Title: SD Gundam Force - Escape the Dark Magic

Author: LJ

Summery: Bakunetsumaru, Captain and Shute return to Neotopia from the final battle with Tallgeese without Zero or Fenn. Although everyone else believes Zero to be dead, Bakunetsumaru is determined to prove them wrong and bring the Knight of Lacroa back.

Rating: R

Pairings: Zero/Baku, Tallgeese/Zero (one sided), Mercurius/Vayeate

Warnings: Slash

Author's note: Whitetail had started this story several years ago, and I was given permission to finish this wonderful story. I hope to do the best I can to make her vision a reality. Anything that's in italics is a flashback.

Disclaimer: SD Gundam Force and all it's characters are owned by BANDAI and is used for non-profit use without permission. The original idea for this story is owned by Whitetail used with permission.

Chapter One: Lost in an Ocean of My Own Tears

"Zero..." Bakunetsumaru sniffled pathetically and tried desperately to stop his chocolate brown eyes from watering. He couldn't remember how long he had locked himself in his room. At least three to four days. Three days since Zero was taken from him. It had happened so quickly it almost seemed like it was a dream. A very bad dream.

"ZERO!" he cried reaching down over the edge of the mana circle for the knight bonded with the fully grown feather dragon. The crack in the massive black mana cube was sucking everything in, and Zero was using his own body as a shield.

"Even if I cannot save myself, Oh Mana, give me the strength to save those who I love!" he cried summoning all of his magic to send the circle that was under Captain, Shute and Baku out of the black cube. Bakunetsumaru yelled in horror as Zero's shielding circle around the crack was broken down and the blue and white knight was sucked into the crack.

When they woke back up, he was told that what happened wasn't a dream, and that Zero was gone forever. He refused to believe it. Perhaps he was in denial, everyone had said as they prepared for Zero's funeral. He was simply going through the stages of acceptance of the facts. Baku refused to hear it. He went to the funeral, but didn't participate in the wake. He pushed away any supporting hands or crying shoulders and immediately went to his room and locked himself in.

"God...! Why does this happen to me?!" he cried at the top of his lungs before collapsing into his tear soaked pillow. Outside, the clouds continued to rain, mirroring Bakunetsumaru's pained soul. He swallowed and looked to his nightstand still curled upon his tatami mattress. The only photo he had was sitting there, staring back at him. It was of Captain Shute Zero and himself at a picnic that Shute's parents had during a long weekend by the beach. They were all smiling, Baku was pulling the bunny ears move behind Zero's head, and he was completely oblivious. Captain had Shute on his shoulders, smiling brightly, or as much as he could.

"Baku! Stop! I can't breathe!" Zero laughed as Baku chased him down the beach covered in seaweed.

"I'm the monster from the blue lagoon!" Baku cried chasing after the knight. Shute laughed from his towel watching as they continued on. Eventually the musha too succumbed to the laughter pulling off the seaweed from his helmet and doubling over. Zero sat heavily on a rock catching his breath after being chased up and down the beach by his energetic friend. Baku looked up and watched as the knight seemed to glow in the light of the sun, the water lapping at his feet. It was then that Bakunetsumaru realized his strong attraction to the knight.

"Zero...I'll save you..." he whispered stroking the picture with his free hand as exhaustion from his fits of sadness took over and the red and white Gundam slipped into dark and painful sleep.


Darkness. Endless and impenetrable darkness. A massive and endless void of sound color and light was only broken by six figures floating aimlessly.

"Hurrrrr..." A deep rumble stirred Zero from sleep, his striking blue eyes fluttering open to stare at the void around him. A feathered dragonic head perked up and came into his field of vision. Zero blinked and reached up stroking the massive muzzle that was nuzzling his cheek.

"Fenn?" Zero could only assume he sat upright, unsure of what direction was up or down. The massive feather dragon purred happily and nuzzled his face, glad that Zero was well. "I'm glad you're all right too, my friend," Zero said with a soft smile, petting his head.

"Prrrr!" Fenn smiled and nuzzled closer to Zero, happy and content to be petted. Zero chuckled a bit and blinked frowned looking around.

"Where are we?" he asked 'standing' in the void. Fenn shrugged his wings and looked around as well.

"Fuck...that was one HELL of a bang!" Zero winched and glared before turning around and seeing white and black 'knight' nearby along with three other familiar figures.

"Great, well...I can only assume that the others got out safe," Zero muttered and glared at Tallgeese as he was slowly righting himself. "You do know, Tallgeese, that Knights are looked down upon for using such foul language," he said crossing his arms over his chest. Tallgeese smiled and floated over to the blue and white Knight.

"Oh yes, but wasn't it your mentor the one who denied me my place the Knighthood? I'm a Knight of a different kind," he said with a seductive tone. Zero backed away and glared, feeling sick at such obvious foreplay.

"You are disgusting!" he cried shoving the white knight away from him. Tallgeese grunted and floated back smirking. Zero glared at him and looked at Fenn. "Come along Fenn, let's get going." The feather dragon growled his agreements and followed his master keeping close. Tallgeese smiled a bit, floating upside-down and stared at Zero's ass.

"Where are you going Zero...?" he purred after him. Zero twitched and glared over his shoulder.

"Away from you!" he hissed, not even pausing in his flight away from the area. Tallgeese glared at the object of his unrequited love.


"My head hurts..." Tallgeese spun around and righted himself to glare at the two pieces of slag that called themselves Mercurius and Vayeate. A low growl emanated from the golden Griffin as he woke.

"Get up you lazy pieces of garbage!" Tallgeese ordered gripping his lance. The two warriors of the storm jumped up and fidgeted at the knight before them. "I swear you two are dreaming about each other..." Tallgeese growled before turning to follow Zero and the feather dragon. Griffin followed the white and black knight as well, leaving the red and blue knights behind.

"H-how...how did he know?" Mercurius asked looking to Vayeate and fidgeting. Vayeate swallowed and blushed shrugging.

"I didn't think we were that obvious!" the knight of lightning said with a bit of panic laced in his voice. Zero shuddered at the conversation and swallowed.

"Mana...this is going to be a very long journey." Fenn growled low in agreement.

"Wait for me Zero...!" Tallgeese purred following the two. Zero sighed and looked what may have been skyward.

"I just pray that Baku, Captain and Shute got through all right..."