rake her brain, to remember her mother's stories and her uncles' bragging. She had to know this guy from somewhere. She was SURE she'd seen this butt ugly garish trashcan before. But the name and the stories continued to escape her.

The worst of it though, even more so than the mechanized grip; was just being touched by the power-suited man. Proximity with the suit's surface sent uncomfortable tingles rippling across her chest. She could feel a throbbing hum from within her body as if in response to the energy her assailant radiated.

And she couldn't stand another second of it! That thrumming was making her nauseous. With another groan, she braced her legs against the wrist and pulled, crying out at the strain on her shoulder. But she grit her teeth and endured the stretching as she tried to wrench her arm free.

Looking around, she could see people staring and pointing, taking pictures with their phones or starting to run, maybe for help, more likely just for their own safety. 'Cowards! Fucking chicken shits! I don't need any of you!'

The armored figure seemed almost entirely unaware of her, aside from their first confrontation, when he had first grabbed her by the arm and suddenly rocketed off before she could call out.

And she had walked right into him!

She'd been too frozen to attempt escape while they were airborn. Now however they seemed to have landed in Go's financial district. Everyone having scattered out of the way through experience with the long history of Go City supervillain spectacles.

The cruel helmet turned back and forth as the figure looked over his landing zone. As threatening as a ten-foot-tall walking bulldozer was, it was nothing the citizens hadn't seen before from time to time. Which was why as many of them were staying to watch from a safe distance as were fleeing. For now the armored thing was looking back and forth, ignoring the curses and obscenities she directed his way as she tried to free herself.

She roared and pulled again, fighting against years of mental conditioning and stigma from her grandmother to summon up her glow. Everyone was watching her. She was a hood away from showing off her skin, light up and there would be no question. The whole of Go City would know she was a freak, and just whose freak she was.

'I can't believe I get grabbed by a monster the day I forget to go out without my makeup! I'm the biggest idiot on Earth! Even Hego isn't this stupid! FUCK!'

Finally, the figure turned to her, and she let out a whimper as she was suddenly lifted off the ground by her bound arm again, until she was face to mask with the armored man and dangling in the air like a dead bird in a butcher's window. Cruel lenses stared back at her, glowing with piercing focused light as they regarded her not unlike said meat."99.87% MATCH, ALRIGHT."

She bit her lip, eyes watering from the pain as she matched the alien gaze of her assailant. Overwhelmed after a moment, she roared out at the suit, "I'm not scared of you, you tin man piece of shit! You hear me?! I go to class with worse than you! Now let me down, let me down now or-"

"SHUT. UP." The synthesized voice cut off dispassionately out from some unknown source within the bulldozer-colored suit. She could feel the sound vibrate against the skin on her cheeks as much as hear it.

His bored tone shocked her into silence as it revealed more, "GOD, YOU'RE AS BIG A PAIN IN MY ASS AS SHE IS. GENETICS ARE A REAL CRUEL BITCH."

A cold chuckle was projected at her as she was scrutinized in detail by the electronic eyes. She unconsciously wrapped her free arm around herself, one extra layer between her and those awful lights. When he gave her a shake for emphasis, she bit her lip on the points of her teeth and tasted harsh coppery blood.


'This is just like… no! No it's not like that! It's not like that again! I'm not some little baby now! I'm just… Fine! You want a piece of Mom, asshole?! Here's a 5,000 degree piece with your name on it! From the best she ever made!'Agni punctuated her thoughts by roaring out and igniting her hands, oblivious to the distant gasps as she brought her free hand back and let loose with a fist full of star fury.

Though she was unpracticed in using such temperatures, Agni blasted a column of flame point blank into the metal face with all the force she could drag up from within. The stream engulfed and obscured his head completely from view. Her youthful features deformed by the feral grin pulled across her face as she let go of all the anger that had been festering in her for weeks, pointed canines beared like a hungry wolf.

'Ride that one to hell, Jerkface!' she thought in triumph as she heard popping and crackling behind the brilliant green flames.

Just as quickly, her heart caught in her throat. The reality settled in that she'd just unleashed more heat than she ever had in the sum of her entire life straight into the guy's face. She must have roasted him alive in his shell, and it gave her a sudden queasy feeling in the pit of her twelve year old stomach.

The extreme wavering heat and ignited oxygen obscured his face from any view; but she couldn't breathe where she hung in his grasp three feet away, suddenly horrified at the possibility of seeing his face melted and burned to the skull, or deformed and leaving nothing but a crater of pooled metal and roasted flesh between his shoulders.

The sudden crushing weight of that possibility fogging her young mind was interrupted by a low chuckle. The smoke drifted away completely to reveal the helmet whole. Lacking so much as a single scorch mark of evidence that she had exerted her unique power point blank into his face.


Fear and stress gave way again to anger as she glared at the villain and snapped out, "If my mom told me about every COCHROACH she stepped on, I'd never hear the end of it!"

"DAT… IS SO CUTE." He turned and Agni heard the surprisingly blessed sound of several police cruisers speeding towards them from all sides of the intersection. He laughed and looked back towards her. "LEMME SHOW YA A NEAT TRICK. IMMA MAKE SOME GCPD PIGS DISAPPEAR."

He pointed his free hand towards one of the approaching police interceptors, his index finger outstretched like a mock gun. "BANG."

Agni gasped suddenly, a painfully deep, ear-splitting bass noise rocking through her. Not quite within her audible range, more a sound you felt rather than heard. She felt her bones shake like tuning forks within her flesh and that queasy feeling in her chest increased by a hundred. Around them windows cracked and splintered. All the while she clenched her eyes shut from the sudden rush of air, punctuated by an awful hollow crushing and shuddering, shaking the ground beneath them.

She looked back towards where he'd pointed in the direction of the cop cars. The sight she beheld seemed less like something that had just happened than something out of a big budget alien action movie. The car that 'Blasting Zone' had pointed at wasn't a car any more. In its place was a crescent shaped smear of black and white metal. The only way the pre-teen knew it had once been a cop car at all was that some bits, such as the light bar and back wheels, had been blasted free instead of being crushed.

The sheer force of what had just happened was brought home a second later, when what Agni thought was smoke drifted over them. She looked at it settling on the arm of her hoody and realized it wasn't smoke or even ash, but paint. Black and white paint literally blasted free of the cop car and atomized into the air by the force of the blast. Agni had blown up enough junk in her spare time to know that you didn't just knock paint off of metal.

The hooded girl looked up in uncomprehending awe.


She stared up at him, dawning horror and anger and shame and a hundred other feelings rising within her. There was nothing she could say to this monster that would sum up even a fraction of it. So she did the next best thing, and spat right into his left optic.


His fist clenched tighter around her restrained arm, a terrible pressure building from the strangled muscle and halted blood flow. Before Agni's brain could even register what Blasting-Zone intended, he wrenched his arm to the right, against the joint.

Agni heard the wet crunch long before the wave up agony fell upon her. When it did, she tried to resist calling out, and her anger and adrenaline pumping through her body helped; but within a moment, the pain her hand being crushed deep inside of the metal paw overwhelmed her twelve year old mind and she screamed out with all the breath she had.


Ron grunted as his body hit the asphalt and he not-so-expertly rolled into a ball to soften the impact. He ignored Rufus' put upon squeak from within his shirt pocket as his body rolled several feet away from the open car door. Before his body had even stopped moving, the boy could hear the vehicle he had made his sudden and unexpected departure from peel out, leaving him in its departing tire smoke.

Taking a moment to see that his shirt-going passenger and he were all in one piece, Ron stood shakily and dusted himself off. He turned an upset look towards the escaping vehicle and pulled his pocket open to peek down at his hairless companion.

"I don't get it," he muttered. "I gave that guy's wife a complement when I asked if that was his mother in the picture."

Rufus responded with scoff, a series of chitters, and a roll of his beady black eyes.

"I dunno, I thought it was a pretty awesome recovery when I said it was smooth of him to go for that whole 'pretty on the inside' thing. It shows character!"

His molerat companion scoffed again through his buckteeth and made a dismissive motion and a series of squeaks.

"Aw, c'mon! That's not fair," Ron muttered, shoving his hands into his pants pockets and searching for his Kimmunicator. "I did apologize about the wife thing, but how was I supposed to know the other pic was him and his daughter!? Those are some LOUSY genetics there, lil' dude."

He frowned and whispered into his pocket, "And… uh… let's keep the burning of the bridge on this KP-favor on the down low, okay…?"

He pulled free his Kimmunicator and quickly connected to his pudgy younger teammate. "OK, Wade, I'm here in Go City. Now tell me how to get this gizmo to track down the evil green munchkin and help KP."

"Ron," the young teen entreated, "Listen, I saw this girl myself, and while her somehow being an adult supervillain isn't the strangest thing we've seen, or even in the top ten, this sitch seems like it's REALLY reaching."

"Green, evil, Go City," Ron listed off determinedly the facts as he knew them. "That's Shego or I'm not a natural blond."

"Trust me, Ron. No one is disputing your status as a blond."

Ron's pocket shook as Rufus choked on a derisive laugh at his partner's expense.

"But… ugh. FINE. It's a waste of all of our time, but fine. I'll find Kim. Lemme just…" His rapid typing was interrupted by Ron dropping the communicator and clapping his hands to his ears as the world around him suddenly thrummed with bass sound that rattled every building in the area. A second later a more clearly sounded explosion followed.

"Or you could just follow that," Wade grumbled from the face-down screen of the Kimmunicator.

Quickly snatching up the Kimmunicator, Ron tossed offa dismissive "Yeah, Wade, uh, stay on the line or something" then turned and ran for the source of the noise, more than confident that his BFF would be orbiting its epicenter.

As loud as the noise was, he was sure it couldn't be more than a few blocks off; and with Rufus helping to point out the direction, he ran the few blocks that were between the apparent explosions and himself.

Preparing himself for Drakken, or Killigan, or Dementor, or any of the usual suspects, Ron worked himself into switching gears into his sidekick thing. He was perfectly confident that with Kim at his side, there's nothing the usual suspects could pull that they couldn't untangle with spare time to stop at the Grande Bueno Nacho.

Coming upon a metal man the size of a bull elephant, surrounded by the twisted ruins of what Ron could only guess might have been cars at some point, unfortunately, did not qualify as a usual suspect. Once he fully took in the sight of the metal horror, gleaming and segmented, he barely skidded to a halt and tumbled behind a bus stop bench for cover, oblivious to how clearly visible he was through the wooden slats in the frame.

Thankfully, the mechanical monster seemed too busy attending to something diminutive in its arms, and seemed wholly unaware of the lone teenage boy sharing the abandoned riverside street.

"Okay," Ron said to the molerat that has scurried up to his shoulder. "First things first. Let us acknowledge the fact that that thing over there is easily the coolest thing I have ever seen."

Rufus nodded his assent to the sentiment. Satisfied, Ron pulled out the Kimmunicator and quickly called up Wade. "Now let's make sure Wade knows about Oz's missing Tin Man so we can get on with our day."

He frowned when the screen showed nothing but a flashing red message repeating the words; "Signal Lost. He pressed the on/off switch over and over again, ignoring his companion's criticizing as he tried to get the blue device to work. "No, I didn't forget to charge this thing! It doesn't even NEED to be charged! The battery is supposed to be able to outlive my grandkids!"

He glared over at Rufus who scoffed and squeaked out in argument, while gesturing at the monster. "Interference? Yah think so, buddy? Well I GUESS…"

The blond rubbed the back of his head and gave the machine another look. It seemed to be looking over the Go First Bank now, rather than whatever was in its left hand. "Then, I guess we'll just go back to the old plan and find Kim ours-…"

He frowned, a cold wet churning started in his gut. The massive figure had turned, using it's free arm to wrench the much smaller human-sized bank doorway off of the front of the building. The object dangling from the monster's hand was now clearly in Ron's view.

It was a child hanging limp from the machine's massive grasp. With the smoke and flames from the devastated streetside, he couldn't tell from the distance what state the child was in, or even details like age or gender.

"Rufus," Ron muttered, placing his pet on the street and handing him the Kimmunicator. "Change of plans, buddy. You get Kim, I'll… apparently throw my tender young life away doing something stupid on a truly awe-inspiring level. Man his would be so cooool if I wasn't about to bite the big naco."

Rufus' eyes widened in quickly dawning horror at the implication of his owner's statement. But as he was about to shout out his disapproval, he noticed the resolute "serious" expression on Ron's face. Reluctantly he nodded and gave a small solute before pressing a button on the side of the Kimmunicator. Small wheels suddenly deployed and Rufus hopped on, rocketing off down the street with another push of the button.

Seeing his companion drive off, Ron gave the metallic titan another despairing look. It was now inside the caved-in front of the bank building, and with its free hand, was pulling on the massive steel hinges of the bank safe. Much to Ron's surprise and shock, he could see the vault, which itself was the size of a small house, begin to move.

He shook off a growing dread as best he could, turning his attention to the small and upsettingly still figure in the monster's grasp. Steeling himself, he ran towards the monster while its back was turned, mentally humming the theme song from Fearless Ferret in his head to motivate some much needed heroics.

'Okay, time for some thrilling youthful hero action!' Ron thought as he prepared to clamber up onto the juggernaut's back and blind it with his coat, hopefully distracting it into dropping the child on its own. It seemed more than distracted enough dragging free the massive vault ripped from the foundation of the bank. There's no way the machine could hear a teen boy decidedly on the average side run up behind it during all that noise.

'This is it,' he thought while clenching his jaw at the horrific sight towering over him. 'Time to-'

His heroism was interrupted by his body smashing mouth-first in a crackling invisible barrier and being repelled like a pinball into several bunched up trashcans ten feet back.

Once the stars cleared from his vision and his mouth started working, Ron managed to sufficiently sum up his heroic experience with a single syllable. "…ow."

His pain was quickly forgotten, however, when the hulking thing steadily turned around and fixed him with a sinister glare, looking him up and down where he laid in the pile of refuse. The electronic eyes crackled behind the tinted visor, almost irritably despite the unchanging expression.

"THE HELL YOU THINKING, BOY?" came the intimidating deep synthesized growl.

Ron tried to come up with a response that wouldn't immediately equate to him being reduced to the consistency of chunky naco sauce, but his eyes fell on the child, or rather, the girl dangling from the giant's grasp by one arm. Some sort of phosphorescent green stain was drenching her sweater from beneath the metal grip.

The girl turned to stare down at Ron, her onyx bangs plastered to her forehead with sweat. Her bloodshot eyes widened in delirious surprised recognition, "…Doofus?"

SHEGO?!" Ron exclaimed with a start, suddenly recognizing the small body locked in the giant's grasp.

"YOU'RE A GENERATION OFF, KID," the massive figured grumbled, pointing a glowing fist down towards Ron's direction.

With a smirk, he raised his fist from its teen-ward direction, and sent a cacophonous shockwave towards the wall above Ron. The sidekick barely managed to pull one of the flimsy trashcans above him before he was entombed in falling masonry.

Blasting-Zone looked back at the shocked and horrified expression of the mangled pre-teen in his grasp. He gave an audible smirk and reached towards the freed vault's door.

"HOPE YOU DON'T MIND DARK PLACES, GIRL." He smirked, placing a vibrating palm on top of the locking mechanism. With a whining and grinding pop, the lock gave and the vault door was easily pried open.

Chapter 13: End


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