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Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for "Broken Ties"

Summary: Some of John's thoughts after Broken Ties

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Broken Ties: Back to Normal

Sheppard looked around the room and smiled. Ronon was finally out of the infirmary and the team was watching a movie together for the first time in what seemed like forever. They had let Ronon pick the movie, and to no one's surprise it was filled with action and battles.

As John looked around the room, he felt like everything was back to normal…well, as normal as it ever would be. No one was feeling awkward around anyone else anymore: Teyla had decided to stay on the team, Rodney had come up with another brilliant idea, and Ronon was safe and whole back on Atlantis.

At first, Ronon had been uncomfortable around the team after everything had happened, especially around Sheppard. Apparently, he had felt a lot of guilt for almost letting a wraith feed on his commanding officer. Go figure. However, John and Ronon had had a sparring match and by the end of it they both knew they were cool.

John felt great to see his team together doing something as low key as watching a movie. For awhile he had been afraid it wouldn't happen; even after Teyla had returned she was so unsure about returning to full duty, and John had felt like he had permanently lost his team, yet finally they were together again.

He smiled as he heard Ronon give Rodney a hard time, and then Teyla calming them both down. Yeah, she will make a great parent he thought with a grin…after all, she already gets so much practice.

John was brought out of his thoughts as Teyla offered him the large bowl of popcorn and he heard Ronon and Rodney continuing their argument over whether if it was at all feasible in real life for the hero to do what he had just done in the movie.

Yeah…things were finally back to normal.


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