Instant Star

Prologue: Back round

Okay. I really shouldn't be starting a new story but I had this idea in my head since June. This story is going to be a cross over between Twilight and Instant Star. So a lot of you possibly have not idea what Instant Star is so I will explain and then explain how this cross over will be set up.


Jude first found fame by winning the Instant Star competition. Her overwhelming desire to help others seem to hold her back. The character's love for her family, her friends, and even for others like Tommy has blinded her throughout the series, and her fear of losing them has led her to the brink at various times of the show.

At the series start, Jude beats Eden Taylor in the very first Instant Star contest. She then meets her producer Tommy Quincy who was a part of a 90's boy band group called "Boyz Attack". Their first meeting was note worthy to say the least. Tommy Q chastised Jude for calling him "little Tommy Q" which was his stage name when he was part of Boyz Attack. From that instant, you could always feel a connection between both characters. He also tells her to change her song because it was boring and she had to make it about her. Before going on stage to sing her single 24 Hours (song), she kisses him and becomes embarrassed about it. After performing her song, she gives Tommy her guitar and quits. Later that night Tommy convinces her to not to quit by telling her she is 'the real thing, even better'.

Jude then meets rap artist Shay, Darius' nephew and made a song with him called 'Waste My Time'. While shooting the music video Jude tells Shay he is her first real kiss. They go out until her sixteenth birthday when it is revealed that he was cheating on her with Eden Taylor, the runner up of the Instant Star contest. Earlier in the day she heard Tommy tell Kwest that he hates that the girl that "gets him the most" is 16. Kwest asks "But if she was 21?" Tommy says "In a split second." Heartbroken after the Shay incident, she asks Tommy what is wrong with her. He tells her she is asking the wrong guy and kisses her. Tommy breaks her heart by telling her that either he had to stop being her producer, or he could stay but they would have to agree that the kiss never happened. But it is obvious many times that he does feel that way for her.

Jude makes a deal with Darius and he becomes her manager if he gives her Tommy's old single Frozen. She later discovers that Tommy is dating her sister Sadie, so she then falls back on her best friend Jamie who she begins to date while still yearning for Tommy.

After returning from tour with her band, Jude finds out that Darius now owns G-major and that he is holding a next Instant Star contest. Jude was supposed to sing a cover of "Stupid Girl" but when she choses to sing her own song (My Sweet Time) Darius fires her. Jude tells Darius she will follow his terms which causes her to break up with Jamie. Jude dyes her hair blonde and a radio shock jock tells her she's a Barbie. Kat comes back into town and gives Jude a fake ID which she uses to get into a bar where she meets Patsy Sewer and gets drunk. Kat ends her friendship with Jude because Jude is too busy to hang with her. Jude later dates her lead guitarist Vincent Spiederman also known as "Speed" or "Spiederman". They are together for a while but break up. Before this incident Jude kisses Mason (the second Instant Star) and finds out he is gay. While working on her second album with Tommy Quincy, Jude records "White Lines" which is about Tommy Quincy. The two kiss and walk off. In the season finale, Tommy Quincy asks Jude out on a date which she accepts. But Tommy Quincy breaks her heart when he tells her he may not be coming back. Jude runs off to meet Mason, who is on tour. She gets drunk and goes to Mason's room and a guy she was having drinks with followed her and took pictures of her intoxicated.

Season 3 deals with Jude growing up, not only as an artist but as an individual as well. It becomes quite difficult for her to do that with the arrival of the new Instant Star, Karma. Karma comes in and stirs a whirlwind of trouble up for Jude. But Karma is not Jude's only problem. She also has to deal with her growing relationship with Tommy (who in the season 2 finale had been sent to retrieve Darius's daughter, whose mother was back on drugs), including her love for him. She also has to deal with Jamie, who keeps popping up in her life to prove to her that he might be her future. She meets Hunter, a man with a troubled past who wants to destroy everything Tommy loves. Jude must also deal with her relationship with Tommy, but it does not last that long, when she finds Tommy kissing Sadie, in the hotel room. Next Jude realizes of Tommy's mistake and decides to fire him as her producer. Later, Jude wears fur to a fashion show which brings up problems- red paint thrown on her, a riot outside her home, and a threat against her. Later, after a performance, she gets a note with Tommy's name signed on it telling her to meet him in the rehearsal warehouse. She gets there and finds Hunter, who attacks her in order to lure in Tommy, despite their deal. During their confrontation, it is revealed Tommy's former girlfriend, Angie, was Hunter's sister, who committed suicide when they found they could not be together. Later it is found out that she was killed by Tommy's former wife Portia Mills, who cut the brakes in Tommy's car when she learns that Tommy planned on leaving her for Angie. Tommy lied to Angie, and said he did not love her so that he could stay for the fame and money, and Angie took off with his car and wrapped it around a tree. Hunter attempts to kill Tommy and Jude, but is arrested. Then, in the season finale, G-Major is shutdown. Jamie and Paegan are starting their own record company, and Jamie wants Jude to be their first producer. Tommy buys Jude a plane ticket for her to go backpacking in Asia with him, and he tells her "I love you". But Tommy is not the only one. Jamie also loves her. Jude has to make a choice and follow her heart.

Jude struggles to pick who she loves. You see in the first episode that she picked Tommy and left Jamie heartbroken. She struggles to stay friends with Jamie and ends up losing him, but not for long. Spiederman marries Karma and are now on a new reality show. Jamie and Paegan hit ground with their new record company. While working, Paegan's daughter shows up and are reunited. At a pajama party that Jude throws, Jamie comes to find Jude and Tommy all over each other, and says he can't believe he thought he could do this. He walks outside in hurt and anger, followed by Jude. She then says that they can fix it over and over, and he asks, "Why does it matter? You've got him!" They argue for a bit, and Jamie kisses her. Jude then proceeds to slap Jamie. He then yells, "Don't you get it, Jude? We can't be friends. Ever again!" Jude's third album bombs, forcing Darius to cancel her tour and fire her. Many people make the remark that it's "over produced." Jude tells Sadie after collapsing into Jamie's arms in his basement, that her music is "all she has left," and begins to cry because Tommy broke up with her. Darius also finds out that Jamie took Blu from G-Major and sends Paegan on tour, with intentions of paying Jamie back by making Paegan and all of his money pull out of NBR (Nana's Basement Records). With no funds, Jamie's record label looks doomed even if Zeppelin stayed (which she does after seeing Jamie, sad, from the car window). Milo wins the Instant Star competition, while Jude realizes that she did go way over board on the album and does a commercial for a Japanese shampoo with Tommy to raise money to remix it. She is accused of selling out by her new-found friend, Megan. In the episode "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" Megan holds Jude hostage in Jude's basement, threatening her that if she doesn't write a new song before Sadie gets back from a G-Major's spa day, she'll do something bad to her. She then agrees to write the song and they work together until it's finished. Jude proceeds to send Jamie a hidden message asking for "fretless base." However, Jamie did not notice until Zeppelin pointed it out. Megan then comes back with the base and tells Jude that that song didn't count. As Megan is talking, Jude starts to cry, but is interrupted by the front door slamming. It's Sadie. Jude screams and Megan covers her mouth, telling her to shut up. She goes downstairs, prepared to smother Sadie, but Jamie, Spiederman, and Zeppelin burst through the door a moment or so too soon. Jamie ran after and caught her and Megan was sent to jail. Jude destroyed the recording of the song, but still sang it. It then shows Jude singing and playing her guitar, when Tommy walks in with some news. He shows her the newspaper. She's on the front cover for being held hostage. They stare at each other for a second, and he crouches down in front of her. He is tempted to kiss her, but doesn't. Then she kisses him. Then, in the series finale, Jude is offered a recording contract with a label in London. Tommy simultaneously proposes to her and she accepts, but she soon starts thinking whether she should go to London with Tommy or move on without him. At her concert, she decides not to sing 2 AM and announces that she is going to London without Tommy, tearfully. She sings "The Music" instead. She has a last good-bye before leaving for London without her friends, family, fans, and Tommy. The series ends with her riding in a limousine surrounded by her fans, and Jude quoting "If I had to chose, there's no contest. I'm a rockstar". In my story the show ends after they kiss and that is the series final episode.

Okay now that you all caught up on Instant Star let me explain how it will tie in with Twilight. This story will take place 3 mouth after Edward left Bella in New Moon. To please her parents Bella enter Instant Star World Talent Search. She wins which is not surprising considering after Edward left her broke she used music as her outlet for the plan and became amazing.

The contest that Bella enters is ran by none other then Tommy Quincy and Jude Harrison-Quincy. This takes place years in the future were they are married, running G-Major, and have a 26 year old son name Tommy Jr. Harrison Quincy. He is a producer at G-Major and he rumored to be one of the best. He chooses to produce Bella after hearing her sing. Will Tommy heal Bella heart or will Edward come back unknowingly?

AN/Disclaimer: I own Nothing and sorry for all they back info but it needed to be out there,


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