The Sweet Smelling Vampire

"Hay you!" The voce was bells in my ears. I felt cloth being thrown on me. The air smelled like blood and vampire. I shuck my head to clear it and looked up to find a pail boy leaning over me his eyes a bronze color. I expected that nasty smell but instead I smelled something sweet, like flowers of maybe candy. The only thing that smelled on him was the others vampires blood on him.

Then it happened, my heart stopped. He smiled like he could hear my heart stop. Then after the smile my heart beat so loud that my chest heart. He started to chuckle. "You know you smell so good right now? But alas I'm off human blood." He leaned his head agents his fist, smiling with his eyes closed, amused.

"What?" I was drunk off his sent. "Off human blood?"

"Yep, didn't like killing the cute women so I'm drinking animal blood. Wolf to be exacted. "

"Wha, wolf?!" I summered backing away from the sweet smelling vampire.

"Don't weary, you count as a human." He smiled down at me. "For a dog you smell really good." He opened his eyes showing me amber, not the blood red of the woman vampire's eyes. "Put those clothes on before I attack you another way." He smiled down on me.

I blushed, "look away!"

"Okay, okay" He turns his head and I saw his eyes closed. I poll the shirt over my head. It was just right like it was made for me. Slipping into the shorts he brought, I look up to find his eyes on me, His amber eyes tracing my face. He smiled putting his head onto his fist again.


"I don't know, you just….. You know, look cute." He smiled his eyes closed smile and added, "for a dog."

"What, and this coming from blood boy. Who EATS wolves!"

"Oh yeah," he slammed his fist agents his palm. "And why are you hear, still don't your kind hate my kind," his eyes shown with lifter.

"Well, ahh, well, I don't know." I rubbed my hand on the back of my head.

And that did it, he burst out lifting. I couldn't believe it his breath was a drug that pulled me to him. Without thinking I was in his arms. He pulled me closer, like he was going to lose me. What was I doing, was all I could think as he kept me close. My mind said go but my body wanted to stay.

I'm shear we would have stayed like that if howling wasn't in the distance. He pulled a way, slowly like he too didn't want to let go. "Well, ahh, your friends are calling, I think I better go before I'm killed." So that was it, he ran off in one direction and I in the other.

Before long I realized I didn't get his name, I terned to ask but he was already gone.