Total Phantom Island

I'm back after my long break. You may have noticed I have made changes to a lot of the chapters, that's becuase I have combined a lot of the chapters. I have also deleted A Random Hiking Trip since it didn't play into the story.

Yes, as it says, the story is on haitus for the time being. Real life is getting in the way and I kind of have lost motivation for this story, as well as hit a massive roadblock. Maybe one day in the future I will continue this, but I'm not making any promises. Thank you to all who have favorited, reviewed and read my story up to this point. Here is a good-bye chapter.

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Warning this fic is rated T for language and cartoon violence. Do not try any of these stunts without a ghost portal, a box of Fruit Loops and a thermos.

"Before we begin lets cut to a scene the cameras captured last night." said Sakura chuckling as the camera switrched scenes.

"Arrgh!" whispered Youngblood. "Now it's time for Danny Phantom to meet his end." Youngblood was on the ship from the last challenge with Technus. Danny was tied up and fast asleep unaware what was happening. They placed Danny on the plank standing up, over looking the waters. How he kept his balance you might ask, why it was simple cartoon logic. It explains everything.

"Yes! Now I Technus, master of things technology and evil, will finally be rid of that annoying ghost kid and take over the world!" Technus yelled.

"Hey, it was my plan to capture him in the first place." exclaimed Youngblood.

"You couldn't have done it without me. "said Technus.

"Yes, I could've!" pouted Youngblood. They continued to argue like this for 20 minutes, when Danny was starting to stir from their bickering.

Huh?" Danny looked around confused and noticed he was tied up and on a plank.

"What the..."said Danny as he stumbled and fell off the plank and into the water.

"Awwww!" whined Youngblood. "I wanted to be the one to send him down!"

"That's what you get for not paying attention." said Technus.

"Shut up!" Youngblood shot back.

In the water Danny quickly phased out of the ropes and swam up to the surface. He blinked a couple of times before glaring up at the ship. Youngblood and Technus exchanged glances and quickly hurried out of there, just as Danny went ghost and chased after them. The scene ends from there.

"Last time on Total Phantom Island!" said Sakura standing on the docks. "The campers had an awesome pirate battle with The Screaming Phantoms ending up as the winners and sending The Killer Fruit Loops back to loserville. In the end it was The Box Ghost that was booted off. " she chuckled at that. "I wonder what crazy challenges the producers and I have come up with this time. Find out right here on Total Phantom Island!" Suddenly her cellphone rang, just as the theme started to play.

-commerical break-

The camp was all but silent since The Screaming Phantoms won the last challenge. The reason was of course Youngblood who have been giving them orders, like he was still the captain of them. But the mayhem was mostly directed towards Danny during all this.

-Camera cuts to the clubhouse-

"I can't take it anymore!" shrieked Danny. "For the past two days Youngblood and Technus have been driving me to the brinks of insanity! I rather put up with Klemper for a day than have to deal with them!" Then the camera cuts back to camp.

"Danny relax." said Sam at their table in the mess hall on the third morning. Danny looked at her as if she were oblivious to the whole situation at hand.

"How can I relax?" he half yelled. "Last night I awoke to find myself on the ship, tied up and was on a plank about to be shark food." Luckily Youngblood was still mad at Paulina who had insulted the pirate costumes and was toturing her outside at the moment.

"I don't think there are any sharks in the lake." said Tucker.

"That's not the point." said Danny half glaring at Tucker. "The point is we need a way to get rid of one of them before I become a fruit loop like Vlad."

"I AM NOT A FRUIT LOOP!" shouted Vlad at him from the other table.

"Stop being in denial and accept it." said Jazz. "One of the first steps towards recovery is to accept that you are one and..."

"We don't need some psychologic mumbo jumbo right now." said Kitty glaring at Jazz.

"It's not mumbo jumbo." said Jazz, throwing a glare of her own.

"Anyway." said Sam ignoring the other table's conversation. "If we do lose the next challenge we can't vote off Youngblood remember."

"I know, but we can vote off Technus." sighed Danny. " By the way if you see any signs of me becoming a fruit loop like Vlad." He ignored Vlad's glare from across the room. "Make sure you haul me off to the nearest mental hospital."

"Why the hospital?" whined Tucker after hearing the word.

"So I can get treated fast, before I start taping Fruit Loop commericials." smirked Danny as Vlad cursed. Hearing that Jazz got into a rant about cursing on tv and little kids hearing it and so on.

"I wonder what the next challenge will be?" wondered Valerie. Just as she said that Sakura came in with with a frown on her face. The campers then knew something was wrong.

"Okay campers." said Sakura in a serious tone, they had not heard from her before. "There will be no more challenges."

"Huh?" exclaimed everyone, then most of them burst into cheers.

"I know I'm sad too." sniffed Sakura. "But unfortunately the show is being cancelled for the time being. Maybe one day it will air again, but never forget all the good times we had here so far." She wiped a tear from her eye. Almost everybody rolled their eyes when she said good times.

"That is all I have to say." said Sakura. "Once you have all packed your bags, report to the Dock of Therapy for the final time." With that she left the mess hall for last time.

Here is where I'm now ending this for the time being. Thank you again for sticking around to the end. I hope one day I will break past this roadblock and continue where I left off.