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Summary: Some of John's thoughts in "Search and Rescue" and a few extended/missing scenes.

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Search and Rescue Tag: The Rescue Part

John gently cradled Teyla's son in his arms. It was amazing to think that she had so easily trusted that precious bundle to him. The child was so quiet that John kept looking down at him to make sure he was still alive and breathing.

John felt his protective instincts rise to heights he had never even imagined before with the child so small and vulnerable in his arms. John breathed a quiet sigh of relief, thankful that they had rescued Teyla and her son from Michael. He hoped that Dr. Keller would be able to ensure that there were no ill affects on either Teyla or the kid from their captivity.

At the thought of Dr. Keller, John winced. She was going to be furious with him. When she had finally agreed to let him go, she had made him promise to take it easy, so he wouldn't tear his stitches and begin to bleed again.

However, despite all his attempts at taking it easy while storming a hive ship, his side was throbbing in pain by the time he reached Teyla. He had been able to ignore the sharp pains as he rushed to get Teyla, but now seeing her before him and needing to give her a moment to rest, his side decided to redouble its efforts to make him fully aware of his wound. He felt something wet on his side, so he had pressed his hand lightly against the fabric of his shirt and then brought his hand back out with fresh blood upon it. The stitches had torn and his fleeting idea of carrying Telya out of this place himself was totally shot.

At another shot of pain, he glanced towards Ronon and said, "I'd carry her buddy, but I'm not really up to it." Talk about an understatement. Part of Sheppard only wanted to curl up on the floor and cry out in agony. Of course, there was no way he was going to give into the pain until Teyla and her baby was safe! He hadn't spent seven hundred years in stasis to give up now due to a minor inconvenience of an injury.

He was shaken from his thoughts as Rodney explained their newest problem and quickly offered a solution. With Ronon, John headed down the corridor to the hyper drive. Even though he knew it needed to be done, a part of him was terrified that something would happen to Teyla before he got back and all of this would be for naught.

After dispatching the guards he had gotten Ronon's C4 and went to plant it. However, as he lifted up his arm, it pulled on his side and he felt a fresh stab of agony. Crying out, he panted to recover his breath.

Ronon was by his side in an instant, snatching the C4 from his hand even as Sheppard tried to tell him that he could do it. Ronon was clearly irritated with him as he said, "Give it to me! You don't have to do everything."

Still trying to catch his breath from the almost debilitating pain from earlier, John couldn't come up with a clever response to that. Besides, he really didn't want to get in a long argument about why he needed to do almost everything himself. He knew that in his condition he would definitely lose it, and who would want that?

When they had returned to Teyla and Rodney and he saw that Teyla had given birth to her son, he could barely believe it. Rodney had delivered Teyla's precious child. At first all he could say was "wow" as a million things passed through his mind. He remembered his own fear when the city had been put in quarantine lock-down that Teyla would go into labor and he would have to deliver the baby. Yet, Rodney had managed it on Michael's hive ship! As he looked at the apparently healthy baby and Teyla's beaming face, he told Rodney, "That's good. You did good, Rodney."

His wonder at Teyla giving birth to another human being momentarily sidetracked him from his desperation to get her away from Michael. However, he quickly focused his pain-filled thoughts again, and they soon were on their way to the jumper.

Sheppard had felt horror and shock when he had realized that the jumper was no longer where they had left it. How could it be gone? He had momentarily thought that his injuries were worse than he had thought and he was delirious, because how could a jumper just leave?

However, both Rodney and Ronon confirmed that this had been the place he had parked it. For a long moment, he had felt desperation crash over him as he wondered how they could have come so far in rescuing Teyla and her son just to lose their chance of escape. Rodney's accusation that he should have stayed at the jumper caused John to begin to second guess every decision he made since arriving on Michael's hive, and he felt guilt flood him at the idea that his action of leaving the jumper would place Teyla and her son in Michael's hands.

They had begun traveling down corridors as they tried to come up with a plan to get safely off the ship, and Sheppard felt both the pain and wetness from his side grow. Yet, after meeting up with the father of Teyla's child and getting to the dart, Sheppard had found it easy to push to the back of his mind as hope again filled him.

Still, now that he was almost to the planet with Teyla's son in his arms, he was again finding it difficult to block out all the pain radiating from his side. Though he realized he found it a little bit easier whenever he looked at the warm, small bundle in his arms, which he seemed to do every few moments.

As John gazed at the small head and tiny fingers, he couldn't help but wonder at new life. He was distracted from his thoughts as he realized that it was almost time to release the rest of his team from wraith storage. John focused his attention on flying, though he never lost the awareness of the moving bundle cradled to his chest.

As soon as everyone was free from storage and he had landed the dart, he breathed a sigh of relief. However, once the baby was safely in Teyla's arms again, the pain hit him with renewed force. Ronon saw that John would not be getting out of the dart on his own and gently helped him out and to the ground. By the time they were done, sweat was pouring down his head and he was breathing heavily.

Rodney came over and John leaned on him as they made their short way over to the gate, while Ronon carried Teyla. While Rodney dialed Atlantis, John leaned on the DHD and inspected his side. It was soaking wet with blood now, and he sighed as he realized Keller would be really upset with him. He was right.

Once the team made it through the gate, medical personnel and security had descended upon the hapless crew. Kannan was escorted away by the security team while John and Teyla were made to lie on gurneys on the way to the infirmary.

John was so exhausted and in so much pain that he really didn't care. He closed his eyes to rest himself for a moment and the next thing he knew, Keller was peeling off the bandage on his side and exclaiming softly, "I told you not to tear the stitches!"

"Sorry, doc…I tried not to."

Realizing he was awake again, Keller shook her head. "Well, at least you made it back alive, and I can fix you up now; unless you have any other daring rescues that have to take precedence over your health and well-being?"

Yeah, definitely upset, but at least she didn't yell as much as Carson always did. John pushed that thought away and tried to look properly sorry, though he didn't regret his choices in the slightest.

Keller seemed to clearly realize that. She sighed and said, "I need to get you stabilized and get more blood into you before the surgery, so it will be a while."

John nodded and soon found himself drifting off to sleep again.

Hours later, just before he went into surgery, he realized he never had asked Teyla what she was naming the kid. Her response had stunned him.

She wanted to name her son partially after him. He had expected she would use the name of her father, though using her father's middle name Torren, instead of his first name Tagon, was a bit of a surprise. Yet her wanting to include him threw him for a moment. He was almost out of the room before he realized he had never given her an answer.

Turning towards her despite the protests of his side, he said, "I'd be very honored."

He had continued to try and look at her as they wheeled him away, but before he was out of earshot he heard, "Very well."

As John was prepped for surgery, he wondered how he ever earned the honor of Teyla wanting to give his name to her son. Unsurprisingly, John didn't even consider the fact he was supposed to have had the surgery a day ago, but had put it off to help rescue Teyla. He didn't think of the million other things he did for her, his team, and Atlantis, including risking his life on a regular basis. No, he just looked at it and wondered why Teyla would want to name her son after a regular guy like him. If only he knew the truth…


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