Something was wrong, I could smell it. It was a smell that none of my kind could forget; Vampire, in my living room. I couldn't help but wary a bought father, but I know he could tack care of himself. I creped closer, peeking over the corner.

I could tell it was female, redheaded. She wasn't that tall but most people compared to me aren't. She turned toward me; she could smell me as much as I could smell her. I sighed, ever since I meet Clover I was always in trouble. I move from my hiding place and she smiled, then disappeared coming up behind me. She did something and I was out cold.

I couldn't see. Why was I still alive? If a vampire did target me why did he keep me alive? I moved, and found my hands tide. Another thing I notes was that where ever I was It was small. I sniffed, and wrinkled my nose in response, that vampire that was in my house.

Maybe if I went wolf, I could get out of hear. I had to focuses; I had to clear my mind. I breathed in and as I exhaled I went wolf. The ropes slipped from my paws to lie next to me. Now that I was untied I had to find a way out of the small room. I couldn't move that much but I managed to do a 180. It all looked the same, going back to my human self, not wanting the Pack to think I needed help, I didn't want them to get hart.

Sighing I sat back down, not finding a way out and decided to try and hire something. The vampire must have heard me moving around for out of no where the hiss of a female voce, "Now tell me, mongrel, why dose Clover always smell like you?"

I was at a loss for words, why would she care? Wasn't the female Clover killed his mate? "I don't understand," I replied her angry question.

"Yes you do, Mutt," She snapped back at me.

"What is with you female Vamps, always calling me Mutt, Dog, est. You don't hear me calling you a leach or bloodsucker like the other wolves."

"Hold your tongue, Fleabag!"

"Now, tell me, why dose Clover not call me them names?" I know after the last word left my lips I should never have said them, she came thru the wall and smashed me agents the wall, on the other side of the small room. I spat up blood glad that vampires think my bloods no good for it being poison to them. Stay calm, stay calm! Breathing in I swung my body and up and placed my feet between us.

Before I could do anything she grind at me and tossed me to the side. I hit the wall and slid to the floor. I felt hopeless; I didn't want to go wolf, to late really. I don't think someone will notes me gone for some hours from now, the only one I could think of to save me right now was Clover and he didn't know I was in danger.

She hovered over me with a small smile on her face. "This is the end, Dog." I had nothing to say for I know as much as she did this WAS the end and I went down without a fight like I was just whiting for someone to save me. I was a shamed of my self, I closed my eye waiting for my mistake to catch up to me. I smelled her over me teeth out ready to land the final blow with her own hands.

Then after the thoughts of death I thought "If" I get out of hear alive I will get stronger, and save myself from this type of thing. I would go see if my father could help me with that could help me get stronger! But the fact of the matter is I'm not getting out of this and this is the last of my seconds on Earth.

I relaxed a whiting my death, fully at peace with it, I've found my mate and was not allowed to see him. So what else is there for me, I'm ready for my death, for lack of a better word for "ready".

My thoughts hovered over Clover and his beautiful face, his beautiful voce, and his smile that I love so much, the one with his eyes closed. "I'm not ready to lose you, Bella," the memory was so vivid that it sounded like it was coming from the room itself. Hold on a sec, didn't he say "I don't want to let you go" not "I'm not ready to lose you."

I looked up to find that same smile I loved, "You look bad, Bella and you steep away from her!"