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"Dear Harry," Albus began, but was interrupted by a squeal from Lily. "It's Dad!"

"Yes, we know, Lily," sighed James. "Shhhh!"

Albus began again:

"Dear Harry,

Please tell me why I can't come with you, why you claim to love me and exclude me like this!"

Lily opened her mouth to interrupt, but James clapped a hand over it before she could speak. "Go on."

"Umm… yeah… You have trusted Ron and Hermione, but not me! Are they more important than me, the one you claim to love? Harry, my love, you are the only one I can imagine sharing my life with. You are the one who always cheers me up when I am down, and the one who can solve all my problems. I do not think I can carry on without you- but if you are going to treat me like this… Oh, I wish- I don't know what I wish. I don't know what I want any more, except to feel your touch on my skin, and your breath in my ear. I want to see your green eyes looking down at me once more, and most of all I want to feel your soft lips on mine and hear the words 'I love you'. I need you so desperately right now that it is like a constant ache in my chest- but if you were to come back right now, this instant, I'm not sure whether any of that could happen, because I'm not sure if I can ever forgive you. I will never love another, but I'm not sure if I can love you either, after everything that's happened. You will never read this letter, but I remain,

Yours forever,


"It doesn't make any sense!" declared Lily. "Daddy wouldn't tell Auntie Mione and Uncle Ron something that Mummy didn't know! And why would she say she couldn't love Daddy any more? Did Mummy and Daddy have a fight? Cos they must've made it up… mustn't they? Do they hate each other? Is that why Daddy's not here today?" She started to sniff.

"Oh, Lily, come here," Albus pulled his sister into a one armed hug. "Look," he said, showing her the date at the top of the parchment. "It says 1997. And it says Daddy never read it."

"Yeah, Lils, it's fine," interrupted James. "I think the big question here is what does it mean?"

"What does what mean?" Lily mumbled around her thumb.

"The LETTER of course!" James yelled exasperatedly.

Ginny's voice came floating up the stairs; "James! Albus! Lily! It's time to go! Surely you can't have been looking for that broomstick all this time?"

James jumped in fright and hastily shoved the incriminating letters back into the box. Albus kicked it back under the bed and Lily called down the stairs: "Coming, Mummy!"

"Do you think we should ask them about the letters?" whispered Albus as they walked down the stairs.

"Yes!" exclaimed Lily. "I'll ask Daddy tonight, when he comes to read me my bedtime story!"

James opened his mouth to say something, but closed it just as quickly again when he saw Ginny at the bottom of the stairs.

"I'm guessing you didn't find it, then," she said smiling at her children. "Daddy's coming home early tonight from work, so I thought to celebrate, we could get some pizza. How does that sound?

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