Chapter 20- The Waiting game

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Last time-

No one's POV-

With dead lifeless eyes, Buffy Summers looked on, with the tasted of blood and flesh on her tongue.

"Slayer, COME!"

Her master called. And With a final machine like glance, she turns and obeys.

On to the story-

Willows POV-

It has been a month and a half now. The core gang is fractured. Giles barely leaves his office to do much else then go to the bathroom; he eats and sleeps in there.

Xander and Faith and been doubling up the training hours for the girls because there has been an outbreak in demon attacks and small villages and towns being, well from the few I have seen, slaughtered.

Dawn and Lilly have been working together, mostly Lilly being a shoulder to cry on when Dawn losses it and brake down in tears.

And Tara, oh dear sweet Tara is catatonic, every night she would cry, walk around like a zombie and has recently been retching up whatever food Dawn and everyone else can get her to eat. She looks so lost; she looks how I felt when I thought I had lost her. No one knows what to do.

As for me I have been tapping into every know information outlet I have. And let me tell you I once had to trade away an entire box full of my own underwear to get a tidbit of info that, if I hadn't, would have whipped out a whole island off the Philippians chain.

Everyone is so tired and I haven't seen Brian, you would think the guy would be there for his grieving girlfriend?

I too am so tired, two hours of sleep a day is not enough, but I have no choice. As I walk by Tara's room I can hear the sound o her throwing up. It is so heart wrenching, hearing her go through so much agony, wondering if the one you love is even still alive and if they are, will they ever be seen again.

I'm about to knock when I hear a horrible crash from the other side!


I by pass all else and run inside. When I retch the bathroom I see her there lay in a heap on the floor and blood oozing from her hand.

"Tara, Tara, please wake up!" as I carefully kneel next to her I grab a towel and gently wrap her hand and place her head in my lap. With that done I pull out my phone call the emergency line I send out a mantle call to anyone and everyone for help.

I hear feet pounding our way.

Desk nurse POV- Hospital

The waiting room has never been so crowded, I watched as three people wear trails in the carpet, two sitting with their heads in their hands and one has been let back with the patient.

I watch them; they seem like a band of unlikely folk.

There is a tall gray haired man with glasses; he is one of the pacers. He is wearing black loafers, brown slacks, and white button up and of all things a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches.

Another youngish looking man with black boyishly cut hair and an eye patch paces with the older gentleman, he is wearing black jeans and a long sleeve turtle neck also black and sneaker.

The last of the pacers is a woman with rich red hair cut to above her shoulders. She looks the most upset of the three. Her skirt whips as it hits a chair leg ever fifth step, it too is black along with her low cut draw string peasant shirt.

Infect they are all wearing mostly black, the wild hair brunette and the glimpse of the girl that went back are the only two with some other color.

They all look like they are readying for a funeral?

All I can do now is do my job and pray for them.

Dawns POV-

Life sucks… hospitals suck… these god forsaken chairs suck ever more!

Waiting sucks… and it is all we can do till a lab coat wearing clown that works here comes out and tells us what is wrong with Tara.

I was with Lilly in my room having yet another crying fit. Lilly was holding me and riding out the waves of my sorrow with me when she jerks and lets go of me.

"What…? Lilly" I see her stand and run out of the room.

I follow and I know something bad had happened when I see the familiar hallway leading to an even more familiar door.

What happened after that was chaos, Willow was trying to wake Tara who was now being carried in Lilly's arms. The other slayers in the house were crowding the hall having responded to whatever Lilly had responded to.

Me? I was in shock, I watched on in fear as they rushed off.

I only snapped out of my fuck when a body harshly collided with me and knocked me into the hallway wall.

For a few seconds all I heard was the ringing in my ears. Then the person who bumped me was picking my up and asking if I was ok?

All I did was nod and race off after Willow and the others. A few eons later we arrived at the hospital, they took Tara and I have was allowed to go back with her when I told them she was my sister-in-law It is true enough.

They took her in to an examination room and when I tried to come in the asked me to wait outside in a chair across the hall and wait.

Waiting sucked!

Tara's POV-

The morning I woke up and found Buffy missing and the soul ripping depression I felt when I could no longer feel her soul touching mine, shattered me.

I remember glimpses of faces and a few words, but all I felt… was nothing.

What little food I ate tasted like ash and what little sleep I got was filled with nightmares. It was the same one trick pony day in and day out. I would wake up screaming for Buffy, shower of the sweat, have Dawn try to get me to eat then shower again then try to sleep without dreaming, rinse and repeat.

The days I started to wake up nauseous was an almost welcomed change, I say almost because throwing up was not of the fun and dry heaving was even more not of the fun.

For a week I would wake up and rush to the bathroom and on the eight day I had the misfortune of looking at myself in the mirror.

I didn't recognize the girl looking back at me. The gaunt and frail looking creature was not me, and I thought.

'Who are you?' and then anger swelled up and I struck out at her, only to smash my hand into my waiting reflection. I remember pain then I was falling but after that it was all black.

When I woke up I relished I was at the hospital. I didn't see any one and couldn't call out for someone because I hadn't used my voice to do anything but scream and cry.

So I sat back… and waited.

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