Dear Readers:

Honesty and truly when this was written we were not in our correct minds and apparently I gave my word to type it up and so I have. I'm a keeper of words spoken. Trust me we'll come up with some other stuff but till the your stuck with this random fanfic that took place in a car trip from Los Angeles, California to Paris, California.

The longest trip ever, I swear if we don't get there soon, I'm gonna die of boredom. C'mon who in their right mind would travel from Arizona to Washington anyways?

F-or-ks, Wash-ing-ton…what the hell is that suppose to be a company of some sort? Whatever, I chuckled. Not because I cracked a funny but because it's, eight o'clock on a Saturday night and there isn't a single car on the road. Man this sucks ass.

"Hey mom, do you think we could stop for something to eat?" asked my fourteen year old brother, Marvin. That boy, could devour a lunch truck. Finally noticing our surrounding, I discovered there was a single restaurant in sight, bull.

"Um food…Marvin…want…food….?…Girls…food…want…?" asked the most confused woman.

I took it as my duty to explain, waving my arms around, I symbolized food.

"Yes mom, foooooooooooooooooood, you put it in your mouth and digest it. Sometimes its delio-"

"She knows what food is Bella," rudely interrupted by my fifteen year old loser face douche bag sister Elizabeth .

"No shit Sherlock," I replied in pure sarcasm.

"Language Bella!" What the fly truck, so now your paying attention. I gave her my traditional-teenage-I-don't-give-a-cats-ass-look. What the hell, this place its…its…see I know what your think right now you think I'm gonna rant on and on about the beauty of Forks. The trees swaying in the wind, bird singing a cheerful song…ah no! "Its green, wet and smells like pinesole.

Hahahahahaha…pinesole. god I miss my friends. How the bloody hell am I gonna survive? I can see it now talking to refrigerator magnets and jumping off cliffs…for fun…yah right. That will never happen…right? Nah, all I have to do is keep myself entertained and I'll be fine. That shouldn't so hard.

five minutes later

"Hello Mr. Windshield Wiper how art thou today?"

one minute later

"I kissed a girl and I liked it…"

thirty seconds later

"one thousand and ninety-nine bottle of beer on the wall, one thousand and ninety-nine bottles of beer…"

fifteen seconds later

"We are family, I got all my sisters with me…"

"Bella shut up!" yelled an annoyed Marvin.


five minutes later

"We're here," said Renée. "C'mon Marvin help me get the bags and Bella out the trunk."