Secrets of A Family

Secrets of A Family


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Summary: How long can you keep a secret from those you love? What about yourself? Kagome Higurashi, Keiko Yukimura, and Sakura Haruno all have something in common, they share a family secret. Now that secret threatens to destroy them and their friends with the coming of a new Gathering.

Author's Note: age- Keiko, Yusuke, Kuwabara and Mina are about 20; Kurama and Kagome are 21; Souta and Hitomi are 17;

Warning- extremely fluffy moment right here. Will be explained at end of chapter

Chapter One:

The First Secret

Keiko walked slowly through her house, a content look on her face. She was married- she could hardly believe it. After all the problems she and Yusuke had gone through they were finally married. In fact it had been 2 weeks since they had exchanged vows, now just returning from their honeymoon tour of the three worlds.

When they returned, Koenma and Yama both offered Yususke his old job back with a very large paycheck. With all the money they had from his job as Spirit Detective and hers as a first grade teacher, they were able to buy a nice 2-story house in the same district that Kurama and Kuwabara were living in (separately- as in not together).

Keiko turned a corner; into the room Yusuke was currently unpacking the last of their suitcases. She ever so quietly walked up behind him and…she was caught in his arms.

Keiko pouted, "That's not fair Yusuke, you were supposed to let me scare you."

He snorted, "Pff, as if. Me, the Great Urimeshi, afraid of you. Nu-uh, not gonna happen."

Keiko calmly replied as she got out of his trap, "Well, if that's how you feel, then I guess you won't mind that I invited everyone over tonight and you still have to finish unpacking, do the laundry, and clean the yard and if you don't," she saw him finally pay attention as he was probably trying to find a way out of this, "you can sleep on the couch tonight." Yusuke looked at her shocked. Then he noticed she was trying to hide that she was smiling. She turned around to walk away, but he grabbed her arm. "I don't think so Mrs. Urimeshi."

Yusuke smirked as he bent to kiss her, when suddenly…BEEP BEEP BEEP. Yusuke was one again being called by the Spirit World. "Ah damn it!" Keiko giggled, she couldn't help it, he just got so cute when he was upset.

"Looks like I got a new mission, already. Why can't the world not need saving for just a little while?" he sighed.

"Because Mr. Urimeshi, the world is a complicated place. It needs complicated people to keep it safe." She kissed his nose and told him he better be back in time for the get-together that night.

Botan appeared. Keiko was no longer completely fazed by her friend, Lady Death's, sudden appearances. "All set then? Good, let's go. Good bye Keiko, see you tonight!" Yusuke and she waved to Keiko as they walked through the portal, into the realm of spirits.

In Koenma's Office

Yusuke barged into the office. He barely registered that Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Jin, Touya, and Kuronue (who was discovered to have been resurrected almost a year ago, and was now serving time with Hiei and Kurama, while living with the both of them in an apartment) and a younger boy he didn't know were already there before he began to do his traditional rant and rave about how this better be good cause the "Lord Toddler" interrupted a moment with his wife. Hiei sarcastically asked him if he didn't have enough "moments" during his honeymoon. Yusuke growled- ferociously for an almost human. The teenage boy chuckled at their antics. Yusuke turned on him, still angry about the interrupted moment.

"And who the hell are you?!" The boy swept his arm as he bowed to the toushin he'd heard so much about. "So sorry, my name is Higurashi, Souta Higurashi. Apparently I'm your prisoner." He flashed him a cocky grin as he stood up. Yusuke quickly looked him over. He wore a black tank and dark jeans. The kid, Souta's, hair was a lot like his, black, but this kid's was messy, he had weird colored eyes, blue; odd for a Japanese boy, maybe had a foreign parent or something. The Higurashi looked to be about mid to late teens, maybe 16 or 17, and pretty well muscled. Kid probably fought a few guys in his neighborhood, but didn't look like he could hold his own against a demon.

Seeing the teen as no imminent threat Yusuke looked at Koenma confused. "Hey Toddler, what's the twerp talkin' about?"

Koenma sighed; this was going to be a very long day and an even longer mission for the detectives. "Botan, I think you should get Keiko, I'll explain what you already know while we wait." Botan nodded and left.

"Yusuke, everyone, before I explain Mr. Higurashi's appearance at this meeting, I would like to introduce some very important ladies. Ms. Nekito Kirara and Ms. Saiga Rin,"

Two young women step out from the huge stacks of paperwork. The first has mid-length blonde hair, maroon colored eyes and black facial and body tattoos, and she had claws and pointed…ears?! She wore modern brown cargo pants, a pair of heels, and a blood red, spaghetti-strapped, belly shirt. She looked like she was late teens or late twenties. The other girl had long black hair that was partly held back with a trailing yellow ribbon. She was wearing white fitted- haori (traditional shirt) and hakamas (pants)(the outfit has wind symbols and a two-headed dragon on it and the crescent moon on the back) with a black obi and yellow ribbon. She looked like an average Japanese human girl in her late teens, except she had dark-amber eyes, a black katana strapped to her back, and a purple crescent moon symbol at the base of her throat. The reikei tentei were very interested in their appearance (a.n. meaning both the fact that the girls are there, they look like demons and they like what they see).

Koenma continued, "Ms. Nekito is a neko youkai who works in the three realms as an informant, assassin, spy, and guardian. In past centuries she has been a loyal friend and companion to many powerful taiyoukai, miko, hanyou, and other such beings. Ms. Saiga is the adopted daughter of the inu-taiyoukai of the western lands, Lord Sesshomaru. She works in Ningenkai as legal representation of her father's many business ventures. She knows laws better than anyone I know and is a well trained warrior, whom is well known for her cleverness in battle." Rin smirked remembering the first time she received such a compliment. Koenma took a deep breath and prepared himself for a headache that was already forming.

"Ms. Nekito and Ms. Saiga both know Mr. Higurashi through his elder sister, Ms. Kagome Higurashi, whom is a woman not to be trifled with-"

Yusuke interrupted him, "Koenma what the hell does this have to do with our mission." He looked at Koenma coldly.

"I can answer that." Everyone looked towards the familiar voice coming from the portal.

Hidden Sound Village

"Hmm, your proposition is most…intriguing. I will consider it and give you my answer tonight."

"As you wish, that is when the others will be here. Around the same time as my foe. Please, take your time thinking over my idea, but I am most certain we can help each other with our problems."

The first man looked thoughtful. "Perhaps, in any case, Sasuke, show our guest out. It has been an enlightening conversation, Naraku."

Naraku smiled wickedly at the sannin. "Likewise, Orochimaru."

End of Chapter One

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