Chapter1- Prologue and Lives Begun

Ship: Naruto/Hinata

Author: Paladeus

Key: "Speech", "Demonic Speech", 'Thought', 'Demonic Thought'

xXx – Important Notes – xXx

A/N: Full Summary, then story. This story begins with the Genin Selection Exams and new teams and new plots and arcs emerge. Naruto is no idiot, which is explained a little later as to why, Kyuubi helps him, for his own reasons mostly, including giving Naruto bloodline(s,) which come with severe disadvantages. He gets a new team (Expect mostly minor, but some major, Sakura/Sasuke bashing, though rarely and in moderation until redemption) with a new sensei. I offer my own twists to almost everything. The story becomes wholly my own, truly, when Naruto is kicked out of Konoha and several people choose to follow him, one of which, is the person he made as a Jinchuuriki as well. No explaining after that, you'll have to read. (Jiraiya-like giggle here.) More specific information found on the "About" section, following the end of this chapter.

This story is based on my "Hikaru" challenge in my forum on my profile. Feel free to look at the other challenges and tell me what you think.

Naruto is supposed to be powerful in this. He will not be god-like or suddenly powerful overnight, but he will grow quickly, with explanations as to why and how it works. The same will hold true for a few others as well, but not to the same degree or speed. The bloodlines are an example of this. Check the "About" chapter to see how they will hold him back as much as help him.

WARNING! This story is going to have slow updates as it is only something I am continuing to work on in spare time and to relieve stress of other stories. I just decided to allow others to read it rather than wait until I finished "Reforging the Past".

Several of you may notice pilfered concepts from "Reforging the Past". That is actually because this is where they came from. But it makes more sense to me than Canon.

Recommended Story of the Chapter: "Chunin Exam Day", by Perfect Lionheart

xXx – STORY – xXx

Namikaze Minato was in bad shape. The Kyuubi no Kitsune was only minutes away from the borders of Konoha and he had only been able to come up with one way to get rid of it. The Kyuubi, being a creature that had been thought to be purely myth, was supposedly the strongest of the Bijyuu. It was rumored that a single tail could cause massive earthquakes, tsunamis and even destroy mountains; and it was right outside his city's walls. It was hard to come up with any kind of definitive way to fight something that wasn't supposed to exist.

Minato looked towards his infant son, only just born from his mother's womb due to having gone into premature labor because of the stress of the Kyuubi's arrival. She hadn't even lived but a few minutes after due to the blood loss. She had only lived long enough to hold him until Minato arrived and told him she still wanted to name him 'Naruto', after the fishcakes she hadn't been able to stop eating during her pregnancy. He was too frustrated and sad to offer his usual argument.

The Yondaime of Konoha walked over to his son and picked him up gently, cooing into his son's ear as he lifted him, tears flowing down his own cheeks as he finally admitted to himself, he would be forced to sacrifice himself and his own son to defeat the Kyuubi.

"I'm sorry, Naruto. I ... I can't ask this of anyone else, can I? I can't ask another to do something that I wouldn't first be willing to do for my own village, right?" Naruto grabbed, at the finger poking into his chest softly, giving a soft cooing sound and bright smile, almost as if giving his consent. Minato knew it was a fool's hope, but that was all he had at the moment.

"Look at it this way, my little Naruto-kun. My seal will give you all of the Kyuubi's chakra as you grow older and soon, you'll be amongst the strongest in the world, even if you don't become ninja." Minato hugged the newborn boy to him gently as he cried.

"We're running out of time, Minato," Sarutobi, the former Sandaime of Konoha walked into the room, looking as somber as he felt.

"I know, but I can't help but worry about the future after this. With as much faith as I have in Konoha, I know my son's life will be hell for him." Minato kissed his son lightly on the forehead.

"Then let me do the sealing, please!" He knew it was a pointless argument. They had spoken about it several times since Minato had thought of using the technique. He was continuously overruled.

"You know I can't let you do that. It would take you too long to learn the seals and I need you to be with Naruto. You'll only have a few moments after the Kyuubi's essence enters him to finish the sealing, and no one here is as fast, or accurate, as you," he finished, handing Naruto to the old man who took several moments to look at the baby giggling in his arms. Born only hours ago and he was already full of energy and amused with the world.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, unsure if he was saying to the baby or the man in front of him with a sad smile on his face.

"Remember the instructions I gave you about telling him his heritage, what to tell Hiashi-san, Hitomi-chan, Daisuke-san and Jiraiya and make sure you change his birth certificate as we talked about."

"I remember, Minato-kun. All will be as you requested it." Both men gave each other sad smiles as Minato turned to head out his window, stopping just before jumping through.

"Sarutobi, let them remember him as a hero." With that, he turned and jumped high and far, summoning Gamabunta, the frog boss mid-leap and then riding him out to confront the strongest enemy he had ever faced, knowing he wouldn't come out of it alive.

Sarutobi shunshin'd himself and Naruto to the temple where several ANBU were stationed, keeping it ready for this very purpose. These were some of the few that Minato and Sarutobi believed could be entrusted with the secret of who Naruto truly was.

"He couldn't be persuaded to find another way, Ho-Hokage-sama?" The female ANBU's grief was completely obvious as she spoke, already using the Sandaime's soon-to-be reinstated title.

"I'm afraid not, Panda. And now young Naruto must carry the burden his father places on his shoulders, where we wish it didn't have to be." As he placed the curious baby on the pedestal, several of the ANBU lowered their heads in reverence to the man about to sacrifice himself and his only child in an agreement towards the older man's words.

It was only a few minutes later that Sarutobi watched as a massive red cloud of chakra flew into the shrine where Naruto lay in wait. As it entered him, his eyes flashed red, then black and then back to a crystal blue before he started crying out. Sarutobi didn't even have time to reach halfway to the boy before a seal flashed from nowhere on his stomach in blue, radiating a chakra that felt all too familiar to each person within the room, then black, without the feel of any chakra whatsoever, altering between multiple seals and other seals growing before one large one was formed from each of the others. Moments later, the seal was gone, and the boy stopped crying before getting a look of immense concentration on his face, his hands fisted next to him. Sarutobi hesitating only a moment and not realizing the look on his face, still shocked at the seal forming on it's own without his help, which wasn't what Minato said would happen, picked the boy and and held him in front of him.

"Naruto, my boy. You are now the hero of Konoha. The boy who gave every breath he took to- WHAT!" It was at that point, that Naruto's look of concentration left his face and a stream of yellow liquid shot out from him and onto the front of the old man. A few seconds later, it died out and the boy began giggling madly. Moments later, one of the ANBU with less self-control than the others failed to hold in a snicker of his own.

"Well, it seems you have your father's sense of humor, Naruto-kun," Sarutobi said. After getting agreements from all present to hold the true events of that night secret, especially the bit at the end, they made their way to the Hokage's office, where he began to take care of Minato's last wishes and began his speech as to what to tell the people of Konoha about their selfless leader's sacrifice. Despite the events of the night, Naruto's presence made those who witnessed the end in that room feel just a little bit lighter. Sarutobi's only comfort with regards to the seal having formed on it's own was that it radiated Minato's own chakra. Had it not, he would have been more worried. He could only assume that it naturally formed to restrain whatever entity was sealed. Assume and hope, anyway.


"Why the hell can't I get this to work!" Uzumaki Naruto sat on the shore of the little stream with a fwump as he tried to figure out why he couldn't stand on water the way the scroll described. He'd gotten this scroll just over a week ago, much like the several others he'd been given before. It, like the others as well, were left in his home with absolutely no clues left as to who had left them, though all but the sealing scrolls had a group of people at the bottom giving peace signs. It had become such a regular occurrence that he wasn't worried when he got them, but it always bothered him that someone could get into his home without alerting him. Many of the citizens of Konoha had tried that very same thing in the past and he learned very quickly to wake up. He just couldn't figure out why this person could. Maybe next time, he'd leave a note for his mystery scroll-giver asking for another attack jutsu scroll.

"I've told you already, whelp, your chakra output is far to uneven. It comes out of you in pulses, so to speak, and that is why you can't stay without using far too much chakra."

"Yea, yea. But we've already figured that much out. What I can't understand is why I can't get this with a constant flow of chakra when I was able to do the tree-climbing exercise without too much trouble. Its basically the same thing, just a steady flow rather than placing a certain amount to my foot and maintaining it."

"That's just it, you put a certain amount on your feet and it acts like a suction cup and keeps you there. With this, you have to maintain that certain amount, but keep expelling it. You know this already." Naruto sighed as he was told, far from the first time, that very same thing.

"Alright, Kyuubi. I got ya."

"Why don't you try working on the meditation exercise? Maybe if you can become more attuned with your chakra, you will be able to handle it better. Right now, all of your chakra is in a raw state. The meditation would allow you to feel it better and let you work with it better, just as it's description pointed out," the Kyuubi offered sardonically. They both knew his chakra was a little more ... wild ... than the average person's thanks to having the Kyuubi sealed within Naruto, but the boy had come incredibly far in controlling it, though he wouldn't admit to that freely. It was just delicate things like this that caused him trouble. There was so much chakra that it tried to come out of him in a rush and little pulses where some would be a touch more concentrated than the bit before and after it. He could easily stay on the water, but he released so much chakra when doing so that it looked like his was standing over boiling water, rather than a calm surface that it was supposed to be. It was still a far cry better than when he'd first started and the water wouldn't come within an inch of the bottom of his feet. It just broke apart under him and caused him to make a depression in the water that he stood in the center of, as if he were sitting in a clear, large half bowl.

"I don't like sitting still for that long, but I suppose I can try again. I just hope I don't fall into my mindscape again." Letting out a sigh, Naruto rolled his scroll back up and put it in the pouch on his pants and sat still and quiet. This was a side that no one, aside from himself and the Kyuubi knew about. He suspected that the quiet Hyuuga girl in his class, Hinata, had seen it as she seemed to watch him on occasion, but he didn't allow anyone else to if he could help it. She was the one person in class who showed anything towards him aside from cruelty or simple indifference, so he was willing to allow her to watch him. He couldn't figure out why she wanted to, but she never used it to harm him in any way and she was nice to him when she wasn't blushing or feinting. He also couldn't find him to be rude to the girl. He found that he enjoyed their silent game.

It was also this particular side of him, along with the meditation exercise itself, that had led to him meeting the Kyuubi nearly seven months prior. He'd been meditating, almost peacefully as his eyebrow had an annoying twitch, when he felt a sudden shift in himself not unlike the falling sensation while laying in bed when waiting for sleep to claim him. When Naruto opened his eyes, he found himself in the same position he was in the real world, but this time, in a dank sewer-like place. There was what he hoped was water on the floor, several inches deep and two sets of pipes running the ceiling of the place. One was a larger blue pipe about the size of his arm and the second was a rusty red color that was about the size of his wrist. After wandering around, he found himself eventually talking with the Kyuubi, exchanging insults for a while and then finally actually talking. It was an odd experience, to say the least, but the demon's offer to help him train was a welcome one, especially after having learned why everyone hated him. There was a brief sense of betrayal when he considered that the Sandaime knew and never told him, but the Kyuubi explained how he had hoped he could find companionship amongst those his who were his own age. It just didn't work out that way.

Naruto sat meditating for an hour before he couldn't handle it any more. He let out of soft growl and hopped up, stretching the stiffness out of his leg muscles. It was nearing dinner time as it was, and he had plans for later that evening.


"NARUTO!" That was the yell that many people within Konoha woke up to the next morning as Naruto's Academy teacher, Iruka, noticed the Hokage monument. Normally, the Hokage monument had four faces of Hokages past, and was a symbol of the village's love for it's leaders. Now, however, each one was painted in a fashion depicting the First as watching the Second with a shocked expression, the Second, reading a perverted book and a blush, the Third with a sneaky expression as he watched the book himself and the Fourth with his own expression of rage while looking at the Second Hokage, albeit, painted to look much like a geisha.

The boy in question was already being chased by an ANBU squad for his actions, though they were having trouble catching him. It seemed that, no matter what they did, he was able to evade their hands, even if they were supposed to be best the village of Konoha had to offer. Ten minutes of being chased and he had finally given the ANBU the slip, only to be caught and bound by Iruka, who then dragged him back to class, complaining the whole time as Naruto glared at the ground sliding past his feet.

"Naruto, you know you have to do well in school or you won't be able to become a good ninja! Why do you have to keep doing pranks like this?"

"Mmph! Emgah ima g't!" Iruka ignored Naruto's muffled protests as he had already gagged him so he wouldn't have to listen to his ranting on the way to the Academy. He just continued asking his questions and dragged Naruto along as Naruto mumbled obscenities through his gagged mouth.

Several minutes later, Iruka put the still bound and gagged Naruto into his usual seat as the rest of the class snickered save for a small few. As soon as Iruka turned to go back to the front of the class, however, Naruto stretched his arms out and the ropes binding him snapped after having been cut with a small blade kept on himself for that very reason. When Iruka turned back around, he looked at Naruto in surprise before shaking his head and beginning, silently regretting not getting some metal wire for just such occurrences.

"Alright everyone, today is the last day of review for your Academy graduation exams before you become true Genin, so pay attention!" As Iruka put the piece of chalk to the chalkboard, a clear, plastic film pressed down, knocked the small barrier on top of the board over, causing pink dust to fall over onto the shocked teacher. The class erupted into a fit of half-held snickers and giggles, while some of the students were brave enough to simply laugh whole-heartedly.

Iruka couldn't figure out how he had done it, as he was being chased by ANBU most of the morning, but his satisfied grin a simple wink said everything. "NARUTO!"


It was two days later. The second day of the Genin Selection Exams. The first had been a written exam where Naruto barely managed a passing grade. Certainly, it wasn't that he didn't know the answers, but he did know that if the villagers knew his true intelligence, that they would find him as much more of a threat, and he couldn't have that.

Today was the Taijutsu and weapons portions of the exam. Everyone had already shown their accuracy by throwing shuriken and kunai at their targets, which Naruto was proud to say he'd done well with. He was able to throw up to five of either weapon with pinpoint accuracy, second only to Uchiha Sasuke and in a tieing position with seven others from the class.

Now, they were in the middle of their Taijutsu matches, which were to last five minutes between each of the two participating. The whole thing was set up so that they would fight in pairs amongst their peers. Halfway through, it became Naruto's turn to fight. After having stepped into the make-shift ring, where the rest of the class was spread out around to watch, the examiner was looking at the list to see who would fight against him when Naruto noticed the man's smirk.

"Uchiha Sasuke!" The crowd of students around the sparring ring began cheering, every one of them, for Sasuke, the last Uchiha of his clan that was loyal to Konoha, as he stepped into the ring.

"Hey, Kid."

'Huh? What do you want, Kyuubi? I'm about to fight Sasuke-teme!'

"Use the Taijutsu form I've been teaching you. Its the only real form you know, and we need to impress them if we want to pass this time around. This kid has not only worked as hard as you have, but he's also been able to have proper training with other sparring partners. You'll need the help from it." The Kyuubi could feel Naruto's apprehension, but felt it was necessary. As much as the proctors would be against Naruto truly knowing a form, he needed to perform well.

'Alright, Kyuubi, but what if they ask questions?' Naruto took his stance, feet shoulder-width apart, left side facing his opponent, and his arms in a wide circle shape with his fingers shaped like claws. He was able to hear the murmurs coming from the other students, which was understandable considering this particular form of Taijutsu was only taught within the Kitsune clans. It was, sadly, one of only three forms the Kyuubi knew, and the only one he was actually proficient at when in his human form in the past.

"Just say you created it from watching that weird guy in green spandex." Both Naruto and the Kyuubi shuddered as the image flew through their minds.

"Begin," the proctor said.

Sasuke rushed immediately towards Naruto, dipping down and coming back up as he got near Naruto in an attempt to land a roundhouse kick to the blonde's head. Naruto, having just finished listening to the Kyuubi, reacted just in time and tilted his head left, feeling the leg catch his hair as he planted a mule kick over his own shoulder into the side of Sasuke's head, making him stop his rotation prematurely, much to the dismay of the people watching. None of them expected Naruto, the 'Dead Last' of the class, to even land a hit on the Uchiha.

Sasuke pushed himself off the ground hard as Naruto rushed in and attempted another kick to the boy's head on his way up, only barely missing. 'What the hell? Since when was he able to land so much as a hit on me?'

Naruto followed Sasuke and landed a punch on Sasuke's stomach, though Sasuke had already begun pulling himself backwards to minimize the strength. In response, he grabbed Naruto's hand and spun, throwing him over his should and onto the ground a few feet away. Just as he landed, on all fours, he rushed back towards Sasuke, becoming upright again and jumping when he was just out of Sasuke's reach, who'd already pulled a fist back to punch the blonde.

"Too slow, Sasuke-teme!" Naruto came down and landed a kick to the back of Sasuke's head as he spun forward in the air, causing him to face-plant into the ground hard, making his lip to begin bleeding. Getting up, Sasuke wiped the blood from his chin and scowled. He ran forward and punched Naruto in the face before ducking down and sweeping the legs out from beneath him, then rolling over and landing a kick to Naruto's stomach, knocking the air out of him.

"You know, when I said to use the Kitsune forms, I meant to use it more than just the opening stance," the Kyuubi groused.

'Sorry, he caught me by surprise, but I'll start again.'With that, Naruto and Sasuke both leapt back up and stood several feet away in their stances of choice. Sasuke in his family's form and Naruto in the one he began with.

"What do you think you're doing, dobe? Trying to make your defeat look good?" The laughing crowd simply enhanced Sasuke's pride. They may have all been idiots, but even he thought that it was funny.

"No," he replied, "I was just trying to decide if I should really use this or not. I've only been working on it for a short time and haven't perfected it by any means, but I think you'll be my first test subject." As Sasuke's eyes narrowed and the watching students began to murmur again, Naruto rushed forward, his whole body low the ground and he was suddenly right under Sasuke's nose with an infuriating smirk. He launched an open fist into Sasuke's stomach, his fingers still open and stiff as if holding a ball, or using claws. The wind was knocked out of Sasuke just enough from the sudden attack that Naruto was able to back flip right in front of the bent over form and kick him back into the air.

As soon as the kick hit Sasuke under the chin, he was brought out of his surprise and righted himself in the air, landing in a crouch. He went after Naruto and they began exchanging a flurry of punches and kicks. They now only had thirty seconds left in their fight and the crowd of students and proctors were all stunned at the display. They expected such things from the Uchiha, as it was how things were supposed to work, but whatever Naruto was doing, was keeping him on par. They watched, most in mild shock or surprise as he simply didn't stop moving and always seemed to move around, all movements flowing from one to another; never was one move sudden or jerky aside from the jabs with his open palms.

The only problem, however, was that Naruto's attacks seemed to keep the tips of his fingers damaged. He seemed to open little wounds whenever he struck out at the last Uchiha and missed and hit something else that he shouldn't have. Sadly, the form was used for Kitsune, who had claws and could hold up to that kind of barrage. Naruto only had fleshy fingertips.

With only ten seconds left, Naruto landed a harsh hit into Sasuke's gut, doubling him over in pain, making him spit blood onto Naruto's orange jacket and his own chin. Not giving up, he kneed Naruto in the same fashion, causing him to double over in pain as well. Naruto, recovering his breath first, punched Sasuke in the face, sending him back a few feet and covering his fist in the Uchiha's blood and cutting his knuckles on Sasuke's incisors. Sasuke rushed forward and managed to get under Naruto's guard, getting two quick punches into Naruto's solar plexus and kneeing him in the side of his torso, impacting directly onto his liver, making Naruto push off Sasuke and they each landed back several feet from their start points breathing heavily. Both were about to strike out at each other again when the proctor stepped forward.

"The match is over! Very good, next is Akamichi Chouji versus Endo Bainei!" Both boys stepped back into the crowd, ignoring each other and watching the continuing matches.

'Not bad, but he could really stand to use a sparring partner and I should probably teach him more than the basic stances. His forms are far from perfect and he was very choppy when going from one form to another. He kept trying to improvise. What is it with humans and not doing as they are taught? Sometimes, I wonder if it wouldn't just be better to let him go down in a blaze of-'In the middle of Kyuubi's thoughts, while healing Naruto's fingers and wounds now that he wasn't the center of attention again, he found something unfamiliar in Naruto's bloodstream.

'Oh ho! I do believe it to be time I gave the gaki a gift. I can't have a weak vessel, now can I?' With very quiet snicker, as demon lords do NOT giggle, he began to examine the foreign substance.

Naruto went home that day after watching the rest of the matches. He was rather surprised at some of the matches. The fights between the boys of the class showed more technique and pain than the girls', but the kunoichi fights were still a little entertaining. Several were nothing more than an all out slug-fests with claims of obtaining Sasuke's heart with each defeat.

A few, however, showed promise that the girls were doing more than playing with hair care products, though only just. There were two fights, however that surprised him in comparison to what he'd been expecting. The first was Inuzuka Kiba and his dog, Akamaru, against a boy that always picked on Naruto and a few of his friends. He was rather surprised to see the dog actually fight alongside Kiba. He had always known that the puppy was supposed to be used in that fashion, while still being Kiba's friend and partner, but he had never actually seen it. Kiba never wanted to use Akamaru during the fights in the Academy since he was still so young, but he'd held him in secret for the exams, apparently. The dog had been battle-ready for nearly a month and a half. Who would have thought that a ball of fluff and legs had such a vicious bite?

The second was Hyuuga Hinata's fight against Haruno Sakura. He knew Sakura always had one hell of a mean streak, but to go right into the fight and say how easily she would win against her was just mean. It wasn't that, though, that surprised him, even if she did manage to make it easy to beat the timid Hyuuga girl. It was actually that he noticed Hinata hesitate any time she was going to get in a very strong hit or even simply pull her punches. He'd even seen her alter slightly to aim for a spot that was different than her original target, which would have caused more pain had she not done so. She had drastically been holding back, and none of the proctors made even a note on it during her performance. Sakura, unfortunately, didn't have that problem and simply went for a quick knockout once she noticed one of the openings that Hinata's holding back had caused. She didn't have the strength to use it, however, so it was a draw by the time the proctor stopped the fight due to the time constraint. All in all, he was rather surprised about the fight.

As both boys and girls had completed the Taijutsu matches, the next day was geared towards the Ninjutsu tests. One by one, the students were called in to another room where they either passed or failed the required test that was selected by the Village Council. Even though he passed the Taijutsu exam with moderate marks, his written portion of the Genin Exams was so low that Naruto had to pass this portion, or he failed for the final time.


Umino Iruka looked out at the Genin hopefuls that sat at their desks, some of them eagerly awaiting the final exam, and others, such as Nara Shikamaru, already laying down and back to the sleep that their mothers pulled them out of earlier than they would have liked.

"Alright, you lot, listen up!" He waited for those who were talking to mostly calm down before continuing. "Now, this is the final and, usually, the most difficult portion of the Genin Selection Exams; the Ninjutsu portion of the exam. Your goal will be to create two viable bunshin capable of use in battle. We'll call you in, one at a time, and you will be given one chance to do the deed. Now, first up!" He began with the first name on his application's sheet and walked off into another room down the hall while Naruto began a frustrated conversation with the fluff ball behind his navel.

'Aw! What the hell!'

"Look, Kid. You can do this. Just concentrate and use so little chakra that you barely even realize it. You've done it before, so you can do it again!"

'Yea, and that was right after having to deal with a bunch of villagers and I was barely walking on my feet! Iruka didn't even scold me for falling asleep in the class!' Naruto was beginning to get worked up. He had only managed do create a bunshin once before, unless he created them by the hundreds, and they were specifically asked to make only two of them. 'Besides, you know I've tried to use as little chakra as possible. I just don't have the control for it. I can't use so little chakra because yours is mixed in and far more potent than mine. You said so yourself!'

"I know, and I'm sorry, Kit. We just have to try." Kyuubi truly was sorry. He knew that Naruto would be forced to forget about being a ninja if he failed this time, and he would not be able to really become stronger, making their combined deaths more likely. He had been given two other attempts and, sadly, this was the final time during the year he had a chance. They would force him to leave the Academy and go to normal classes like those who didn't want to be ninja. If that happened, then the assassination attempts would start back up.

'I know, I know. I just wish there was something we could do. We've tried again and again only to get absolutely nothing unless I make at least two hundred of the little bastards!' He let out a frustrated mental yell trying to think of a way around it. 'Maybe I can ask to make a bunch of them for bonus or something... Do you think they would go for it?'

"No, I'm afraid they won't. They didn't last time when we asked." Kyuubi paused while Naruto let out another mental cry of anguish. "Hey gaki, I've got another idea, but it would mean a sacrifice of sorts."

'Huh? What kind of sacrifice? You know I can't let you out, the villagers would try and kill us both.'

"No, no. Nothing like that, twerp. I can put a power limiter on myself. Basically, it would be similar to the seal on your belly, but nothing nearly as serious. However, once on, I won't be able to break it, only you can. That means that I won't be able to loan you power, talk to you or even hear you if you try to talk to me, unless you speak out loud. It will be just like before the seal on your stomach activated." Kyuubi could feel Naruto's apprehension as he thought it over.

'Are you sure it would help? And how would I break it after you activate it? I really don't want to be alone again...' Naruto really wasn't totally sure if he thought it was worth it or not. Sure, he'd have a better chance with the jutsu, but how long would he be without Kyuubi? And if he couldn't accept Kyuubi's power, would Kyuubi still be able to heal him if the villagers got overly anxious again?

"Yes, it will help, though I honestly don't know by how much since it will be very weak so we don't hurt ourselves later. It is basically going to put me to sleep and lock most of me away. I know a little bit of my power would still flow through you, as it can't be completely stopped, but it shouldn't be overly much. And, to break it, you would have to punch through it on your own or I can break it if I am forced awake, either of my own ability over time or if something happens to you that will cause a drastic emotional response within your body that wakes me up, since I can feel your emotions somewhat or if you try to break it hard enough, which shouldn't be too difficult."

'So, is it safe? For the both of us? And how long would it take you on your own?' The way Kyuubi spoke about it, Naruto was beginning to think it wasn't overly dangerous.

"Not too long, but I don't know for sure. My chakra will constantly work against it, weakening it, and I won't make it too strong, so it would just depend on everything from when I put it up to when it breaks. If anything dangerous comes about, that should be enough to awaken me. I would say it would only last two or three days at most on it's own, otherwise it would be too strong now that the Shiki Fuuin seal is activated." Kyuubi gave Naruto a few moments to think it through as Iruka pulled out the twenty-third person for the Ninjutsu test. "Do you want to try it? All said and done, I would recommend it."

'Alright, Fuzzy, let's do it.' An irritated growl at Naruto later, Kyuubi spoke up.

"Alright, brat, just remember I'm doing this for your graduation! Now shut up and hold still. See you when it breaks..." Naruto heard the Kyuubi chanting very lightly, almost thinking he was purring or growling before he felt the slight warming sensation of Kyuubi's chakra flare for the briefest of moments, almost not even enough to feel before he felt suddenly ... empty.

'Kyuubi? Are you there?' Naruto paused for a few moments to wait for a reply before realizing it wasn't coming. He really was alone again.

"I hope this works," he muttered, sighing lightly. A few minutes later, he heard his name.

"Uzumaki Naruto!" He got up and followed his sensei out of the room and into the one across the hall, where Iruka took his seat next to the silver-haired Mizuki, his teaching assistant.

"Alright, Naruto. You know the drill. Two battle-ready bunshin and you pass." Naruto nodded his understanding before deciding that asking never hurt, and every chance would be beneficial.

"Can I do extra bunshin for bonus?" As Iruka shook his head 'no', Naruto hung his head slightly. "Alright, here we go, then." He gathered as little chakra as possible, only doing what he knew he needed to do in order to channel his chakra and doing his hand-signs for the bunshin before pushing the chakra as he was taught, with so little actual chakra that he didn't even feel the pull.

"Bunshin no jutsu!" Twin puffs of smoke appeared on either side of Naruto. He was immediately pleased with himself, knowing he used the smallest amount of chakra he could ever hope to pull from his core and still had some come out. However, once it cleared, his proud smile vanished into a look of horror as he noticed his clones on the ground, pale and looking to either be dead or so sick, they would be about to die if they were real people.

"Naruto..." Iruka began, "you fail!" Iruka had a slight twinge in his eyebrow as Naruto failed to produce the required clones of himself. He knew Naruto was capable of it as he had done it before. His moment of anger towards Naruto for not doing his best quickly turned to shame and guilt as he realized Naruto's eyes shone with repressed tears.

"Iruka, perhaps we could let him pass," Mizuki asked. "He did, after all, create two bunshin that would catch an enemy's attention." Iruka felt even more horrible when he noticed Naruto's hopeful expression.

"I'm sorry, Mizuki, Naruto... but neither of those bunshin would fool even the dumbest of enemy ninja. I'm sorry, Naruto, I really- Naruto!" Iruka couldn't finish as Naruto turned and fled from the room.


Naruto sat silently on a swing in the shade of a large tree in the yard of the Academy. It was one of his favourite places to sit and think or just simply be alone on the Academy grounds. Right now, however, he sat there, watching as all of the students who'd taken the exam and passed. Every single one of them except for him.

"That's my boy! Tonight, Mom's making your favourite for dinner! We're both really proud of you!"

"Look, Mom! I'm going to be as strong as Dad now!"

"You've made your family proud today, Son. We're going to take you and your sister out to whatever restaurant you want. Tonight is all about you."

He listened as several families joined in the happiness of his peers' achievements. He couldn't help but think about his own parents, and the usual questions of where they were, if they were even alive, if they had left him because of Kyuubi or if he'd simply been lost from them somehow. With Kyuubi sealed up, he couldn't even talk to the only one who'd been his constant companion for the past four months.

He could also hear the other voices. The ones who talked about him. The voices that he couldn't block with his usual mask as he sat there, completely enveloped in sorrow. He merely kept his eyes closed, letting the words wash over him.

"Look, over there. Its him."

"They say he's the only one who didn't pass."

"Yea, its a good thing, too. They should never have let him join the Academy, that dem-"

"Shh! Its forbidden to talk about!"

Naruto was shivering in anguish. The glares and words coming from the villagers who hated him were becoming even stronger and he couldn't take it anymore. He was about to get up and leave when he heard soft footsteps coming up beside him. Naruto turned to look and saw Mizuki standing there, but failed to see the lavender-eyed girl who was just as sad as he was that stood watching him from a distance.

"You know, Naruto, Iruka didn't fail you because he hates you. He did it because he cares about you." Naruto couldn't figure out the relation of failing him and caring for him.

"W-what do you mean, Mizuki-sensei?" Mizuki sighed and looked over the families celebrating on the courtyard.

"Iruka was a lot like you as a child. He acted up in class, and didn't do very well because he wanted attention. He, too, was an orphan because the Kyuubi killed his family when it attacked. He sees a lot of himself in you, and he doesn't want to give you something that you didn't earn. He doesn't want you to get hurt by going on missions and not being up to the challenge of going against an enemy and dieing." Naruto shook slightly in a shiver as the words washed over him. Iruka was always yelling at him and punishing him; but at the same time, it actually was only when he'd done something wrong.

"It doesn't matter anymore," Naruto said, dejected still, "I still failed the test. I have no choice now but to go to normal school." The disgusted face Naruto made as he sat the last two words made Mizuki truly laugh.

'This is too easy!' Mizuki thought.

"Well, what if there was a second way. Would you be willing to do your best to take a secondary exam?" The widening of Naruto's eyes was all Mizuki needed for his confirmation. He motioned Naruto to follow him and they both left to a more secluded area to talk, unknowingly leaving Naruto's silent watcher behind. Once they arrived in the training area nearest to the school, Mizuki looked around and began talking again.

"Alright, Naruto. Here is the deal. There is a program that was designed for students more like the Uchiha and other students who are more like you; for one reason or another, they were unable to pass the normal Genin Selection Exams... But," he stressed the word 'but' to make sure he had Naruto's attention with it, "you have a sponsor who believes in you."

"What?" This was sounding almost too good to Naruto, but at the same time, it was believable with his hope clouding his better judgement.

"You see, Naruto, the job of a ninja is to complete their mission, using whatever skills are available to them. In your case, and those like it where a student may not show his ability on paper or in a classroom setting, we have a test where you are given a fake mission, where everything is set up, and you are judged based on your performance. You must have a teacher who sponsors you, who gets permission from the Hokage, which I have already done, if you will agree to it, and your sponsor gives you a black-ops mission set up by the Hokage."

"I'll do it!" Naruto was quivering in excitement as Mizuki laughed whole-heartedly. He was so excited that he didn't realize it wasn't an amused laugh, but something else.

"Alright, Naruto. If you're that sure and don't want to think it over, these are the requirements: Object one; you are to tell absolutely no one of your mission. That is why it is considered a black-ops. Should you be captured, it will be exactly the same as though you were a foreign shinobi. You will be questioned about who sent you and what your mission was and what you know about your own village and such."

"Object two; you are to be seen by no one, and anyone you are found by must be incapacitated by any means necessary. You are only a Genin hopeful, going against anyone between you and your mission, so they can defend themselves and will play exactly the same as if this were real. They will attack you and they will question your presence."

"Object three; you are to be judged on all abilities used, therefore, stealth, speed, cunning and such, all of that will be evaluated, so work accordingly."

"Now, your mission is to break into the Hokage's office and steal a replica of the Forbidden Scroll," he noticed Naruto's eyes widen and decided to head off any questions, "it won't be the original, Naruto. It will only have whatever techniques Hokage-sama feels you are allowed to learn. He creates the scroll based on who is taking the exam, but you will not be allowed to keep it. That brings us to the second portion of the exam."

"Alright. I'm listening." Naruto could tell this was going to be intense.

"Good, Naruto. Now, the second part, is to learn as much from the scroll as you can and then show me what you've learned. After that, we do the evaluation and I will take the scroll back to Hokage-sama, as you are not permitted to allow any harm to come to the scroll whatsoever. Got everything?" When Naruto confirmed that he did, and summarized the actual mission, Mizuki smiled at him and then explained, in great detail, what the scroll looked like and where to find it before sending Naruto on his way.


Naruto silently slipped through the ventilation ducts of the Hokage's office. Years of being chased by villagers and outrunning the ANBU of Konoha had given him an astounding stealth ability and he made sure to incorporate ever single iota of his skill in avoiding the guards within the building and make his way through. The Kyuubi was still quiet and blocked, but that had actually worked to his favor so far. His current level of chakra control was higher than it would have been, which included masking his chakra from the guards who were taught to detect such things.

Dropping silently to the floor, Naruto went to the bookshelf along the inside wall and opened the hidden wall where the scroll was held. He checked for any traps and, not finding any, grabbed the scroll before closing the hidden wall. He was about to jump back into the air duct when he detected the Third Hokage at the door. His own ability to disguise his chakra signature coming naturally kept it at a low enough level that he was too close before Naruto noticed it to hide.

"Naruto? What are you doing with the Forbidden Scroll?" The Sandaime Hokage was coming back to get his pipe and was quite shocked to seat Naruto with the Forbidden Scroll of all of Konoha's most secret techniques strapped to Naruto's back. The only reasons he could come up with for taking it all ended badly, so he hoped it was something other than Naruto planning to turn missing nin.

"Heh, sorry you caught me, Old Man! I ain't gonna lose my final chance! This is one test I know I can win! Orioke no jutsu!" Naruto disappeared to the Hokage's eyes, and when the smoke disappeared, an incredibly beautiful blonde woman with her long hair in pigtails to either side showed up. The truly ... magnificent ... aspect, however, was that she was completely and utterly nude. The older man's eyes couldn't miss the fact that her figure was perfect, or that the truly tantalizing bits were covered in wisps of smoke that seemed to caress 'her' skin. He stood there, wide-eyed in shock as the beautiful 'woman' in front of him turned her head down and looked at him through her eyelashes to speak in a very quiet and hesitant voice.

"H-Hokage-sama? Please... touch me..." The nude girl watched, highly amused, as the great Hokage of Konoha, supposedly the most powerful shinobi in the village, flew back into the wall from a massive nosebleed so strong, it knocked him out.

Naruto poofed back into his true form with a grin as he jumped into the ventilation system again, planning on making up for lost time and for having gotten caught. "I swear, all of the adults in this village are perverts!" He quickly made his way to one of his favourite training areas to complete the rest of his 'mission'.


Iruka was laying in bed, wondering if he should have passed Naruto like Mizuki had suggested. It really wasn't that he didn't want Naruto to succeed, as it was quite the opposite, but he couldn't, in good conscience, send him out when he felt it would be practically like sending him out to his death. If Naruto wasn't able to perform such a simple jutsu, how could he hope to pull off the stronger ones? There was a natural order to things where you work your way up from weak to strong.

Iruka couldn't help but see the similarities between himself and Naruto. The way they put on a show of sorts to those who looked at them, but didn't truly see them, being the class clown just to have people laugh with him rather than at him and both being orphans. He was perhaps the only teacher at the Academy that understood him in any way and didn't hate him for what he carried and he couldn't help but wonder if he couldn't have possibly tried to help him out in some other way. Maybe spend more time with him on his chakra control exercises or perhaps work on that specific jutsu one day after class until he could do it in his sleep. Iruka would have continued on his train of thought if a knocking hadn't sounded at his door. Getting up to answer it, he was surprised at who he saw.

"Mizuki? What are you-"

"Naruto's stolen the Forbidden Scroll! Hokage-sama wasn't all Chuunin and above at the tower!" With that, Mizuki took off, making sure Iruka was right behind him.

'Naruto, what have you done?' Iruka put on a burst of speed and pulled ahead of Mizuki while Mizuki was thinking something else.

'Damnit! I thought everything through so much! How could I forget to tell him to meet me in a set place! If it weren't for that, I could have already found the little brat and been out of here!' He was well aware that his only real choice at this point was to follow Iruka as he had a knack for being able to find Naruto when he didn't want to be found.


Naruto finally managed to get to the clearing in the forested training area he was looking for after only seven minutes of fast-paced running after his run in with Old Man Sarutobi. He set the scroll down and opened it up, just waiting to see what jutsu Old Man Sarutobi thought he was worth giving. When he looked at the scroll itself, however, he felt a rush of shock and fell flat on his butt.

"Ji-san... There are so many! Does he really think I'm good enough for all of these? They're so powerful! All of these are high-class jutsu!" Naruto read through the several of them before remembering Mizuki said he wouldn't be allowed to keep the scroll.

"Wait, there's no way I can learn these in one night! One, maybe, but not more!" Deciding the jutsu were too good to let go to waste, Naruto pulled out one of his blank pranking scrolls. He always had some on him so he could write out pranks when he thought them up or names of who he needed to prank. In this case, however, he planned on copying any jutsu that looked decent verbatim, and then he could learn all he wanted later. The very first one on the list, Kage Bunshin, followed by other Kage techniques that expanded on it, he realized were almost identical to the regular bunshin technique, only more powerful. He felt it would be poetic justice to pass with a more powerful version of the technique that he failed the real Genin exam on. Not only that, but in writing down the technique, he learned something far more interesting about the technique.

"Huh? I'll learn anything my clones learn also? That's so awesome!" Immediately, he began writing much more quickly, realizing he could always recreate the scroll so long as he wrote clearly enough to read it later. But he could learn other techniques much faster if he could master the Kage Bunshin technique.


"Understand! I do not want Naruto harmed! I need to know exactly what is going on and how he knew where the scroll was at! Move out!" Sarutobi's robes billowed harshly behind him as the large group of ninja in front of him jumped out of formation, searching for the boy. He called all of them as they were the ones who, mostly, didn't seem to hold any form of grudge against the boy. As he was walking back to his office, he couldn't help but think of the technique Naruto had used against him, a slight blush adorning his cheeks.

'Such a fearsome technique to be wielded by one so young... Perhaps I should consider having it placed within the scroll, assuming we get it back. Oh Naruto, why did you take it?' The Sandaime finally reached his office and sat in his large chair. He pulled out a crystal ball he frequently used to check up on things in his village. He used it now, to find Naruto. He had let Naruto get a decent head start due to needing to call out the ninja and having no clue how long he had been out, though he suspected only a few minutes. It truly was a terrifying technique.


Naruto had written out as much as he could, but found that his scroll was completely filled. He'd even had to finish the last jutsu on the scroll he'd already been using for pranks. He only wound up with an inch and a half left over of scroll space by the time he was fully finished, but he'd made sure to scan the scroll for the best jutsu he could find and was highly pleased with his selections. There were just far too many to write on such small scrolls that he carried with him.

Now, however, he was working diligently on the Kage Bunshin technique. It required only one seal made from the hands but the chakra that needed to be molded was very different compared to the normal bunshin technique he was used to, but at least it required a good amount more chakra, though still negligible to his reserves.

He practiced for nearly an hour before he made a clone capable of staying around longer than the initial few seconds after creation. But from that point, he progressed very quickly into making real clone that was able to move around on it's own and capable of independent thought and speech. It had taken just a little over an hour and a half for him to fully learn to be able to make them without any difficulties. Only a few minutes afterwards, he'd begun learning the secondary aspects of the jutsu that he'd read and written on the scrolls: the ability for the clones to perform their own jutsu and that, whatever they learn, he learned. He'd chosen the shunshin no jutsu, which was a high-speed teleportation jutsu, though only for short distances. He sent out multiple clones into the trees with the knowledge of what to do for the jutsu while he sat back and rested. It was only a minute afterwards that Iruka burst into the scene.

"Naruto! What the hell do you think you're doing!" Naruto was so set on waiting for the information from his clones that he hadn't heard Iruka approach.

"Iruka-sensei! I found you!"

"No, you idiot! I found you! What did you think you were doing stealing the Forbidden Scroll?" Iruka jumped onto the ground to stand near Naruto who simply burst into a large smile.

"I can do one of the techniques off of the scroll! Does that mean I pass now?"

"What?" Taking a moment to step back, Iruka looked at the clearing and at Naruto, who looked to be nearly exhausted. He was covered in dirt and sweat and the whole clearing absolutely reeked of Naruto's chakra and the location wasn't very far form the Hokage tower. If he had planned on meeting some enemy shinobi or doing something more drastic like trying to learn his own techniques for having lost his chance for becoming a Genin, Naruto knew of locations far more secure where he could practice and have far less of a chance of someone finding him.

"Well, aren't you here for the sponsored Genin test where I was given a pretend mission?" The moment Iruka came into the clearing and apparently pissed off at him, Naruto knew something was wrong. Iruka was never mad at Naruto unless he actually did something wrong. He wasn't entirely sure what it was aside from maybe grabbing the wrong scroll.

"Naruto, there isn't another Genin test. Tell me what-"

"Ah, so it seems you found him at last!" Naruto and Iruka turned to the branches in the trees above them at the same time as the voice of Mizuki spoke.

"Mizuki! So you're the one behind this!" Iruka, for as long as Naruto had known him, and never looked truly angry before. Yes, he was mad, usually at one of his pranks, but he was never what Naruto would consider furious. He certainly was now, and it made him a little jumpy.

"That's right, Iruka. Naruto! Give me the scroll!"

"No, Naruto! Don't do it! Mizuki is just using you to get the Forbidden Scroll! Take it and run, I'll keep him busy!" Iruka was inconspicuously trying to move between Mizuki and Naruto, using his sudden head movements and yelling as decoy to his whole body shifting as he moved.

"Naruto! Would you like to know why so many people hate and despise you? Would you like to hear about the secret that only you are not allowed to know about?" Mizuki's taunt caught Naruto's attention. He'd learned seven months ago that he housed the Kyuubi within him, but was Mizuki about to tell him about it?

"What are you talking about?"

"Mizuki, don't!" Iruka couldn't figure out a way to get to Mizuki without leaving Naruto wide open for an attack. He hadn't thought before leaving his apartment, leaving him without shuriken or kunai.

"Twelve years ago, the demon Kyuubi attacked Konoha! But it wasn't killed off like your history books tell you!" A malicious smile grew over Mizuki's face as Iruka attempted to interrupt him.

"Don't listen to him, Naruto!"

"Instead, the Yondaime sealed the Kyuubi away into a baby!" He paused for dramatic effect before continuing. He always did have a flair for the theatrics. "You are the Kyuubi no Kitsune! That is why everyone in Konoha hates you, Naruto! You are the one who killed off entire families!"

Actually hearing someone voice thoughts that he himself had at one point or another shocked him to the core, making him lose his balance and fall on his butt.

"Even Iruka hates you, Naruto! You killed his parents!" Mizuki couldn't help but savor the look of utter horror on Naruto's face as he slowly turned towards Iruka. Naruto had already known about the Kyuubi, but he had always thought Iruka cared for him. At least in some way. But did he hate him too? Just like the others?

"And now, Demon, I am going to finish you off for good!" With the last word, Mizuki grabbed the windmill shuriken from his back and launched it at Naruto, who was still looking towards Iruka. As he heard Mizuki yell out while throwing the shuriken, he turned towards him, still slightly in shock. Upon seeing the shuriken coming, he knew he couldn't get away in time. He simply closed his eyes, comfortable with the idea that all of the hatred, all of the glares and all of the vile comments would be over in mere moments. He heard a slight grunt and liquid warmth cover his face, but no pain. Naruto opened his eyes to see the pained expression on his sensei's face as he covered him with his own body, the large shuriken sticking out of his back.

"I-Iruka-se-sensei... what?"

"I ... I didn't hate you ... Naruto! We were ... so much ... alike that I ... wanted you to be better ... than I was." Iruka coughed out a little blood before looking at Naruto and smiling sadly. "I f-failed..." He coughed again, wincing in severe pain as the shuriken shook above him. "Naruto," he whispered, "run. Don't let Mizuki get the scroll."

"Oh! How entertaining! So touching! Iruka, you actually fell for the demon's trickery!" Mizuki laughed out loud as he commented. "Iruka, you truly are a fool. Naruto! Give me the scroll now!" He unhooked the last windmill shuriken from his back after speaking.

"Naruto, if he gets that, any of Konoha's enemies could come for us! Run!" Naruto didn't know what to do, he needed time to think, so he did exactly what Iruka told him. He grabbed the scroll and took off.

"Iruka, you truly are an idiot. Now I have to find him all over again!" With that, the silver-haired Chuunin took off after his elusive prey.


Sarutobi was extremely displeased with the way things were being handled. He hadn't expected someone on the inside to have used Naruto's insecurities and willingness to succeed as drive to steal the Forbidden Scroll. Why would he have?

It wasn't even as much that Mizuki had tricked Naruto into pilfering the scroll to begin with, but that Naruto had done it with such ease. Had he not come back for his pipe, Mizuki may very well have gotten away with this. No one would have checked in on the scroll until it was next needed, which could have been months, or up until a new Hokage was inducted into office.

At first, he was truly quite proud of Naruto for having learned the Kage Bunshin technique. He had come in not too long after he started it and was amazed at how quickly he was picking it up. Admittedly, Sarutobi didn't know why Naruto had taken the scroll, but once he realized he was practicing the techniques, he knew it couldn't have been Naruto trying to pull this off on his own. Only a select few actually knew where the Forbidden Scroll was housed. As crafty as Naruto was, which sometimes scared the old man, he knew Naruto wouldn't have been able to figure it all out in one day, and he would have had no reason before failing the Genin Selection Exam to actually plan any of this.

It was when Mizuki told Naruto about the Kyuubi, however, that he felt worse than anything else that night had made him feel. He remembered a few occasions when Naruto was younger that he had asked why the villagers seemed to hate him or if he had some kind of disease that made the adults pull their children away from him. When this was all over, he knew he would have a lot of explaining to do. He just hoped he would be able to do so.


Naruto was hiding behind a tree as Iruka fell to the forest floor. He'd just used a Henge to fool Mizuki into thinking he was Naruto while Mizuki attempted to use a Henge of Iruka to fool Naruto. He wasn't sure what to believe right now. First, Iruka knew about the Kyuubi, but apparently didn't hate him, but at the same time, he was always so hard on him. Iruka said it was to make him better, but then, why not do the same with everyone else?

"You're a fool, Iruka. You saw the look in his eyes as he left the clearing. They were the eyes of a demon! He's going to use that scroll to destroy the village now. You realize that, don't you?" Mizuki taunted.

"You're right." Naruto truly felt the sadness course through him. Iruka truly believed he was the demon he housed. "If he were the demon, the Kyuubi, then he would destroy the village. But he is Uzumaki Naruto. A protector of Konohagakure! Naruto will never harm this village!" A tear escaped Naruto's eye as he heard Iruka defend him. He truly accepted him.

"You're just deluding yourself, Iruka. I had planned to simply let you live, or kill you after taking care of the demon, but I think I'll kill you now! Die Iruka!" Mizuki launched the shuriken he hadn't thrown while they were still all in the clearing at Iruka, a gleeful smile over his face as he watched Iruka accept his fate and not even attempt to dodge. That smile faded, however, when an orange blur came from nowhere and hit the shuriken with a kunai, making it hit to the side of Iruka's shocked head, though only just.

"Don't you lay a finger on Iruka-sensei! I'll kill you if you do!" The seal that Kyuubi placed on himself suddenly broke, allowing his normal power to fill Naruto back up. Mizuki simply seemed amused by the turn of events.

"What do you truly believe you can do? I'm a Chuunin! You aren't even a Genin! I'll crush you in one blow!"

"And I'll return it a thousand times, teme!" Naruto put his fingers into a cross shop, his index and middle fingers crossing while the rest remained curled as he called out his newest technique. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" Suddenly, the entire forest was covered in smoke and when it cleared, every available space was filled with a Naruto clone.

'Amazing...' Iruka thought. 'He was able to learn a Jounin-class technique in only a few hours, and from a scroll, no less. Naruto... amazing...'

Mizuki, however, was nowhere near as thrilled. He gaped at the sight of a thousand Naruto clones, spinning every which way in hopes of seeing a place where a clone wasn't occupying. "What! Impossible!"

"What's the matter, teme? Weren't you going to kick my ass?" The amplified voice of so many clones, not speaking fully in sync with each other was mesmerizing. It truly made Mizuki feel helpless. "No? Well, then why don't I make the first move!" With that, one thousand Naruto clones attacked the frightened Chuunin, barely leaving enough for Ibiki in the Torture and Interrogation department. Just as he finished, the Hokage showed up with four ANBU, two of which took Mizuki to the hospital so he could be healed, only to be questioned later. The other two took Iruka for healing as well, but not before Iruka decided Naruto passed his Genin Selection Exam, giving him his own headband as a sign of acceptance and trust. That, and a lack of any extras laying around as he wouldn't taint the experience by using Mizuki's, who he doubted would be wearing it any time soon.

"Naruto. Team Selections are Monday. You had better be there, understood?" A smiling Naruto shook his head that he understood while following the Hokage back to his office to explain exactly what had happened.


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During the Chuunin Exams, something happens, where Naruto and Kyuubi offer a mortally wounded Hinata help in the form of Kyuubi's mate, Hikaru. Not long after Sasuke's defection, Naruto is blamed and run from the village with his own followers. Unable to become Hokage, his dream changes. Which leaves Konoha royally screwed when he comes back for blood.

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