The breeze was warm and the surf gently swirling along the rocks. The sun was bright, and the clouds in the sky lightly casting shade as they passed by. But the most beautiful of all was a young woman asleep in the shade of a tree, on a sea side cliff. Long blond hair braided and draped over her left shoulder, worn and faded jeans that had yet to gather holes and a plain white t-shirt and sandals. A book forgotten beside her and a small bag carelessly tossed at the base of the trees she dozed against. On her wrist was a watch that softly ticked away the seconds. She looked to be having a very pleasant dream but she was to get a rude awakening, the watch decided at the peak of her dream to beep a loudly warning signal that she was to be at work very soon. With a start and a small cry she tipped over with a light thud.

"Damn watch, just when it was getting good," giving it a death glare till seeing the time on its face. She panicked.


Scrambling up and gathering her things she rushed to the beach were a small dock and boat waited. Quickly storing her things and lowering and tying off the sails, then casting off the dock she set off for main land Greece.

"ANNA! You are late" bellowed a bear of a man in gruff Greek.

Anna, or as we all like to call her Buffy, skidded through the front door of the café/bookstore.

"I know, I know, but seeing as this is the first time in all the years I have been here can't you let it slip just this once Marcus?" she answered back and a slightly accented Greek. The big man that stood in front of her looked her up and down with a contemplating look. When Buffy started thinking the worst Marc smiled and wrapped her in his meaty arm for a hug.

"Sweet Anna, when your late your late, I'll let it go, now, off to the store room the bookshelves look light."

She could always count on Marc to be kind to her, he and taken her in when she has no place of her own, feed her sheltered her and eventually gave her a job in his shop. About seven years ago Marc was locking down the shop when he heard a bang at the front. Picking up his shoot gun thinking burglars opens the door only to find a haggard and dirty blond woman wearing clothes that had seen better days in the stoop of his door way.

"Were did you come from little one?"

And he picked her and the small bag she had up, relocked the door and brought her up to his home above the shop. After setting her down and wrapping her in a warm blanket, he started a fire that would last the night and keep his surprise guest warm and set off to bed as well.

The next morning he found himself up before dawn, making breakfast for the two of them. He had checked on her earlier and smiled when he saw her curled up like a cat in the sun, and he could have been hearing thing but she sounded like one to. Snapping out of his thoughts at hearing the soft foot falls behind him he guesses that the food smelled too good to pass up for sleep.

"Would you like some toast as well," not even turning, less the food burn and go to waste.

"Who are you?" She said in English, at this point she knew very little Greek.

Here he did turn and said in broken english, having spent some time there to visit family.

"So, you American?" Giving his best and most gentle smile to calm the look of panic he saw flick across her face.

"Yes I am. Did you bring me here?"

Giving a nod and another smile he loaded two plates with food and put them on the table. Pulling out the chair closest to the girl and taking the other he waited for her to join. When she did she picked up the fork and ate like a starved woman, which she was.

"Please, tell, how you come to be at my door step, please"

For a few moments she thought about it, but this man did not set off any of her warning bells and he had that gentle soul glow to him that made her want to trust him, so she told him. That she left her family, how she felt lost in the world now that her place in it was smaller, and how she traveled Europe and finally how she ended up at his door, she told him as little as he needed to know. Marc had nodded and sat in silence as Anne, the name she called herself, told her story, but not believing that he was getting the whole story. But through most of the morning and afternoon they talked and slowly became fast friends. When he heard that she had nowhere to go he offered her a place to stay and a job in his shop, she accepted and had stayed ever since.

It was a slow day at the shop and Marc and Anne mostly sat and talked about what they were going to do this weekend occasionally getting in up to help the rare customer. Buffy was once again thinking of taking her small boat to another island and spending the weekend reading and sleeping the day away. Marc was not surprised by this; ever since she had bought that boat she had been island hopping and spending time away from the big cities. She liked her space and he let her have it, she was like the daughter he never had and this was just her way of leaving the nest to find her own.

"Here Marc?" he looked up and smiled when he saw the steaming cup of coffee being handed to him.

"Ah Anna, you are too good for me, thank you" he took it and severed a sip.

Anne rolled her eyes, ever though she told him it was Anne he still called her Anna, he said it was his name for her. The bell rang again and Marc had gotten the last one so Anne got up and went to great them.

"Hi! How may…" she stopped mid great when she saw who it was.

"No… You're dead?"

"Hello Buffy" the sound of that sweet voice thought lost nearly had Buffy in tears.


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