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"MINE! Give it BACK!"

"It's not yours! Dad gave it to ME!"

"No he DIDN'T!"

"Oh, be quiet, boys, please. I seem to recall that it actually belongs to Lily." sighed Ginny. "Look, why don't you go upstairs and see if you can find my old toy broomstick. Why don't you start in my old room? Oh, and take your sister with you..."

James groaned, but Albus took his sister's hand. "Come on, Lil."

"I've found it, I've found it!" cried Lily, pulling a long, thin box from under the bed. She opened it excitedly, but her face fell when she saw what was inside the box. "Letters. Boring old letters." She pulled them all out, hoping that maybe the broom would be underneath, but the box was otherwise empty.

"What do they say?" asked Albus.

Lily peered at the letter and frowned, screwing up her face. "Dear... dear.. Mold...ee...warts?"

Albus laughed, but James snatched the letter from his sister and began reading aloud:

"Dear Voldemort,

I want you to know how much pain you've put everyone through. I realise that you will never read this letter, and I write it simply for myself, and even if you do read it, you will not feel a shred of remorse. I hate you. You have broken countless families and it is because of you that I am separated from the love of my live. I hope that you will get what's coming to you, and that you pay for the crimes you have committed.

Ginny Weasley"

"What was that about?" asked Lily curiously.

"Well..." began James, not sure what it actually WAS about. He knew who Voldemort was, and he supposed he could tell her that. "Um... well, once upon a time there was a nasty dark wizard called Voldemort, and he tried to kill a lot of people- actually, he did kill a lot of people, but Daddy stopped him and then... um..." James paused, trying to remember, "...Mummy and Daddy got married and lived happily ever after!"

"Is that why people say 'thank you' a lot to Daddy?" mumbled Lily around her thumb, which had resumed its normal position in her mouth.

Albus nodded. "And why Mummy says a lot of women hate her, because she's married to Daddy."

"Oh," said Lily, rather bemused. "But why would Mummy write to... to..."

"Voldemort, Lil," said Albus.

"Yeah, him. Why would she write to him but say he'd never read it? It doesn't make sense!"

"I don't know..." said James slowly. "Maybe we should read some of the others?"

"Yeah, OK," Albus said. "My go this time!" And he picked the next letter up from the pile and started to read.

If you don't know who the characters are, they're Harry and Ginny's children. I would have thought that would be shockingly obvious. Hey. Go read the Epilogue- after reviewing of course!

Next will be Ginny's letter to Harry!