Its winter and Cameron is sitting on a bench out in the park by Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Her feelings have been hurt once again and she's desperately looking for a cure to relieve her heartache.

She shivers once again from the cold, tears rolling down her cheeks as she looks up toward the stars. She hears the distant sounds of a motorcycle and she pays no attention, just drops her head in her hands and sobs.

"It's a little cold to be out in this weather don't you think?" a voice says. When she looks up she sees the sea blue eyes of non other than her boss, Dr. Gregory House.

"Go away House." Cameron says as she bundles herself up more in her light coat.

"I'm not leaving without knowing you won't do something stupid that you'll regret." House replies.

"What makes you think I will?" she says, standing up to see him better.

"The tears that are rolling down your cheeks." He says softly as he brushes one away with his thumb.

Cameron sighs ands starts walking in the direction of the street, trying to get away from him, but to no avail.

"How did you know I was here House?" Cameron asks as she stares at his motorcycle.

"Your car's at the hospital, and you weren't in the hospital." He said simply. "Now, do you want to get warm or what?" he asks her as he climbs on his bike and turns on the engine, waiting.

She sighs once more, but gets on the bike and wraps her arms around his waist and he began driving to his home.

When they arrived at his condo, he helped her off the bike and into the house without falling on the ice.

House, as quickly as he could, started to make a fire in the small fireplace and got her blankets to keep warm.

"How long were you out their." "You're near frostbite Cam." House says with slight concern as he helps her sit down by the fire.

"I-I don't know, two, three hours at the most." She answers as she slips off her shoes and wraps herself up in the blankets the he'd given her.

House goes and makes her some warm coffee to soothe her on the inside, while she warmed up. He brought her a small mug half way full.

"Sip it slowly; I don't want you any sicker than you are." House states as he sits in an armchair beside her.

"Why are you so concerned, it's not like I can't take care of myself House." She stated coldly.

"I heard everything today, you shouldn't be treated like something your not." House says, sitting down painfully.

She just looks at her feet and doesn't respond, more tears welling on her face. She begins to sob again and turns to lie on her side. "Go ahead, make it worse." She says and turns to watch the fire.

House simply shakes his head, not wanting to argue. Chase had made her feel like she was the smallest thing on earth by doing what he did, and it just made it worse that it was in public.

"I've hurt you enough." He says and turns his face away from her, not noticing that she'd turned to look at him.

She smiles ever so lightly and sits up once more. She idles over beside him and brushes his cheek softly with her thumb, making him turn to face her.

House's heart jumped at that moment, her face just inches from his own. His eyes softened and he smiles gently at her and leans down, brushing his lips against hers.

She responds in a light kiss. She pulls back and stares into his eyes. "Why now?" she asks, a free tear rolling down her cheek, only to be caught by House's thumb.

"I don't want to see you hurt anymore." He states softly glancing away once more.

"And being with you is supposed to take away everything that has already happened?"

"No, it's supposed to prevent anything else from happening, I care a lot about you, and you were the one to notice it before I ever knew that I did." House admits as he leans down to kiss her again.

She smiles and nuzzles against his neck softly. He was right, she'd tried to get him to be hers a long time ago, three years ago in fact . . . was this a dream?

House wraps his arm around her and lies down beside her gently and holds her tightly against his side.

No way, this is a dream, I'm here, he's here, were together, Cameron thought to herself as she snuggled closer, her body heat rising to a comfortable temperature.

"Feeling better?" he asks softly, looking over and meeting her brown eyes with his blue ones.

"A lot better, thank you House." She says softly, leaning in to capture his lips slowly, her hand on his cheek.

House doesn't pull away, but deepens the kiss slowly, eventually finding his self leaning her back onto the floor, partially lying on top of her when he starts to think, then pulls away.

"What's wrong House?" Cameron asks softly, "Becoming unsure of your self again?

"You're two times younger than me . . . . And my employee Cameron, this is wrong." He says with a sigh, but doesn't move.

"If it's so wrong then why haven't you moved away from me?" Cameron asks a small smirk on her features.

"Because for some reason . . . it feels very right." He says with a light sigh.

That's when Cameron knew that she'd finally gotten to him. She leans up to kiss his cheek and he looks down at her, his eyes partially curious, but also wary. When will you let it go? She wonders to herself as she dares to kiss his chin, his rough stubble tickling her lips.

He sighs and slowly lets his guard down, leaning down to kiss her softly, he lips so smooth and soft on his, it drove him to the brink of insanity. He'd fallen for her, that much he knew, and how this turned from saving her from the cold to this . . . he didn't really know, nor did he care any longer.

House smirks softly, kissing her deeply once more, his tongue sweeping inside her mouth slowly, caringly. She chuckles when he pulls away. "Someone's got an idea on their mind." Cameron whispers.

He simply smirks, moving to kiss her neck, in which she leans her head to the side, letting him have her. She'd dreamt of this, and now that it was real, she'd never want to leave here again.

"Maybe." he whispers, kissing her neck again, making Cameron sigh softly. "Allison, you smell so good." he allos to come from his mouth, in which he looks up to see her reaction.

She blinks, but also blushes a light pink, leaning up to kisshis neck in return. "So do you." she whispers back.

He simply smirks softly, he had a lot of ideas running through him at that very moment.