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By ten 'o'clock at night, House had turned to watch the news and the snow was defiantly not thinking of stopping. He sighs and shakes his head. "I told you so." He says lowly, changing it to General Hospital reruns.

Cameron smirks, sipping on the coco that she'd found and made, it was better than coffee on a night like it was. At least he wasn't by his self she kept thinking, though she didn't really want to be there with the awkwardness that was between them.

Soon enough after a couple of episodes, he glances toward Cameron, finding himself smile lightly, she'd fallen asleep. He turns to watch her, the way her hair rested upon her shoulders, she looked so peaceful. He didn't have a chance to be with her, and he knew it . . . or so that's what he thought.

Cameron smiles through her cat-nap, she could feel his eyes on her. When he wasn't looking and he'd slumped in the couch, she slowly moves, now awake, sneaking her way to sit beside him. He seemed asleep. She almost wanted to hold her breath as she laid her hand on his; he flinches, but doesn't move. She slowly moves to lean against him, laying her head on his shoulder. He grunts and actually moves to accommodate her being against him . . . it made her smile.

What Cameron didn't know was that House was actually partially awake. He smirks softly once he felt that she was comfortable and moves to face her, staring at her . . . she opens her eyes to stare back.

"Tell no one? She whispers to him, captivated by his blue ocean eyes once more.

He smirks and rolls his eyes, "Who's there to tell?" he whispers back, moving to caress her jaw line with his fingertips, smiling when she blushes.

Cameron lets the breath she didn't know she was holding go, and leans up to kiss him softly. This long ass night, was just about to get a lot less boring.

Lying in House's bed, Cameron kisses him once more. She'd stripped him of his shirt and was slowly moving down to work on the button of his jeans.

He looks up at her, his eyes completely lost in the beauty of what was known as Cameron, his rough hands running slowly down her bare back, leaning up to kiss her shoulder. He pulls her to straddle his lap, pressing up against her middle, making her lean her head back and gasp. She was more than ready for him, he knew.

"House—"she starts, but is interrupted.

"Greg." He says softly, "Just Greg."

Cameron smiles softly, pressing down upon his manhood, hearing him grunt in pleasure; she smirks, slowly removing his jeans, careful of his thigh, seeing that he wore boxers that covered the scar.

He smirks up at her, his hard on showing largely through his boxers, she blushes, running her hand over his boxers making him take a sharp breath.

He lifts her hips so he can remove her jeans, in which she gladly helps with. He smiles up at her, running her hand across the dampness between her legs, making her stifle her moan, though it fails.

"Condom?" she asks softly, leaning down to kiss him softly.

"Nightstand." He says roughly.

She leans across taking one and opening it with her teeth and slowly removing his boxers, noting the scar, but not revealing to stare at it as she rolled the condom on him, caressing him along the way, making him moan out her name softly . . . her first name.

Soon enough, both Greg and Allison are clad in their birthday suits as she smiles softly, carefully lowering herself onto him, making her moan out softly, her head lull back.

It took EVERYTHING in Greg's mind NOT to slam into her over and over, she was so tight and hot, in was already bringing him close to his climax.

She gasps lightly when he lifts her hips to help her start a slow rhythm. She locks on his eyes, her hands running up and down his chest gently, humming and moaning softly, until House, I mean Greg, thrusts up hard, making her cry out, pushing down on him with equal force, simply making them speed up dramatically.

Soon enough Greg had taken over, thrusting up hard, but still gentle somehow, leading them both over the edge. Allison collapses on top of him, breathing hard, kissing his forehead softly. "I'll never regret this." She whispers.

"Neither will I." he gasps, rubbing her back softly, letting her lift off of him and move towards the bathroom to clean herself up. She soon comes back, removing the condom off of him and cleaning him up, throwing the rag in the hamper before lying beside him, curling against his side.

He pulls the blanket up around them both, wrapping his arm around her waist, kissing her neck ever so gently before falling into a light slumber.

Allison sighs softly, she'd never forget this night, though no dream now would amount to it, she was forever fallen for him as far as she was concerned as his breathing helped her fall into a slumber as well.

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