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He sighs and turns to sit up, getting off of her gently, simply thinking to himself. What if he was doing this all wrong? Had he really admitted his feelings? That was so unlike him and it scared the living crap out of him. He shakes his head slightly, looking about for his cane.

"Looking for this?" Cameron asks softly, handing it to him, shed sat up also, wondering what was going through his mind. She knew he was thinking, and thinking hard. The wrinkles on his forehead always ceased together when he did. "You think too much House." She says, standing up and moving for her coat, but she found it soaked because of the snow that was on it.

"If your thinking of leaving, your thinking wrong, were probably snowed in by now." He says, standing painfully, walking up to his window and peering outside. "The snow's pretty high now." He states.

Cameron walks over and looks out and sighs loudly. "Great, we'll be swamped with wrecks in the ER tomorrow." She says, folding her arms across her chest.

"Even if we get out of here and get to work tomorrow." He states as if it was a fact that they'd get snowed in. House yawns then and turns for the kitchen, he wanted coffee.

Cameron settles for the couch, looking at the blank TV screen. What am I going to do if we do get snowed in? She thinks, glancing toward House, which was getting frustrated at the coffee maker. It's so weird when were alone, we could of . . . . No, no. She thinks the two things she couldn't dream of putting in one sentence, 'Sex' and 'house'.

House looks over at Cameron, seeing her bored made him think, and he didn't enjoy that very much. He sighs and throws another coffee filter away, he hated making coffee, she was the genius, she got the dumb ass thing to work right.

"Need help with that?" she asks when she heard him sigh.

He simply nods, which causes her to walk in the kitchen getting a cffee filter and replacing the water and the coffee grounds before shuttin it and turning it on.

"You amazing at that stupid thing." he mummbles, he'd currently found a good shot of her ass, and really couldn't look away.

She rolls her eyes. "It's commen sense House." she says, turning, seeing where his eyes were for a moment before they rested on her face, which made her smirk. "Did you see something that you liked?" she asks, a playful gleam in her eyes. She'd play hard to get if he truly wanted her . . . though his eyes were hard to not listen to, as they were saying take me please, let me have you NOW. It was going to be a LONG ass night.

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