The Wolf Inside

Let me tell you before hand my spelling will be a bit bad sometimes, and I know a bought it, so I don't need to hear how bad my spelling is for I know. I doing my best with the spell check, so bare with me for now.

I'm just a normal girl of the Quileute people. But unlike most girls my father is a wolf. I am Bella Black, named after my father's first love, the one he lost to a vampire. He tells that he imprinted onto her. That wasn't the case, as he meets my mother; he told me that his heart started to beat so fast that his chest might explode.

So as you know I was born; into the family of werewolves. I always got along just fine with the pack. I would play with Claire and Sam's kids, Emily and Josh. Claire being the oldest by 3 years would always role our little pack. I was beta, seeing that I was seconded oldest. So being kids we would always play like our fathers, or in Claire's case like her soon to be lover.

As I would grow, my father stayed young, protecting our people from the blood suckers. But all that changed when the Cullen's all left. He started to age again, banishing the wolf in him.

And now as I reach 16, I'm growing, none stop. One growth spurt after another. I am now a bought 6feet 2. What is happening to me?

"Bella, looky hear."

I look up to find Emily, Sam's oldest, being only 12 she only cam up to my waste. In her hands was a piece of cloth. She held it out for me to tack but as I reached for it I wrinkled my nose, the smell was hideous.

Emily held it out more and what could I do other then tack it. I held it as far from my face as possible, and studied it. It was just a normal piece of some ones shirt, why did it stink so much.

"I found it in the woods." Emily pointed to the woods behind the houses her and her father lived in. I started toward the woods and got a bigger whiff of the smell. Wrinkling my nose I went closer to the trees, as I closed in the gape, I saw her. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen, she had hi cheekbones, pail white skin, and jet black hair that went to her hip. She smiled at me and that all I saw before she appear behind Emily.

"Keep you distance, dog. I don't want to kill you and my lunch," the thing sneered at me.

"I am no dog, you…..You…..You thing." I couldn't comprehend what was going on. I was so mad that this thing had her hands on Emily that I was going to burst. And I guess I kinda did. All I heard was a popping sound and there I was a wolf.

Their wear voices, I couldn't make out much. Then one voice broke threw the mess. "There's someone new!"


"It feels like….. Bella?"

"What," I thought.

"But Bella's a girl, girls don't become Wolves."

"You have to come, there's this monster after little Emily!" If they wear the people I thought they were, they had to come. I turned my attention to the Vampire. She had her mouth close to Emily's neck. I lunched at her. She turned to avoid my attack.

She grabbed my back fur and threw me agents a tree and the last thing I heard was the howl of a close wolf.