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Kagome twirled around in front of the floor-length mirror, admiring her reflection in her new satin wedding gown. Inuyasha walked in behind her and gently rested his

hands on her slender waist. "You look beautiful." he murmured in her ear. Kagome giggled and gently tugged on his silky hair. "Inuyasha, you're not suppossed to see the

bride until the wedding!" she gently chided him. "Well, it's the day of the wedding, so I think it's soon enough." Inuyasha turned her around to see her better. The dress

was cream satin, knee-length in the front, floor-length in the back, sweeping into a long train. The top half had off the shoulder long, lacy sleeves, and a waist-length veil.

"You do look incredible." he said again. He pulled her closer and was about to give her a kiss when Miroku and Shippo ran in the room. "Miroku! And Shippo, too! You look

adorable in your tuxedos!" Shippo tugged uncomfortably at his blue necktie. "I don't like's not comfortable at all." Miroku was mimicking his behavior across the room,

in an exaggerated, childish way. Kagome turned and smacked him. "Quit that!" Miroku rubbed his arm. "Fine. Sorry." he mumbled. Kagome grinned at him, and turned

back to Inuyasha. "Why aren't you in your tux?" The wedding starts in an hour!" Inuyasha rolled his eyes at her. "Reeeellllaaaxxxx..." he said, rubbing her shoulders. "I'll

put it on in a little bit." Kagome smiled up at him. "Why not now?" she asked sweetly. "I really wanna see you in it...please? For me?" Inuyasha groaned. "Fine. I will."

He turned and stomped ungracefully out of the room. Kagome turned around so her back was facing the mirror and craned her neck to look. "Miroku?" He looked up.

"Hmm?" Kagome immediatly thought better of what she was going to ask him. "Never mind. Shippo?" Shippo stood up from the chair he had recently sat down in.

"Yeah?" he asked. "Um...does this dress make my butt look fat?" She blushed, embarrassed at having to ask a question like that. Shippo smiled at her. "No way. You

look great! Just like Inuyasha said." Kagome leaned down to adjust Shippo's tie, which had come loose. "Aww, Kagome, it's fine. Don't you think it's tight enough

already?" Miroku shook his head at the younger boy. " really need to learn how to dress properly." Kagome raised and eyebrow at him. "And you don't?" she

asked. "I mean, you look all right now, but have you seen how wrinkled your robes are most of the time?" Miroku shrugged. "So? We've been traveling in case you and

Inuyasha haven't noticed...and if we could just stay in a motel or something, I'd look fine." Kagome giggled and shook her head at him. "Suuure." At that moment,

Inuyasha walked back in, fidgeting with the starched collar of his tuxedo. "" Kagome dashed over and wrapped her arms around her husband-to-be, pulling his lips

down to hers for a long, sweet kiss. Miroku and Shippo looked at each other. "Ahem." Miroku coughed, and when that didn't seem to have any effect, he walked over

and pulled them apart. "Can you not wait? The wedding's in an hour," He quoted Kagome. Her cheeks flushed pink again. "Sorry, Miroku." He sighed again. "It's fine.

Understandable, at the least." Inuyasha tugged impaitently at his shirt again. "Well, how does it look?" he asked Kagome. "It looks wonderful Shippo butted into the

conversation, causing Miroku to roll his eyes and cast an annoyed glance at Kagome. "I don't think he was talking to you, Shippo." Miroku reached down and plucked

the young fox-demon off of Inuyasha's leg, which he had been clinging to. "So?" Shippo asked indignantly. "I can give my opinion if I want to." Kagome laughed, and

wrapped her hands around Inuyasha's arm. "He looks great, don't you think?" She stepped farther away to admire him. It was true, he did look incredible in his classic

black and white tux. The black pants hung gracefully off of his narrow figure, while the white shirt contrasted with his silvery hair in a beautiful way. The jacket was

tailored to fit him perfectly, and the black bowtie completed the ensamble. Suddenly it hit Kagome. I'm getting married. Married! Am I ready for this? To completely give

up my life as a girl to become a woman...and Inuyasha's wife? Even without my parents here to give us their blessing, or even their permission. I'll admit, whenever I

pictured myself in the future, it always was married to him, but never this young.

Author's Note

To everyone who's stuck with us so far, thank you so much, and we're very sorry that we haven't been able to keep this story up. Anyone who's interested, we'd like to put this story up for adoption, because we've got so many other stories going, and I know we can't finish this one up. Again, we're really, really sorry to anyone who doesn't like us quitting. Thanks for sticking with us so far, and please message me if you're interested!