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Harry Potter: Chosen One

Chapter 1

Life at Privet Drive was as normal as it could be expected. Each house had perfectly cut lawns and neat flower gardens. The grass was emerald green from constant care and regular watering and the flowers bloomed normally. Nothing was out of place and if it was it was quickly corrected.

Anything particularly good was smiled upon, such as anything abnormal was frowned upon. It was Number 4 in particular that received both facial expressions.

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, six years previously, had taken in their five year old nephew after he had been abandoned by his parents. Such kindness was often discussed in Privet Drive as a good example to follow. However, the young five year old, with his scruffy black hair and abnormal green eyes, was instantly seen as a trouble maker and a bad influence for the children in the neighborhood.

As the years went by, quiet, little Harry became more withdrawn and distrustful of adults. His teachers in school pitied him but after a few words from the Dursleys ceased to pay attention to the neglected child.

Harry's appearance also caused the parents on Privet Drive to hurry their own children along, away from the "trouble maker". His hair had rarely been washed and sat on the top of his head like a messy bird nest. His clothes, having once belonged to his overweight cousin Dudley, were several sizes too big for him, but adequately hid the livid, dark bruises that covered his malnourished body.

Much went on inside Number 4 that wasn't known to the outside world. Vernon Dursley, director of Grunnings and to all outwards appearances, the perfect gentleman, was an abusive alcoholic. Ever since Harry had been dumped on his doorstep in the middle of the night he had been growing steadily angrier and more hateful to his nephew.

After a bad day at work he'd ensure that Harry didn't eat anything for dinner and instead ate his share himself. As such, Vernon Dursley had become a fairly large and intimidating man. When starving his nephew gave him no satisfaction, Mr. Dursley began to use his fists and other household objects, such as the belt or a spoon. He never left a mark on the child's face, that would have roused unnecessary questions, but any part of the body covered by clothing was fair game.

Petunia Dursley, Harry's mother's sister, was the prim and proper housewife. She was fairly tall and could be described as bony. Her brown hair, in direct contrast to her husband's blonde, was cut short and curled to keep out of her way when she worked. However, despite being known as a housewife, Petunia Dursley rarely lifted a finger in the direction of housework since her nephew had turned up. From cooking to cleaning to gardening, young Harry did it all and was punished severely if his chores weren't completed on time.

Dudley Dursley, only a few months older than Harry, was almost as large as he was tall. His parents gave him everything he wanted and more to make Harry jealous. His blond hair, like his father's, was plastered to his chubby little face and his numerous chins wobbled grotesquely whenever he ate.

Harry, in direct contrast to his relatives, was malnourished and sickly pale. His bedroom was the cupboard under the stairs, where he often went to find solitude and a small reprieve from his "family". Despite being almost eleven, Harry looked closer to the age of eight. His baggy clothes and young appearance often got him into trouble within Number 4 for being a "burden and an ungrateful, lying little freak".

In his bedroom, Harry had a secret stash of books that he read whenever he was able to. He had a brilliant mind, he was a genius, but he kept his intelligence hidden after accidently scoring higher than Dudley on a school test. The bruises from that punishment had faded after a week and a half. His books were his only friends; he was a social outcast, unwanted amongst the respectable members of society.

But Harry knew he was never alone. His parents, James and Lily Potter, had the gift of being able to use magic and had passed that gift down to him. He had been living with the Dursleys since he was five but before that he had lived with his parents, who had forgotten about him often, and his twin brother who had loved him and often snuck food to him.

He and his twin brother Hayden shared a bond that only twins could have. They had the ability to speak to each other telepathically and it was through that bond that Harry was able to keep in touch with the magical world.

Good morning brother mine, Hayden's voice greeted him. Harry stared at the roof of the cupboard and gave a small, almost nonexistent smile.

Morning Hayden, Harry replied sitting up quietly. Why are you up so early today? The sun is still on the horizon.

We're eleven today! Hayden replied excitedly. Harry mentally shook his head in amusement. He hadn't had a party since he had been three and saw no appeal to celebrating the day one was born. Dudley's birthdays, and the effort put into them, made Harry grateful that he didn't need to celebrate his, not that anyone other than Hayden would want to.

Happy birthday Hayden, Harry thought to his happy brother. Hayden's excited thoughts took a downward turn as he focused completely on his younger brother.

It's at times like these that I hate mum and dad, Hayden grumbled. You should be here with me, getting excited about out Hogwarts letters together, getting ready to prank our parents.

Only you'd be excited for a letter Hayden, Harry told his brother. Mother and father thought I was a squib remember?

But you're not! Hayden protested. I know you can do magic! You can do wandless magic for Merlin's sake! You're far more powerful than anyone I know!

Our parents would think that I was taking credit for you Mr. Boy-Who-Lived, Harry replied logically. You're the one who's supposed to save us all aren't you?

You and I both know that it's really you, Hayden grumbled. They all think that I'll save them all but they're wrong! It's you! You're the one who will either save us all, die in the attempt, or turn dark yourself; wouldn't blame you if you did the last one though.

I won't turn brother, Harry though reassuringly. But you know I dislike the spotlight. I'll get enough of it if I decide I want to go to Hogwarts. The name Potter is bound to stir up some publicity.

Change your name then, Hayden replied instantly. Change it to Evans or something, but you have to come to Hogwarts! I've waited six years to see you again. I miss you.

Harry was silent for a long time. He missed his brother as well but he wasn't sure how he would react to being in a large school such as Hogwarts. In Privet Drive he was a trouble maker, to be avoided at all costs, but once he went to Hogwarts he'd be around a lot of kids of varying ages. He hated crowds, they made him dreadfully uncomfortable.

I miss you too Hayden, Harry replied after a while. But I don't…I'm afraid of what will happen once I get to Hogwarts.

I'll protect you, Hayden said at once. I don't care what they say. You're my brother and no one will be able to separate us again!

Thanks Hayden, Harry replied. Sounds from upstairs drew his attention and he looked up apprehensively. The household will be up momentarily. I better get ready.

Don't let them get you down Harry, Hayden warned. Just keep thinking that you won't have to be there for much longer. You're almost free!

Harry inwardly laughed while he schooled his face into an expressionless mask. Emotion from him was not tolerated by his ill-tempered relatives.

I'll talk to you later Hayden, Harry said as he heard his aunt move down the stairs.

Alright Harry, Hayden replied, mentally preparing a prank against his parents for subjecting his brother to such hateful abuse. Happy birthday.

Harry spent the morning cooking breakfast for his relatives and cleaning around the house before washing the dishes and doing his best to complete the chores his uncle had left for him to do. Vernon left for work after a threat to his nephew and a pleasant farewell to the "normal" people in the house.

Harry kept his head down and followed every order given to him. He didn't complain when Dudley tried to trip him or his aunt screeched at him to clean up a certain room or area. When he was asked to fetch the mail he did so without any hesitation. Hesitation got you punished when you worked as a slave in the Dursley household.

A stack of letters were piled up on the front door step waiting to be collected. Harry picked them up and quickly searched through them, a glimmer of hope in his dull green eyes that he hadn't been able to squash.

It was the last letter he looked at that caused his face to brighten and a smile to appear on his face making him seem much younger than his eleven years. He held the heavy parchment as if it might disappear in a gust of breeze and stared at it as if it would no longer exist if he blinked.

It read:

Mr. H. Potter

The Cupboard under the Stairs

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging


Tears almost fell from the eleven year old's eyes as he gazed at his name on the top of the letter. All he could think was that he wasn't a squib, he'd be with Hayden again and, in a far corner of his mind, he hoped that his parents would love him again.

"Hurry up, boy!" Petunia screeched. "You still have to finish your chores out the back before Vernon gets home!" Harry sighed, his emotionless mask back in place. He scampered back into the kitchen, his acceptance letter safe in his pocket. He handed his aunt the other letters and disappeared outside. Dudley was too busy eating to bother his cousin today, and it was already quite warm outside.

Harry began to weed the garden with practiced ease. He could feel his aunt's calculating glare on the back of his neck as she watched to make sure he didn't remove any of her prized flowers.

After weeding the garden he cut the lawn and spread the grass clippings in the compost to be later used as mulch. He then cleaned up the shed, how it got so messy was beyond him, it wasn't used very often.

After lunch Petunia and Dudley went out, leaving strict instructions for all chores to be completed when they got back or there'd be no food for dinner. Harry merely nodded and continued cleaning. Once he was sure they were gone he allowed himself to relax briefly.

Hayden, I got a letter! Harry thought to his brother. Hayden's excitement travelled down their bond.

Yay! Hayden cried. We can be together again!

I'm going to ask the Headmistress if I can change my name, Harry continued pulling the letter out of his oversized pants. I'm going to ask to change it to Harry Remus Evans, after my godfather.

Hayden had told Harry how distraught Remus Lupin had been when he found out that his godson had been abandoned. As a werewolf he was unable to have guardianship of children, and that had hurt him more than anything. The Marauder, formally known as Moony, severed his friendship with the Potters and moved away. He hadn't been seen or heard of since then.

Harry was happy that his godfather had loved him, but was disappointed that he was gone. He could have like to see him again. Hayden researched secretively of Remus' whereabouts for his brother around his training sessions, but had had no luck.

Hayden's training sessions had been interesting. Everything that Hayden learnt he sent along the twin bond to his brother who learnt it all as well. However, where Harry was able to cast all spells wandlessly, Hayden had trouble with a wand. Harry coached his brother through it until he was average with the spell. The two boys knew that Hayden would never be more than an average wizard but it seemed like all adults assumed he was a late bloomer.

Harry's first incident of accidental magic had been when he was six months old; Hayden had been hungry so Harry had summoned a bottle for him. The burst of magic had been credited to Hayden, as had all other bursts of magic since then. Any magic Harry performed benefitted his brother in some way, so it was logical to assume that Hayden had been the initiator. In actual fact, Hayden didn't have his first burst of accidental magic until he was four years old. But by then Harry had been forgotten, assumed to be a squib, and pushed to the side.

Remus would appreciate it, I know he would, Hayden said, a sad smile present in his "voice".

I'm going to write a letter to Headmistress McGonagall now, Harry informed his brother as he pulled out some spare paper and a pen from the draw in the lounge room. He registered Hayden's affirmation before he began to write.

Dear Headmistress McGonagall,

I received my Hogwarts letter today and would like to inform you that I accept on one condition. My name in Harry Michael Potter, but I haven't gone by that name in six years. I request to be able to change my name to Harry Remus Evans.

I am willing to fill out any paperwork required but I would be grateful if this matter could be fixed prior to the commencement of the school year.

I also require assistance in getting to Diagon Alley to collect my school supplies for the year. As I won't be attending school as a Potter I was wondering if something could be set up so I could pay for school.

I thank you for considering me for a place at Hogwarts and hope that my requests aren't too much trouble.

Yours Sincerely

Harry Remus Evans

Harry looked over the letter briefly. He knew that the way he had written didn't sound like an eleven year old but he honestly didn't know how to act like one. Dudley wasn't a bright example to follow, and the other kids tended to avoid him at all costs. The only ones who would come close to him was Dudley and his friends and that was only to use him as a punching bag.

You sound like a nerd, Hayden commented when Harry read it out to him.

Do you think the Headmistress will help me? Harry asked apprehensively.

Of course, Hayden replied instantly. She is fiercely protective of all children. She visits often to teach me transfiguration. Maybe I can encourage her to help you do this… Hayden's voice trailed off as his thoughts tumbled down a different path.

I'm going to send this now, Harry told is distracted brother. Hayden didn't respond but that didn't worry Harry too much, Hayden was easily distracted unless the topic was Quidditch or pranks.

Harry walked outside and whistled for the owl that was sitting in the tree at the back of the yard. He tied the letter to the owl's leg, brushing its feathers tenderly as he did so.

"Take this to Headmistress McGonagall please," he whispered. The owl nodded and took off. Harry watched it fly away before returning indoors to complete his chores before his uncle got home.

Two days had passed since Harry had sent off the letter. Vernon had retuned home angry and drunk after a particularly bad day at work. He had punished Harry for an unknown offence before throwing him back into his cupboard. As it was the summer holidays, Harry didn't need to be in view of the public so his appearance didn't matter too much.

Hayden had done his best to comfort his crying brother, angry at the distance the two were forced to endure and angry at their parents for not caring about their second son. In retaliation he pranked both Lily and James.

On the second day after his birthday, August 2, Harry followed his usual routine of cooking breakfast, cleaning and avoiding his relatives. While the Dursleys were eating as if they'd never see another scrap of food again, the doorbell rang. Vernon motioned for his nephew to answer it and Harry did without question.

He opened to door to see a very tall lady with her graying brown hair pulled back into a bun and her face set into a stern expression. Harry assumed that she was a witch as she gave off a faint aura of light that only people with the magic gift were able to produce. When she spotted Harry, her eyebrows rose in shock and her eyes peered at him from over her glasses.

Harry studied her in turn as she took in his obviously neglected appearance. He got the sense about cats from her and figured she either liked the feline species or could turn into a cat as certain magic folk were known to be able to do. Harry figured it was the latter as he couldn't see the lady before him owning a cat.

"Good morning ma'am," he said quietly. "How may I help you today?"

"Is your name Harry?" the lady asked. Harry nodded. "I am Professor McGonagall. May I come in?" Harry looked behind him and nodded. He stepped to the side allowing the witch to enter the house. He led her to the kitchen where the Dursleys were finishing breakfast.

"Who was it boy?" Vernon asked without turning around.

"Headmistress McGonagall," Harry replied. "She's here to talk to me about my place at Hogwarts." The three Dursleys spun around so fast that Harry was amazed that their necks didn't break.

Professor McGonagall stared at the three Dursleys in disgust. Harry began to clear to table to make space for the Headmistress to sit down but the job was taken away from him when the said witch flicked her wand and sent all the dishes into the sink. Harry stared in shock and slight fear as he studied his uncle's rapidly swelling face.

"Professor McGonagall has a few things she'd like to tell me before I leave for the day to get my equipment for the year," Harry said quickly, but in a subdued tone, before his uncle could erupt in anger. He didn't want anyone to know what happened behind the closed doors of Number 4.

Vernon Dursley took a deep breath to calm himself before standing up. He towered over Harry but didn't raise a hand to hit him.

"We're going out for the day, you'll be home by tomorrow morning at the absolute latest, all today's chores will be needed to be completed tomorrow, am I clear?" he asked.

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry said meekly. Petunia and Dudley stood from the table and followed to head of the Dursley family out the front door. Professor McGonagall watched in shock as the family left without so much as one kind word to their nephew.

"Please sit down Headmistress," Harry said gesturing to a chair. "Would you like something to eat or drink?"

"No thank you," Professor McGonagall replied shell-shocked. "Are they always like that?"

"Uncle had a bad day at work yesterday," Harry replied easily. "That and he's always grumpy in the morning." Professor McGonagall nodded, not quite believing that smaller than average boy in front of her.

"You got my letter then?" Harry asked, drawing her attention away from his home life.

"Yes, I received your letter and saw nothing wrong with your request to change your name. The paper work would have to be done at Gringotts but it is agreeable with me." Harry nodded his head, his expression brightening.

"For costs, I am willing to set up a scholarship account for you, that money is to last you seven years," Professor McGonagall continued. She hadn't forgotten her reception but was willing to not say anything as it was obvious the boy before her didn't want to talk about it.

"Do you know what apparition is?" Professor McGonagall asked. Harry nodded in confirmation. "Good, we will be apparating to Diagon Alley. I will take you to buy all your school things and help you with the goblins at the bank." Harry nodded again. He was excited, though he didn't show it, to be going to the Alley for the first time since he and Hayden were three years old, just before his parents started to blatantly favor the oldest child.

"Follow me then," Professor McGonagall ordered as she led the way out of the house. Harry followed her meekly. He stayed one step behind her and kept his eyes moving to look for potential dangers. When he and the Headmistress arrived in an empty alleyway Harry was grateful to get out of the sight of some of his nosy neighbors.

"Grab my arm," the Headmistress ordered. Harry did as he was told, slightly uncomfortable with human contact. His experiences taught him that contact meant pain.

Harry closed his eyes as he felt the air press against him. He was being pulled through a small tunnel, Professor McGonagall leading the way. They appeared in a different alleyway with a distinct pop.

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