Total Phantom Island

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Warning this fic is rated T for language and cartoon violence. Please don't try any of these stunts at home without a box of Fruit Loops,a thermos and a ghost portal.

"And welcome back to Total Phantom Island." Sakura said happily."Alright it's time to meet our first 12 campers. We told some that they will be staying at a fancy island resort, others that they would get to destroy Danny Phantom, and one that he would be going to an asylum for fruit loops against his will. Hee Hee! So if they seem a little mad and ready to kill that's probably why. Oh, look here comes our first camper now."

A boat appears and a young ghost girl with braces floats onto the deck.

"Boxlunch how are y..."Sakura started to say when she was interrupted.

"I am Boxlunch, daughter of the Box Ghost and the Lunchlady!"screamed Boxlunch

"Okay that's an ewww." said a freaked out Sakura. "Anyway here comes our second contestant now."

Another boat appears. Two guys in white jackets throw our beloved fruit loop onto the deck.

"The fruit loop is secured. Let's go back to headquarters for some cookies." said one of the guys in white. The boat sped off.

"How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not a fruit loop."screamed Vlad. "This is a mistake. As soon as I get to a phone I'm calling my lawyers."

"Hello, mister fruit loop." smiled Sakura.

"Not you too. Is this it, they said I would be going to an asylum." Vlad said confused.

"This is it. Welcome to Camp I'mgonnacatchaghost, and we kinda lied about the asylum seeing how it was the only way to get you to come." chuckled Sakura.

"Are you implying that I'm crazy?"questioned Vlad.

"Maybe." chuckled Sakura.

"Wait a minute what to you mean by kinda lied?"questioned Vlad again.

"You sure ask alot of questions. Well you'll find out later."said Sakura with another chuckle. "Hey, here comes Sam."

Another boat appears and a gothic teen walk onto the deck.

"You mean we're staying here?"asked Sam as she looked at the camp.

"No, you and 21 other campers are staying here. I will be staying at my condo with A/C and a hot tub on the other side of the island! said Sakura with an evil smile.

"I don't remember signing up for this." said Sam.

"Actually, you did." said Sakura while holding up a bunch of papers.

Sam grabbed the papers,tore them up and dumped them in the water.

"The great thing about lawyers is they make lots of copies." Sakura holds up more papers.

Sam grabbed those and did a repeat of two minutes ago.

Sakura pulled out more papers. "I can do this all day!"

Sam glared at her.

"Well! It doesn't matter anyway because your boat is leaving." Sakura pointed to the leaving boat.

Sam mumbled something unpleasant under her breath.

Another boat appears and here comes Youngblood.

"Avast ye, ye scallywags!" yelled Youngblood.

"Avast ye,yourself."Sakura replied back.

"No avast ye." Youngblood shot back.

"If I here avast ye one more time..." said Sam as another boat appeared.

"Everybody this is Star." said Sakura.

"Hey." waved Star.

Another boat appears and here comes Paulina.

"Paulina." Sakura said.

"You mean I have to stay here with these losers?"asked Paulina referring to Sam mostly.

Sakura just nodded, while Paulina went to stand next to Star.

Another boat comes in. And who to be on it but...

"Beware! For I am the Box Ghost." he said for the millionth time in a row.

"Oh no." groaned Sam.

"I'm calling my pa, you cannot make me stay here." said Paulina.

Sakura holds up more papers with a smile. Another boat appears and who else was on it but the master of long-winded introductions.

"Behold, I am Technus master of all that is tec..." he started to say.

"Alright! That's enough!" said Sakura dismissing him off.

Suddenly a motorcycle appears and lands into the suitcases causing a pink one to fall into the lake.

"AAAH! My favorite jacket was in there."screamed Paulina.

"Awesome landing Johnny 13." yelled Sakura as Johnny 13 made his way out of the suitcases.

"Thanks" Johnny 13 replied.

"Hello everyone."said a girl that resembled Danny.

"Everyone this is Dani." said Sakura."And contestant number 11 is Danny."

"Hey Sakura."said Danny, then he noticed Vlad. "Hey, what gives? What's the Fruit Loop doing here?"

"I'm not a fruit loop!" screamed Vlad.

"Scream that one more time in my ear and you're going to the asylum early." said Sakura evilly.

"Can't you send him now?" asked Danny.

"I wish."sighed Sakura. "And contestant number 12 is Jazz."

"Hey." said Jazz as she ran up to Danny.

"Alright, we met the brain loser,can we get on with the show?"asked Paulina annoyed.

"Talk about shallow." said Sam.

Excuse me?" asked Paulina.

"Nothing, nothing, shallow witch." muttered Sam under her breath.

"Why you little goth geek!" said Paulina.

"Settle down now." ordered Sakura.

Commerical break.

Sam and Paulina were about ready to kill each other guessed it another boat appears carrying Poindexter.

"Hey everybo.." Poindexter started to say when he tripped and fell off the ship's railing.

"Loser." said Paulina as another boat appeared carrying Valerie.

"Hey everybody." waved Valerie.

"Hey Val." said Sakura as she high-fived her. "And here comes Tucker."

"Ladies, the Tuckmiser has arrived."said Tucker. A few minutes later the sky darkened and a portal appeared with Clockwork, who was carrying a thermos.

"Oh no! Don't tell me he's going to be here too!" yelled Danny.

"Okay, I won't tell you." said Sakura.

Clockwork opened the thermos and a vortex shot, the sky grew darker and lightening flashed. After a few moments the vortex died down and their floating in the air was Danny's jerky evil (one of the few best evil villains in the entire show) older self. Dan was about to shoot an ecto-beam at the dock when Sakura intervened.

"Okay! I know you're evil and stuff, and you probably want to destroy a lot of things, but you did sign this contract...yikes!" said Sakura, as she ducked when an ecto-beam was shot at her.

Danny went ghost and flew towards Dan. Dan shot an ecto-beam at Danny who dodged and...

Sakura held up a blow horn and pressed the button. A loud sound filled the air and everyone covered their ears.

"Look, I know you guys have issues and evil plans." said Sakura. "But this is a tv show and can you at least refrain yourselves for five minutes so we can continue on with the show."

"Dan I will cut you a deal." said Sakura. "If you particapate in this show, we will let you cause mayhem and whatnot to a minimum of course. Or we will just shove you back into the thermos."

"Are you crazy!" yelled Danny.

"Alright." said Dan, who grinned evilly at Danny. Suddenly the sky brighten for some unknown reason. Another boat appears and on it was Skulker, who had a laser canon pointed at Danny.

"No laser canons at camp." ordered Sakura, like a boot camp director.

"You were saying." threatened Skulker as he pointed the laser canon this time on Sakura.

"I said no laser canons at camp."repeated Sakura. "You signed these contracts(she held up the papers) as well as several other people and ghosts signed, clearly saying no hunting or putting any species in cages, no hunting a certain halfa, no mounting his head on your wall as you always say, no revenge plotting though as long as it's legal..."

"Dang."muttered Vlad as he snapped his fingers.

"No destroying the camp under any circumstances, and so on and so on. Is that clear." finished Sakura.

Skulker blasted his canon at the papers with a smile.

"I said this before and I'll say it again, the great thing about lawyers is they make lots of copies." smiled Sakura as she held up more papers. " Oh yeah, before I forget who ever violates this contract will have to spend one month with Klemper or Fred FredBurger."

"Who's Fred FredBurger? asked Vlad.

"You really need to stop asking questions, but we will show you." said Sakura.

Screen switches to The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Fred FredBurger appears on screen.

"Hey everybody, I like nachos especially with cheese. I can spell my name F-R-E-D F-R-E-D-B-U-R-G-E-R. Fred FredBurger Yes! Hey want to go get some frozen yogurt."

Suddenly a vampire appears.

"How many times do I have to tell you. This is my house!" screamed the vampire.

"Yes!"said Fred FredBurger.

Screen switches back.

Practically everybody was freaked out.

"Okay, will everyone obey the rules?" asked Sakura.

Everybody nodded as they were to freaked out to say anything. As well as the rest of the campers who just arrived while this was going on, Kwan, Dash, Kitty, Ember and Jack Fenton.

"Vladdie my man, what are you doing here?" asked Jack as he gave Vlad a bone crushing hug.

"Right now I'm being crushed by a big ape."growled Vlad.

"Really! If it's a ghost ape I'll send that hairy beast to the ghost zone."said Jack.

"Of course you will." Vlad said sarcastically. "That's it! I'm calling my private jet and getting out of here."

Sakura holds up the papers once more.

Vlad tried calling on his cellphone but to no avail. "Hey what gives."

"You signed the contract remembered. And cellphones kinda don't work on this island except for mine."

"Why does yours work then?" growled Vlad.

"Well it's pretty obvious fruit loop, I'm a TV show host."said Sakura as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"But that still doesn't explain why mine doesn't..." Vlad started to say.

"Stop asking questions already." ordered Sakura. "Okay everyone. Gather round for the first Camp I'mgonnacatchaghost group photo." As Sakura hopped on the boat's deck with a camera.

"Okay smile. On one, two..hang on I forgot the lens caps. Okay there we go. Wait... I need to focus.."

"Just take the stupid photo already!" yelled Vlad.

"Sheesh. Okay one two..."

Just then the the docks broke and everyone except the ghosts that is were plunged into the water.

Some time later...

Sakura looked at the photos. "Aww, our first summer camp pictures! " Every human that is was wrapped in a towel and shivering.

"I hate this place."muttered Vlad.

"Don't worry Vladdie. I'll find the ghost who did this and blast it molecule by molecule."Jack said.

"Now, I really hate this place." muttered Vlad.

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"Fred FredBurger. Yes!" said Fred FredBurger.